10 Sep 2017
Matrix the Unseen Parameters
in America

God bless those in Irma’s path
Firstly, God bless those in Irma’s path. May God keep them safe and secure … and help them recover and normalize their lives asap.

What is the Matrix?
Coming to the topic … you will find that in other channels we talk about malice in food, water, medicine, contamination, radiations, electric fields and so on. You will be like … “what the hell is he talking about? What is going on?” Well … take a look at the below figure.

This matrix that you see, my friend … this is not just a social gathering … it is not just a social group. It is a live, interactive and dynamic medium where people not only interact socially but there is also an active flow of drugs and abuse … and the control of decision making, cash flow and ideology. It is a “human management” system … setup by the Establishment to control the masses.

The Establishment is literally spying in the lives of the masses, controlling their decision making, pressurizing where changes need to be made, threatening, abusing those who don’t cooperate, silencing those who speak up, running entire cities in their favor and maintaining the majority in “silent mode”. This is the Matrix.

“Well, where can I find the Matrix and where can I meet its manager?” Asking this question is like … expecting a bank robber to maintain a business card … with a title “Bank Robber” living at so and so address with this phone number. Will a bank robber maintain such a business card? No. Why? Because robbing a bank is a “criminal” activity … and no bank robber would like others to know that he robs banks. The entire Matrix is a criminal system. It is totally illegal. Almost all of its operations are illegal. Spying into people’s lives, abusing them, drugging them, controlling them, threatening them … almost everything that they do is “illegal”. But they are still doing it. How?

Technology and the Matrix
Take a look at the pic below.

The above is just one network of companies related to the food industry. There are several networks as such … handful of companies manufacturing everything. What happens is … these guys have setup high-end biotechnological research labs in Israel that continuously work on creating new techniques of control and abuse for the masses. These drugs and techniques are supplied through their chain of companies to the masses in several cities.

It is 100% illegal but the issue is … we do not have the technology to detect or control this. They are surpassing all of the available tests and tools among the routine government labs. The problem exists but you cannot detect it in order to stop it. Using technology they are surpassing our legal system and keeping themselves two steps ahead. They exist but they don’t exist. They are real but they are not real. They are there but they are not there. How? Technology.

The Silent Majority
What do you think the Silent Majority is all about? They see the malice … they see the abuse … but they can’t stop it and they can’t complain about it because the routine police and intelligence has no tools to stop this. Their basic name comes from their inability to stop Establishment malice.

And this Matrix system is run in several cities around the world … under various skins … at various levels … reaching out and controlling each group as per their ideology, religion and norms. A fantastic use of this system is … the whole thing is designed by a bunch of devil worshipers … but using the Matrix system they can turn a Christian against Christian and they can turn a Muslim against Muslim. Because on the frontend, they have to use people who live in those cities. And the Establishment is a tiny minority … they simply do not have the resources to place around the world to run this system. This is the Establishment’s biggest drawback … “their very limited number”.

Silent Majority VS the Establishment
Here is where we got a very interesting phenomena of the Silent Majority VS the Establishment. There are mainly 3 elements that can control the Matrix.

  • The Establishment. The Establishment itself. They will sit there and unleash schemes of hate and friction to cater to their programs. They try to use tools and psychology to control the people working in the Matrix in their favor.
  • The Silent Majority. These guys form the 97% of the Matrix itself. They know the amount of shit that the Establishment is. They know who they are, they know what they do and how they do it. They have access to all tools, technology and techniques. It’s like the military … if the military refuses the orders of the General then what’s the use of the General?
  • The Government. The third element that has an effective influence over the Matrix operations is the Government … the police, the intelligence and legal networks. Since the entire Matrix is an illegal and criminal enterprise … these guys are scared of the government. They are scared of being found, being detected and being exposed. But the government is only of use when you can pinpoint Matrix operations and show the Establishment schemes.

This is exactly what we are doing. We are working with the Silent Majority along with the Government in order to root out and stop the Establishment. In the routine process, the Establishment uses the Government to run its agenda with no obstructions whatsoever. But their plans have reached a terrible low and they are headed towards a disastrous third world war. Which is why we are using SM to reach out to several governments worldwide in order to stop these malicious plans.

Matrix Sub Divisions
The Matrix is divided into several sub divisions … through States, cities and areas … to the extent that Matrix management teams change every few blocks. All of these are illegal organizations. So you will not find any documents or verifications of “matrix or silent majority or establishment”. All of these are conceptual terms. But for your understanding there are several teams into play.

And if we talk about malice in food or anything else in other channels … then don’t worry too much. We don’t depend solely on the White House for security. We have several teams that keep us safe … including American, Turkish, Russian, German and British Matrix teams. All of them have their own interests …

  • American … they are like almost family now. Its been a long time with them.
  • Turkish … because Erdogan is a fantastic people oriented guy and Turks relate with the work.
  • Russian … owing to Putin, Russia’s history and they also relate to the work.
  • German … owing to their history and a huge amount of manufacturing biz for them.
  • British … owing to their Catholic history of fighting against devil worshipers.

Apart from them we also have Arab and African teams that show up. Interestingly even Iranian and Jewish teams work with us. So, when security is concerned … we have overwhelming support. It is just that sometimes … one or two mischievous guys seep into the system and they need to be taken care of. That’s why we alert other teams on any malice.

Concept Phases – The Era of People Power
So, now you would be like … who the hell is this guy? Why so much attention on him? Why so much security? Why does he have a reach to the White House and the Kremlin? I think you should know … so that it will help you understand the next phases of the work.

You see these revolutions happening around the world? All of these protests and revolutions are because of our writings. It all started off in 2007 when I came to America and started writing about “The Era of People Power”. The two main features of my writings were:

  • The system is kaput … it is rigged … it is obsolete … it doesn’t work and people are being exploited.
  • The people need to stand up … and ask for change. Politicians will never give you the change that you need … you are in an Era of People Power … people need to take the leadership.

The Arab Spring – Tunisia and Egypt
We wrote hundreds of pages on this concept. The content was not even published … it was just on my computer. The writings got picked up by the Matrix … it quickly moved to a State and National level. Once I wrote a few hundred pages … SM said … “this stuff is good. Let’s test it out. Let’s see if it works.” They took the concept and did trial runs in Tunisia and Egypt. And they found a splendid success. They were able to raise millions of people and overthrow the entire government.

I did not carry out those revolutions. It’s the Matrix … it is SM activity. The world was spellbound as to what the hell is happening. And in Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood got elected which was a surprise for everyone. They allowed Democracy to run its course and he turned out to be the most popular guy.

Establishment Application – Libya and Syria
The Establishment saw the successful implementation of the concept in Tunisia and Egypt. And they said “hey, we are getting free manpower against government forces. Instead of sending armed forces, let’s use this concept of revolutions and create armed revolutions”. They used the same concept but they created civil wars that only destroyed these countries. This was the Establishment’s malicious use of the concept.

Republicans within America
Since we were talking against the government … against a rigged system … and we were addressing the discontent among the people … Republicans took advantage of this against the Obama Administration. They took the same concept … capitalized on the rigged system where nothing is done for the people and got overwhelming victories … which gave them the majority in both of the houses. This was a clever use of the Republicans of the concept. It was an Establishment move.

Donald Trump – SM Double Crossing the Establishment
Setting up Trump as a Republican candidate and rigging the vote in your favor … was SM double crossing the Establishment and putting their candidate as President in the Republican Party. The Establishment spent an entire term outsmarting the Democrats, stealing our content and using it against Obama … but with one single shot SM double crossed all of Establishment efforts and placed you as President. Lol. This is one reason why the Establishment is so mad at your Presidency.

Revolutions: Yes. But Change: No.
They were able to get revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. They were able to get Republican victories. They were immensely successful in changing the leaders. But that was not the solution. They did not get any change in their lives. The people’s lives remained pretty much the same. They stole as much as they could … but they had no solutions or change to offer to the people.

The Occupy Movement – a cry for help and leadership
They saw that the concept was immensely successful but still they needed solutions against the exploitation systems created by the Establishment. My demand was that people should be able to rise up and demand for change for anything new to be realized. What SM does next is … they create the Occupy Movement … a movement against the 1%. They are directly addressing the Establishment in this movement. They put millions of people on the streets in several cities across America. It was not just one or two rallies … millions of people were camping on the streets … trying to welcome me back to America and lead this movement.

But we told them … thanks but it will not work out this way. Winter is coming and these guys need to go home. Just camping on the streets in freezing cold is not the solution. Change for America will come from the outside … not just from within. Moreover, if you see the people involved in the Occupy Movement were from the middle and lower income class. That was a wise choice by SM because the top corporations are run by the Establishment. If SM used top celebrities or employees of the top corporations then it would adversely affect their careers. But the main issue is that … if a bunch of hitech criminals loot a bank then you don’t tell the poorest of the poor that, lets go catch these criminals. You don’t use the poor to catch criminals. You go to the most powerful countries with the best technology and you tie up with countries with immense resources … and then you tear down these criminals. That’s why we are strongly advising on teaming up with Russia, Germany and GCC countries first. Once you have their support, then you can swiftly move into America or any other European country to eliminate Establishment malice. The change for America will come from the outside.

Set the Stage on Fire
We have not even stepped into the Arena … and several countries have been revolutionized … tens of millions of people have come onto the streets … governments have been overthrown. Imagine what will happen when we step in with the real solutions. We will set the stage on fire … and this fire will burn anything and anyone that comes in the way. This is why we are strongly advising President Trump not to closely associate himself with any major Establishment entity … it might be the banks or defense companies or media or large corporations. The moment the project gets activated then their end times begin. The Establishment is on its last legs … they are on the verge of termination. And you my dear friend President Trump … you are on the verge of greatness. Be prepared to rise.

Detecting the Establishment
The Matrix might be a criminal system but 99% of the people are like us … they are everyday people … beautiful Christian and Muslim people. There are enormous amounts of good people in the Matrix as well. It is just that they are sometimes misled and exploited by the malicious Establishment. This is how you differentiate between the Establishment elements and SM. These will be Establishment features:

  • Superiority. They follow a superiority module. They assume that we are all animals and they need to maintain a superior hand in all of our operations and work. So that we are under their control and direction. To facilitate this, they will also try to show us inferior and that success will come only when it is done through them and through their directions and entities. The concept is starkly opposite to democratic values.
  • Not feasible. They will try to show that the project is not feasible. “Ow, this is too good to be realized. This is a dream world. Things like this don’t happen in real life”. It’s a deviation tactic.
  • Negate – Racism. Next they will try to use negative ideas and show that this is racism. And it should not be done. This is another way to protect themselves.
  • Sit and Learn – Copy Paste Greatness. Another stalling technique is … sit and learn … learn from what he writes and do it yourself. Lol. They fooled Obama and misled him in trying to do it via his Foundation. They might try to fool you and make you do it via Steve Bannon. In both cases, the attempts will be stomped out by them … because you will end up being very limited with no solutions. It’s a control and eliminate scheme.
  • Plus Minus Games. Their games are endless. All you need to do is evaluate … is it a plus or minus? Most of the minus games comes from the Establishment that are designed to invalidate, stall and deviate the project.

What to do?

  • Don’t fall for routine path traps. We discussed corruption scandals via routine paths. Don’t fall for those traps. They are aiming at an early termination of your Presidency.
  • Don’t try to control all cash streams. You have allow certain cash streams to flow in order to create influential support bases.
  • Team up with Russia, Germany and Muslim Countries. This team is very critical in changing America and Europe.
  • Don’t fall for desperate attempts for war. The Establishment is on the verge of total failure. North Korea and Israel bombing Syria are desperate attempts for war and destruction. Don’t fall for these desperate attempts. Try to use Russia to control North Korea. Keep Russia on the forefront in all International Establishment malice.