08 Sep 2017
Risk Free Bashing Zones in American Politics
in America

There are certain “risk free bashing zones” in American politics. Let me explain what they are, how it works and how it will affect the Trump Presidency. Hillary Clinton got more than a million people killed in Libya and Syria ... but “Benghazi” is the most popular, widely discussed and investigated event in American politics and not the large scale deaths caused by her. Why? Because Benghazi was a Risk Free Bashing Zone.

The current puppet politicians in the Congress and Establishment media considers the following before they jump into an issue:

  • Is the Establishment involved?
  • Are there an Establishment beneficiaries? Like weapon suppliers or oil companies?

If the event or issue does not involve large scale Establishment corporations then it becomes a “Risk Free Bashing Zone”. The politicians have no risk ... the media has no risk ... in debating, scrutinizing and investigating the issue. But if the Establishment is involved then they chicken out. This is how the puppet Congress and media works as of now.

This is why you will see when it comes to Benghazi ... there is an endless list of headlines, media agencies and politicians ... screaming, yelling, scrutinizing and investigating the event. Because in Benghazi the Establishment was not involved. There is no Establishment “beneficiary” in Benghazi. So our chicken politicians gather up the courage to stand up and yell and cock a doodle doo as much as they desire.

The same applies to Russia. Not just Benghazi ... but there are several other issues where the Establishment beneficiaries are not involved ... and the puppet chicken politicians have the courage to stand up and yell and scream. The Russia scandal is one of them. Is there any Establishment beneficiary involved in the Russia scandal? No. That’s why the Establishment media and puppet politicians are all about Russia, Russia and Russia.

Immigration and Refugees
The same applies to the issue of immigrants and refugees. No Establishment beneficiary involved. This is why some of them are openly vocal in deporting immigrants and denying refuge. The Establishment has nothing to gain in this scenario. It’s a risk free zone. Which is why you find all across Europe, several politicians are promoting an anti-refugee policy. In fact, it is in the Establishment interest to deny refuge to Muslims fleeing the war.

Trump and Trump Family
The same applies to Trump and his Family. President Trump and his family members are not the Establishment. Therefore, the Establishment media and puppet politicians has the courage somehow to standup and keep on accusing, demonizing and trashing Trump and his family members. The chicken politicians and the media keeps on going cock a doodle doo and cock a doodle doo against Trump and his family. This is a “risk free bashing zone” for them.

Trump Policy – Travel Ban
Take a look at the Travel Ban. Is there any Establishment beneficiary here? Nope. Thus the Travel Ban is open to scrutiny, debate and lawsuits by the Establishment media and puppet politicians.

Steve Bannon - White Supremacy
Steve Bannon left the White House and he is supporting Trump from the outside by creating rallies in favor of Trump. The Establishment works two steps ahead. The Establishment will mislead Trump and say, “why work with Active Democracy? This is a multi-billion campaign. Instead do this with your friend Steve Bannon. He can do all of the protesting and rallies ... and you get to keep the cash flow of this scheme under your hand.” Firstly, this is not just rallies and protests. If you don’t know what is going on then your rallies will be shot down in no time. Secondly, White Supremacy is again a “risk free bashing zone”.

Which is why you found the entire media, politicians and celebrities condemning the White Supremacist rally at Charlottesville. White Supremacy is a very tiny minority and it will not help you much. That is not the way to go about it.

Border Wall and Infrastructure
This is a more pressing issue. You need to be very careful about your deals and expenditure on infrastructure and the border wall. Because this is again a “risk free bashing zone”. There is no Establishment beneficiary involved in these projects. All of them, the entire media, politicians and celebrities will have a field day if they find any flaw in this. Because these projects mainly involve Trump and his buddies. Be very careful in these projects.

Moving ahead by hook or crook
These Establishment assholes are a bunch of liars and petty criminals. They will lie to you and mislead you and somehow move ahead by hook or crook. Take a look at all of their agendas ... see where they were last year and see where they are now.

  • Demonizing and terminating the Trump Presidency. This is an Establishment agenda. One way or the other ... by hook or crook ... they have continuously moved ahead on this path.
  • Worsening relations with Russia. This is again an Establishment agenda. Look where you were last year and look where you are today. One way or the other they have pulled strings to only worsen relations with Russia.
  • Constant deviation from the debt crisis. It might be Trump scandals or investigations or Russia or terrorism ... one way or the other they have continuously maintained a deviation from the debt crisis. They have kept you busy and occupied with stuff that is total junk. This is again an Establishment agenda.
  • Facilitating new wars – terminate the scene. North Korea’s missile tests or Israel bombing Syria ... one way or the other ... by hook or crook c they are continuously working on facilitating new wars in order to terminate the entire scene. This time their objective is total termination. There is not going to be a small regional war. The objective is total termination now.

Obama is not our boss
And yeah, Obama is not our boss. He is just one politician that we trained against Establishment malice. He is one of our students. He learnt from us. And he doesn't know much, very less actually. That's why his Presidency was a stagnant blunder. And that’s why I tell you, don’t follow Obama. He does not know much.

About DACA
Why I asked you not to terminate DACA was because it was created to eliminate anti-US sentiments. If you see the background of the creation of DACA ... it was created when Establishment elements were creating racist policies in the border states like Arizona. These policies were leading to open “racial profiling” of colored people. The Establishment’s agenda is to create anti-US sentiment.

  • Racist Policies. That’s why they were creating racist policies against colored people.
  • Police Violence. That’s why there were creating events against Black people so that they turn against the government.

What they basically wanted to do was to create an “armed conflict” within the United States ... just like they did in Libya and Syria. They wanted to channelize these arms and “staff” from Mexican borders for this conflict. Why do you think that the Mexican President will never pay for the wall? They are planning to collaborate with the Mexican government to send in the arms and fighters for this conflict. They were planning on massive domestic conflicts. We alerted Obama on this and to contain this “anti-US” sentiment he created DACA. He came up with a policy to protect the children.

Obama deported millions of illegal immigrants almost every single year. But he never talked about it because publicizing it would create the division and violence what the Establishment wants. While he was deporting millions, he protected a small vulnerable and innocent section of this group via DACA. This is why we said don’t terminate DACA. And if you talk about it and publicize it ... then the Establishment will use to create “anti-Trump” sentiment. And they are already doing it.

$4 Trillion back into the country
Yeah, it seems like a good idea. You should get the $4 Trillion at least back into the country. I guess it is $1 Trillion for each State. But to bring back the reserves that America deserves, you have to be very smart and create a lot of reforms to facilitate the change so that people will love you.