04 Sep 2017
Don’t Terminate DACA
in America

An important tip for President Trump. Don’t terminate DACA. You have a severe reputation issue. You will be providing more fuel for the fire that the Establishment is eagerly creating for you. Don't think that ... “hey, these are hardly 1 million people. Who cares? I represent the White majority.” It does not work that way.

The White majority expects every leader to follow American principles and values. You boot children and you will lose a huge section of White supporters. Stand up and fight for everyone ... then everyone will love you ... including the minorities and the White majority.

You are not in a position to take such moves. The Establishment eagerly wants to create an uprising against you and find reasons to terminate your Presidency. They will capitalize on every reason possible. Terminating DACA will give them exactly what they want. They will show the country that, “this guy doesn't even care for small children ... how the hell he will care for the entire country? The guy is a racist. He must be booted.”

Being patriotic does not mean booting all of the minorities and giving them the finger. Being patriotic means taking care of everyone in the country ... rich and poor, black or white, kids and adults. You have to stand up for everyone. Go easy on DACA. This is not about legal or illegal ... this is not about white or latinos ... this is about American principles ... giving children a chance and protecting innocent lives. You have to show that you are strong and you will be big on American principles and that you will fight for everyone.

Free Assange
Assange is loved by the people for his work. Free Assange ... set him free ... because:

  • Firstly, he was put into that situation by your staunch opponent, Hillary GodDamn Clinton. It was Hillary who put the cops after Assange.
  • Secondly, Assange did a great job by exposing a lot against Hillary during the campaign.
  • Thirdly, we need his skillsets and his team of hackers to unleash data against the Establishment. Assange will be very useful in the project.
  • And lastly, you will be seen as the hero of the people who freed Assange. You will get enormous positive publicity from this.

Interpretation Issues – Conflict is a tool for the Establishment
And the second point is ... I think your team has a severe interpretation issue. “We” are not issuing you any threats. We are saving you from the oncoming threats. This is what you need to understand ... “conflict is a tool for the Establishment”. When we are concerned ... conflict is a crisis for us. We never want to remain in a conflict ... we love peace.

But our lovely Establishment comes from a different ideology ... their techniques are different. You are in a very critical position at a very critical time. You cannot move forward until and unless you are prepared for all Establishment misleading techniques. These guys sit there and use conflict as a tool to create division, hate and friction ... as a result breakup teams that might rise against them. This is the end result that they aim for. They will gladly and very eagerly create conflicts and fights in order to terminate teams. Which is why I said, you have to be smarter and look 10 steps ahead when you deal with the Establishment.

Tips for Ivanka
You have chosen a huge task of guiding your dad and the Administration. There will be mainly two types of people that you will come across ... plus and minus. Plus will be the guys who will support you and help you in working on our project. And the minus will be the guys who will try to move you away from this track. Will give you more details on this later.

And this plus minus game can even enter your family. Your own brother can sit next to you and try to move you away from the track. Don’t ask me how it happens, for now. But it can happen. So, it is advisable not to discuss this project or work with other family members that might not be constructive. I know you guys are a good family unit and you do many things together. You are running the entire business together. But politics is a different game and in politics dealing with the Establishment is a terribly high end game.

This is a game in which most top politicians don’t even dare to enter. They know that this game can simply burn their careers for good. This is a very very critical game. The Establishment will play its moves as per its techniques but once you know them and their moves ... it is very easy to stomp them out. Most politicians chicken-out of this arena because they don’t have the tools, technology or resources to stand up to the Establishment.

The stuff that you are involved in is one of the best things in the world that can be done right now. You are in the top game. You are at the top of the world. In reality, if you see ... these guy are petty thieves. They are a bunch of criminals. But they are very smart and very intelligent. You need to understand the plus and minus game. A simple solution for this is ... try to take in more plus and eliminate the minus.

But when it comes to family ... you can’t eliminate family members. But you can try to reduce their inputs, influence and control in what they contribute. Distribute their attention and efforts in other segments. Don’t keep on detailing and discussing everything with them. I know they are your big brothers ... but you are the one with the gift and not them. You are the one who is supposed to lead.

I know they want to help but if they lead then they will end up being anchors. They will ultimately side track the entire project and your dad’s Presidency will head towards a major crisis. And whereas all of your siblings are concerned ... we are trying to do what is best for everyone ... for Trump, his Presidency, his family, his Administration, America as a whole, Europe, Russia and the entire world. We have everyone’s best interests at heart.

If it all works as per schedule, then your dad will end up being a possible Trillionaire. And guess who will inherit all of those Trillions? All of it will go to you and your brothers. All of you will benefit from it in one way or the other. We are in a situation of a crisis ... patience and intelligence is what we need to use.

These guys will try to create a conflict at every stage and level. If we think outside the box then we can easily figure out there malice and eliminate such scenarios. Which is why I said ... if the Establishment will prepare 2 steps ahead, we need to prepare for 10 steps ahead. And eliminating conflicts and differences is one of the key steps.

These guys are a bunch of criminals who have been controlled by Christian and Muslim countries for a thousand years. We have to form the same team again. A team of Christian and Muslim countries working with Active Democracy to terminate the Establishment for good. Try to keep all of your differences aside. We have bigger fish to fry.