03 Sep 2017
Thoughts and prayers are with Texas
in America

May God bless Texas with a quick and fast recovery ... and help the affected people recover from their personal, financial and property losses. God bless Texas and God bless America.

Natural disasters are an opportunity for political leaders to show their leadership skills and show that they care for the people. Bush’s response to Katrina was a disaster. The guy couldn’t manage his image even in a simple natural disaster when all he had to do was follow simple routine procedures. Obama got a boost from his response to Sandy. Obama is a people oriented guy ... he knows how to respond.

The interesting thing to note here is that ... the Establishment knows that Trump will respond well. This would be Trump’s chance to boost his public image. And if there was positive coverage of Trump’s handling of Harvey then it would negate all of his bad publicity of his scandals. So, what our lovely Establishment is doing is ... even in a situation of a massive natural disaster ... they are enhancing the Russia story ... creating new headlines with new twists and turns ... in order to maintain a dark cloud over any positive Trump action in Texas.

They cannot allow Trump to shine positively because it is against their strategy. If they want to destroy a person then their first step is to “eliminate his credibility”. Show that the guy is trash ... show that he is associated with several scandals ... give bad publicity to minor things that have no reality ... create sex scandals ... promote Russia investigations ... pull more family and team members into the investigations ... all of this is done to destroy Trump’s credibility. Once you demonize the person enough and destroy his credibility then people really don’t care if he is impeached or removed from office.

This first phase of demonization that they maintain at a constant pace is only to justify the next phase of impeachment and removal from office. Always keep in mind ... if the Establishment wants to do bad things to you ... the first thing they will do is start tarnishing your image ... and then begins the bad stuff. This is a routine Establishment strategy. First demonize then destroy.

Well, you can’t blame them for immensely succeeding in their strategy because you have not given anything to the public so that they will fight for you. The public have absolutely nothing so that they will stand up and fight for Trump. The entire blame for their success in demonizing and destroying your image doesn’t totally lie with them ... you yourself share a huge portion of their success in destroying your image.