27 Aug 2017
Establishment Advanced Traps - Use the Routine to Create the Trap
in America

One of the key reason why the Establishment succeeds in most of its schemes is because “they think two steps ahead”. They have setup think-tanks that exclusively work on analyzing every move that can be played. They analyze the forthcoming moves and then they play two steps ahead using their monopoly. This is what helps them succeed most of the time.

In order to win against the Establishment, you need to be able to analyze all of the moves that the Establishment can make and be prepared with all counter moves for their moves. You don’t have to think two steps ahead but you need to be able to think 10 steps ahead. If you plan on one path then they will come at you in 4 different paths. So, you need to be ready with 10 different paths in order to handle the Establishment.

You can’t play the routine and expect to win against the Establishment. A single path routine action is what the Establishment uses to create multi-dimensional traps for you. If you remain in a single direction predictable path then you will walk directly into their trap. They already know all of the moves that you can think of and they will prepare traps for you in all of those moves. And if you play the simple routine then the Establishment wins. Examples will help.

Obama and the audit of the Federal Reserve
We showed Obama how our nation’s money was being taken away by the trillions by this private entity and that we had no right to question what is going on. We had no legal right to oversee and control our own nation’s money. Obama understood the issue but in order to solve this problem ... the Establishment misled Obama and made him stick to a routine path ... a routine predictable path that they could easily fail.

Obama followed the routine path ... and went ahead trying to get a vote from the Congress in order to audit the Federal Reserve. The Establishment controls the Congress. They easily failed Obama and they easily won. As a result nothing changed. The Establishment won by playing two steps ahead. They won because of their monopoly in the Congress.

Obama failed because:

  • He didn’t fully understand the Establishment
  • He did not predict all of the moves that they could make
  • He had no backup plan for all Establishment moves
  • He followed a single predictable path
  • He did not follow a multi-dimensional approach

If you don’t know what you are dealing with then don’t expect to succeed in the above. Whatever Obama did was the best that he could come up with.

Establishment objective is to terminate the Trump Presidency
The threat level that Obama faced from the Establishment was far less. The objective of the Establishment during the Obama Presidency was only to “fail” his moves. The problem that you are facing is that the Establishment wants to “terminate” the Trump Presidency. The traps that were designed for Obama were designed only to fail his moves. Now, the traps that they are designing for you is to totally terminate your Presidency. This is the key difference in Establishment traps between your Presidencies.

The train comes where you stand
Another key factor that you should know about Establishment traps is that, they send the train wherever you are standing. To get hit by the Establishment train, you don’t need to stand on the railway tracks and then expect the train to hit you. No, they will put the tracks exactly where you are standing and they will send the train towards you in full speed. This is something that they are able to do using their monopoly.

You don’t need to mess with them. You don’t need to have any beef with them. If they want you eliminated then they will use the parameters around you ... use your routine paths and send the train directly to you.

Reactions to Establishment Trains
You will find a few types of people around you based upon their Establishment know how. It might be advisers, intelligence experts or military generals ... this is how they will react to Establishment Trains:

  • Excuse. Most of the guys will know absolutely nothing about the Establishment. This is a train that most people are not aware of. Doesn’t matter what position they are holding in politics, military or intelligence. The wiser among them will simply excuse themselves because they don’t have the relevant information.
  • Bad Advice. If you push them for advice then some of them will step forward in showing you praise and loyalty. They will tell you ... “hey, you are the President of the United States and you have nothing to worry about. There are no trains coming at you. Everything is fine. If something comes then we can handle it. You are the most powerful person in the world”. Lol. This is bad advice that comes from lack of proper knowhow. These people will serve as anchors who will hold you to the railway track as the train comes speeding at you. They will consume you with ignorance and hold you on the wrong track.
  • Racism. Some among them will say that ... “hey, this is racism. There is no “Jewish” Establishment. This is again lack of proper knowhow.

You will not get anyone in the entire intelligence, military or political circle that will be able to help you against Establishment malice. That is ... for now. Once we publish books and train intelligence agencies then the scene will be different. Then you can actually pick people with expert knowhow on Establishment malice. Maybe Barron can do that once he runs for the Presidency.

5 Establishment Trains coming at the Trump Presidency
What you should know is that ... there is not just one train coming at you. But there are 5 different Establishment trains designed to totally terminate your Presidency. All of them are on the way. You are standing at an intersection where 5 different trains are designed to hit you. The Russia Scandal train has already come quite close ... apart from this there are 5 other trains.

  • Defense Contracts – Afghanistan (Leak). The Establishment predicts the most routine steps that you will take. Based upon your path, it will design the trap. It will create scenarios to invite you on a routine path ... it will encourage and facilitate your moves on that path, so that you fully enter their trap. Once you enter their trap, then they will play their moves which will be two steps ahead of what you planned. For example, they have invited you on a path of defense contracts ... massive sales of military and defense equipment. These defense companies can also entice you with “commissions”. This is a “routine predictable” path that any politician can fall for. A simple leak on any commission deal (if there were any) can totally destroy your Presidency. And you are already seeing that there is enormous amount of “leaking” going on in your Presidency. To secure yourself from this train hitting you ... you have to think 10 steps ahead. You have to think in all of the ways that the Establishment can trap you. Just wordy guarantee of defense contractors is not enough. You have already made massive defense deals around the world and you are continuing the war in Afghanistan which means more defense expenditure. There is a major risk on this track.
  • Infrastructure. A construction guy spending a lot of money on construction ... presumably to benefit from it. This is another Establishment trap via routine predictable paths. You have already assigned $200 Billion and plan to raise a total $1 Trillion just for infrastructure. Expect a major corruption scandal investigation coming on the way. I am not saying that you are corrupt or commission deals are ongoing ... but these are the moves that the Establishment will play.
  • Border Wall. This is again a massive construction project which is solely promoted by you and wanted by you. You are planning to spend $10 Billion plus on this wall. If the public get any info on a commission deal or corruption in this project ... then they will go ballistic. Your major disadvantage in this project is that ... nobody wants the wall and it is solely promoted by you. So, any defect or any fault in this project will bring heavy casualties on the Trump Presidency. I don’t have a problem with the wall. But if you really want to do it then think 10 steps ahead and be prepared of the minutest details on which you can be attacked.
  • Eager for Wars. Another routine and predictable path is eagerness for wars to facilitate a massive defense expenditure. It might be against Syria, North Korea, Venezuela or any other country. Eagerness for war easily pulls you into the Establishment trap. All of these are very routine and predictable paths. And moreover, once you start bombing countries ... your public approval plummets. The American people don’t like politicians who bomb and kill. Why do you think the hate Hillary so much? Because she was a war mongerer. Don’t expect public support once you start bombing and killing people. In fact, it will make it even more easier for the Establishment to terminate your Presidency.
  • Massive Military Expenditure. These are easy routine traps that the Establishment is pulling you in. Massive expenditure in building new ships, aircrafts and other defense equipment at the domestic level. This is again spending hundreds of billions of tax payer money that was not asked for by the people. This is again promoted and done by only President Donald Trump. Any leak of corruption or commission deals will totally terminate your Presidency.

Reverse Engineering – “All cash for me and all jobs for the people”
What the Establishment is doing here is this:

  • Routine Path. They have first encouraged you and pulled you into a routine path that anyone would follow.
  • Scandal. Once you enter their path, their next step will be to create a scandal.
  • Reverse Engineering. And then they will reverse engineer it back to you to put all of the blame on you.

What is reverse engineering? All of these scandals and disasters that they are planning for you ... they will reverse it back into your profile. They will say “hey, this guy is a luxury hotel owner. This is what he has done all of his life. He has kept all cash for himself and given only some jobs to the people. This guy is crazy for money. All of these are Trump’s craze for money schemes. He has only blown up trillions of tax payer money in construction and defense contracts only to benefit himself. Politics is nothing but a cash transaction for him. All he cared for is benefiting himself at the expense of the people. He stood there looting the people’s money while making empty speeches for the people.”

This is the scheme that you need to prepare for. You have to prove them wrong in every possible way. It is actually their trap. It is their plan but they will reverse it back to your profile. So who becomes the bad guy? Exactly, President Donald Trump becomes the bad guy.

Jobs and Economy will not save you
You can’t say that ... “hey, I created so many jobs. The stock market is at an all-time high.” Jobs and economy will not save you because:

  • Economy is Obama’s Accomplishment. Firstly, because jobs and economy is Obama’s accomplishment and not yours. Obama inherited a disastrous economy with hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost every month. Obama was the one who changed all of that and brought the economy to its current state. If you are bragging about jobs then you are bragging over someone else’s accomplishment. The people will not buy it.
  • The Train doesn’t care who you are. Secondly, the train does not care who you are. You might be a good guy or a bad guy ... you might be strong or weak. The train will run over you. That is how the train is designed. It does not care for one guy standing in its way. The train does not care that you are a patriot.
  • Cash Traps. All of the above are “cash traps”. What the Establishment will say is “this guy is crazy after money. He kept all of the money for himself and blew up all tax payer money among his friends ... while he just gave the people some paper work and policies. All cash for Trump and all talk for people”. This will be a terrible blow to your Presidency.

You have to think 10 steps ahead. How will you answer to all of these allegations? Especially when the actual proof is leaked? Yes, you ran a “Make in America” week. But how many companies did you create? 5? 10? The actual change in the lives of the people is negligible. If you actually ran the Make in America campaign as it should have been while taking care of Establishment monopoly then you would have created tens of thousands of companies. You would have been a public hero with just one policy. But if you have massive corruption scandals while giving nothing to the public then how will you save your Presidency? Why will people fight for you?

Don’t Quit
There will be a lot of pressure and traps as long as Establishment monopoly exists ... but don’t quit. Some negative advisers may also tell you to “grab the biggest bag of cash while you walk away. Your Presidency will be over by next year. So, sign up for the biggest deals ... demand for funds for the wall ... rope in as much as you can while you are still in office.” Trust me, that is not good advice. Grab and run mode will backfire to a great extent.

Dismantle the damn trains
The wise thing to do is ... if you see a train coming towards you then move out of the path. That is the wise thing to do ... move out of that track. We are not in a phase where you can follow routine predictable paths. That is the first thing that you must do. The second thing is ... dismantle the damn train. If you root out the tracks and dismantle the train totally ... then you never need to worry about an oncoming train. Which is why we advised you ... break Establishment monopoly.