25 Aug 2017
Trump, use intelligence. Don’t get carried away by suckups.
in America

Imagine this. You are standing on a railway track. The train is coming from the other direction in full speed. And you have a guy standing next to you and he says ... “you are going to be the best President ever, you will be awesome and you have nothing to worry about”. What does this say about the guy standing next to you? It means that he cannot see the oncoming train or he is just too scared to tell you the truth.

This is exactly the situation that you are in ... my dear friend, President Trump. You are standing on the track ... and the train is coming in full speed. The issue with this train is that ... it is complicated ... it is terribly complicated. Not everyone know about it and not everyone understands it. So, you can’t blame the guys around you for not detecting and understanding the train. In fact, SM is itself the direct employees and staff of the Establishment and they themselves did not know what they were dealing with. We had to show them and train them with the issue that they were facing. And SM is one of the largest organizations with the most hi-tech technology that has been created yet. Despite that, the only thing that they know is ... what is the issue and where it comes from. Since we have not released the solutions, they themselves don’t know how to tackle this and how to solve this crisis. SM depends on us for guidance and information.

So, kindly excuse your staff for not knowing what is going on. Obama was not any ordinary guy. He was the President of the United States. He had access to the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world. He had the entire FBI, CIA and military intelligence with him. But despite that Obama used to follow us as to what we say because these intelligence agencies know nothing about Establishment malice. Simply because it is not formulated in their courseware and training. Once we are done solving these issues then, God willing, we will publish separate training manuals for intelligence agencies and the police to handle these issues. It requires an entire catalog. The malice is too widespread and too detailed. This training of intelligence agencies has to be carried out in several countries and not just in America.

Now, coming back to our railway track scenario. If you stand on the track ... listening to and being absorbed by the praise of the other guy ... while the train is coming at you in full speed ... then what will happen? Will you be the greatest President of America? Will you be the most awesome person in the world? We use facts and logic at Active Democracy ... in order to help you understand what is going on. The praise is nice but also use logic ... logic will help you to be intelligent. In a situation of crisis ... standing there and just listening to people who praise you and compliment you ... will only lead you to disaster. Mainly because:

  • They don’t know what is going on
  • They are not alerting you on the forthcoming disasters
  • They are not showing you how to handle what is coming next
  • They are not aware of the parameters involved
  • They will consume you with ignorance
  • And eventually the crisis will take you with a surprise.

You will not be prepared and you will end up being the victim of the malice. Sucking up to you is not important in a situation of crisis. But people who will help you be intelligent, smart and avert all forthcoming crisis will help you stand firm and succeed. “Do not be occupied by plain suckups who know nothing”. They have nothing to lose. It is your Presidency and your name on the line. You are the one who needs to be smarter. And yes, don’t fire all of the suckups ... let them hang around based upon what they can “contribute” to your Presidency. Use intelligence and don’t get carried away by suckups.

Tips for Putin
The Establishment has such a major influence in the West that even the US President cannot do much about it. The Establishment will oppose the President and carryon with sanctions against Russia. They are pulling all strings to facilitate the same. Trump is becoming more and more helpless against the Establishment with time. Why? Because that is how the Acid Tank functions. For them, we are just animals ... sheep and cattle. They don’t care about us ... they don’t what will happen to us or our countries. The Communist crimes are an open example of this vicious self-serving ideology.

Limiting and eliminating Trump is a part and parcel of their plan. Trump is trying to appease them. It will never work. Trump does not understand them. He created councils and gave representation to the top CEOs of the country in order to appease the Establishment. And the Establishment used a cheesy excuse to humiliate and abandon Trump. Don’t expect Trump to manage and contain the Establishment. It is not within Presidential powers.