20 Aug 2017
How to convert corruption scandals into noise
in America

What Trump does not know is that ... the Establishment can easily send him to jail for corruption and war crimes. Welcome to the shitty side of being a politician. See, if you are a King then you can do whatever. You can bomb another country and whatever destruction happens ... it happens in that country. You remain totally safe and protected in your country and you continue to remain King. But unfortunately that does not apply in a Democracy for the President. Especially, in your case when almost everything is against you.

You know ... sometimes one can get an idea that ... hey, I am the President and I have the nuclear war codes and I can do whatever. North Korea doesn't stand a chance against us ... we can totally destroy North Korea. If any destruction and death will happen ... then it will happen on their side ... America remains untouched. Well, you can think like that ... but here is the issue with that.

Laws apply to the President as well
Yes, laws apply to the President as well. Just because you are President, it does not mean that laws will not apply to you. In a Democracy, being President means that “you are a common citizen with additional responsibilities and powers”. You are in no way above the law. Every single law applies to you. If you steal ... you can be prosecuted ... if you kill, you can be prosecuted ... if you abuse, you can be prosecuted. In fact, your opposition watches you a thousand times more closely in order to prosecute you. In your case, your biggest opposition is the Establishment.

Look at their ongoing behavior already ... you make one single mistake ... and they will magnify it, elaborate it and publicize it. It might be as simple as ...

  • A spelling mistake in your Twitter post
  • A grammatical error
  • A statement that is not factual
  • A statement that is not in accordance to American principles
  • A policy that is not in accordance to American principles
  • It might be you or your family or your staff ... all of them are subject to the same treatment

All of your mistakes are magnified, elaborated and widely publicized. The Democrats are not doing this ... the “Establishment” is doing this. They are immensely eager to take you down. Now, do you think they will be forgiving if they actually get an instance where the “President broke the law”? My dear friend, if they get any instance where you broke the law ... the media will go ballistic and the investigations committees are going to have a field day. You simply cannot afford to break any law.

Corruption and War Crimes
Here is where we come to corruption and war crimes. Both of them are ongoing modules designed to trap you. These are advanced level traps. To understand how they work ... let’s go back to our Acid Tank model. This is how the acid functions on its target element in the tank.

  • The Skin – Sex scandals and ridicule. The sex scandals and the ridicule of the Trump Presidency is nothing but the initial attack on the skin of the person. The objective here is to show the public that you are unworthy of being President and you should be effectively removed from the office. This module is designed to justify your removal from office. This is a continuous ongoing module since the past one year.
  • The Flesh – Investigations. Once the acid attacks the person’s skin then it moves deeper into the flesh of the person. It rattles and adversely affects the person even more. The investigations module is designed to rattle and adversely affect you even more. There are 5 investigation committees unleashed against you. Just like the acid ... if it is attacking your flesh, it does not mean that it will stop attacking your skin. The acid will simultaneously attack your skin as well as your flesh ... which is why you will find both of these modules working hand in hand non-stop.
  • The Organs – Corruption & War Crimes. Once the acid moves into your skin and flesh ... then the next target will be your organs. You can withstand it when the acid attacks your skin and flesh ... but when the acid starts attacking your organs ... here is where the failure begins. Once the organs start shutting down, then total failure is imminent. You have fantastically withstood the attacks on your skin and flesh. The next attacks will be advanced level attacks designed to fail your Presidency all together. Details below.
  • The Bones – Policy Elimination & Magnified Investigations. The acid does not stop once the person fails. It moves towards the bone structure and starts dissolving the entire person. It totally eliminates the person. Once your Presidency fails, they will effectively eliminate all of the policies that you have designed and they will magnify investigations on how you tried to benefit yourself via each and every deal or contract. Thus totally eliminating you from government office and carrying out maximum impact on your person at a private level.

These are the 4 phases of the Acid Tank module. The first two phases are already moving ahead hand in hand since several months ... now you are entering the third phase. You have to be ultra-careful hereon. You simply cannot afford any major mistake and the biggest traps that have been unleashed already against your Presidency are “corruption and war crimes”. Both of them will lead to total failure of the Trump Presidency.

The hypocrisy between Bush and Trump
You will find a huge scale of hypocrisy by the Establishment when it comes to Bush and Trump. Bush waged wars that were totally unnecessary and unwarranted. He spent trillions and got thousands of Americans killed ... about a million American soldiers returned home with PTSD. He is the main culprit who started all of this. On top of that, there is “documented proof” of a 100,000 Iraqi civilians being killed in the war unfairly and unjustly. Despite all of that ... how many investigations were carried out against Bush? Not a single one. No investigation, no court hearings and no prosecution whatsoever.

On the other hand ... if you see ... Trump says, “let’s just control the people that our coming into our country.” And the Establishment is going ballistic over it.

  • Widespread media condemnation
  • Prosecutors are activated
  • Courts are passing judgement against Trump policies
  • Special investigation committees are setup

There is no war yet ... no mass killings yet ... a simple control over travel and this is how they are responding. Why are they behaving in such a hypocritical manner? Because Establishment priorities have changed ... what they want right now is a war against Russia & termination of America. War against Muslim countries is old school now.

North Korea and Venezuela – War Crimes
The remaining Muslim countries that can be attacked are Syria and Iran. Both of them are protected by Russia. So, Trump might move his attention towards North Korea and Venezuela. Even then ... Trump remains open to prosecution for “war crimes”. The death and destruction might have been on the other side but even then these will be the lines of prosecution:

  • Unwarranted and unnecessary wars
  • Massive expenditure
  • Corrupt dealings with defense contractors and suppliers
  • Massive casualties and deaths for no reason
  • Excessive use of force

The Establishment is going ballistic over your spelling and grammar mistakes ... they are passing court rulings against a simple travel control ... do you think they will turn a blind eye to all of the above drastic elements? No my dear friend ... the pretext of “war crimes” will be a major blow that will fail your Presidency.

This is one of the advanced level traps. It gives them clear evidence of your involvement and the destruction caused. This is exactly where they are pulling you. Till date, they have only the Russia scandal ... but the Russia Scandal is nothing but noise. Nothing illegal was carried out ... Russia did not rig the votes and Russia did not bribe any election official. Russia, Russia, Russia is nothing but noise. War crimes is exactly what they need from you. It shows:

  • Your direct involvement
  • Your direct dealings with defense contractors
  • And the massive deaths and destruction caused by “your wars”

Yes, they will be marketed as “Trump’s Corrupt Wars”. Which is why we are suggesting you again and again ... these are very crucial times ... it is not the time for war ... use “cool headed diplomacy” everywhere.

How to handle war crimes?

  • Never make the first move in words or action. It will be clear evidence of “your” aggression. It will be defined as “your war”.
  • Peace and Diplomacy. Even if there is “wordy” aggression from the other side ... do not respond in the same. If you respond, then you are giving public evidence of instability and insecurity. Stick to principles, peace and diplomacy publicly ... so that the world knows that you were on the right side with the right values.
  • Proportionate Response. Despite your diplomatic approach, if the other party actually harms you in property or lives ... then carry out only a proportionate response. Don’t go all-out war against the other person if they fired a missile that did not even touch your land. No harm done, deserves no harm from your side.
  • Strong Moral Character. Differentiate between harm and provocations. You need to show a strong moral character by rejecting all provocations. Even if they harm a few people then make only a proportionate response ... don’t go out there and nuke their entire country. It becomes a war crime if you do so. If required, make a proportionate response ... and then get back to diplomacy. If they continue harm then advance proportionately while advising them of peace at the same time.

This way you keep yourself safe ... morally, publicly and legally. People will know that you are guy of peace, you were right ... the other guy was wrong ... and whatever you did was proportionate. So, the issue of “war crimes” gets eliminated.

But if you use:

  • Aggressive words and threats
  • Excessive force
  • Cause more deaths and destruction

All of the above can be used as evidence against you in war crimes trials.

The Establishment wants “jail for Trump”
Why are we talking about war crime trials? Because the modules in the third phase will be designed to put Trump into jail. All of these advanced level modules are designed to put you into jail. Once they get clear evidence against you in corruption or war crimes then these are the options that they will put in front of you:

  • Quit or go to jail. Previous Presidents have chosen to quit. This has happened before.
  • Impeachment. If they don’t get a clear evidence then they can still impeach you ... by playing their legal games of what you said and did not say. All they need is a pretext to pull you in court. Investigation of war crimes would be a hot topic ... both for the media and the investigation committees.

Well, the good thing about all of this is ... you know it before it happens. Now, you can prepare accordingly.

Corruption Scandals
The second major ongoing module is “corruption scandals”. Corruption has widespread applications ... wherever there is government cash flow, a corruption investigation is possible. It does not have to be limited to the defense industry or wars.

  • It can be infrastructure
  • It can be the border wall
  • It can be deals and contracts with foreign governments
  • It can be about ships and fighter planes
  • It can be about oil contracts
  • It can be about health care and insurance companies

It can be anything ... wherever tax payer money is being spent ... a corruption investigation is possible. So now, let me show you how to keep yourself safe from corruption scandals as well as make money on the side.

Black Hat Techniques
Corruption is basically “benefiting yourself materially by virtue of your public position”. So, if you are trying to tap into any tax payer dollars then that’s corruption. It’s a total black hat technique that happens mostly in the third world. But in your case ... you are already in the Acid Tank. And all of the entities that you are dealing with belong to the same acid medium ... which makes you prone to risk and exposure. Anyone can flip anytime ... giving a terrible blow to your Presidency. Even if one guy flips then you are toast ... expect immediate impeachment.

White Hat Techniques
And then there are white hat techniques. Corruption is benefiting yourself materially by virtue of your public position ... but that is “while you are still in office”. Once you leave then office then you can benefit yourself from your ex-public position as much as you want and there is not stopping to that. Lol.

Examples will help ... the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton is a fantastic diplomat. Because of his scandals ... he had lot of payments to make and he ended up being dead broke by the end of his Presidency. But what he did was ... he setup the Clinton Foundation after his Presidency. He pooled in all of his contacts and drove hundreds of millions of dollars into his Foundation. He was getting direct payments from foreign governments into his bank account ... and it was 100% legal. Not only legal but the Clinton Foundation was one of the most respected foundations in the world. Well, that’s until Hillary started the pay and play schemes when she was Secretary of State. But until then ... the Clinton Foundation was highly respected.

See the active factors here:

  • Former President. He did not take the money while he was President. He took it once he left the office.
  • Not tax payer dollars. He did not take tax payer money. He pooled in money from an alternate source ... thus not affecting the American tax payers.
  • Out of the system. Most of the cash that he received was from “out of the system”. Cash from foreign sources is cash from out of the Acid Tank ... which means it was not subject to the observation of any US Legal enterprise.

The above factors made it 100% legal. There were delegates from 50+ countries in the meetings of the Clinton Foundation ... donating and supporting him financially ... and no one could say that ... hey, Bill Clinton is using his public position to make money. Being the President of the United States, you can make a truck load of contacts around the world and make a killing from your businesses with your new contacts once you leave office. And it is 100% legal.

If someone invests $10 Billion into a Trump real estate project “once you leave office” ... then it is 100% legal. You can do whatever and anyone can invest whatever he wants into your businesses ... once you leave office.

Grey Hat Technique
And in between ... the Black Hat and White Hat techniques ... are the Grey Hat techniques. One among them are that Hillary and Obama have used. The deal is with one party and another party channelizes the funds via an alternate means. For example, Hillary signs contracts worth billions to defense suppliers and then she gets hefty payments for speeches and books. The deal is with the defense contractors but funds are supplied by Wall Street companies for speeches. This is a grey area. No one can prove this deal ... but if the defense contractor flips and exposes ... then Hillary is screwed.

Managing risk in finance deals
Forget about Hillary, she was not in the Acid Tank. She had different parameters at play. This is how you manage risk in your finance deals.

  • Back away from Establishment elements. Firstly, back away from any Establishment associated company. The simple formula is “don’t associate yourself with any local company”.
  • Associate outside the Acid Tank. Why we are suggesting you to tie up with Russia and GCC is because ... they are not subject to Establishment influence ... they are not in the Acid Tank.
  • Decide on a fixed amount. How much do you want to raise for your projects once you are out of office? Is $100 Billion enough?
  • Decide on a few loyals. Then you should decide on a few very loyal associates who will channelize your funds. We recommend GCC. Immensely rich countries and very loyal to USA. Have you heard a single word from them against Trump till date? They are not Establishment controlled and it is a very rare possibility that they will flip.
  • Don’t touch tax payer money. There is high scrutiny on tax payer money. This is a high risk zone.
  • Don’t try to tap into all cash flows. Make sure all public cash flows work most effectively for the people. Don’t get excited on high cash flows and don’t try to capitalize on public funds. Do NOT touch public funds for self-benefit. It’s a terribly high risk zone.

An important point among all of the above is ... “deciding on a few loyals to work with”. An example of this is the Establishment itself. Do you know why 90% of the media is owned by only 6 corporations? Because our lovely Federal Reserve channelizes finance to only a handful of Jewish families and these families buy out all of the companies. They are Jews ... they could have channelized finance to hundreds of Jewish members ... but they did not. Why? Because more the associates, higher is the risk of failure. Anyone flips, anyone is hit by some conscience or turns against you for any reason then the entire network falls. That’s why they maintain the entire network within a few hands.

That’s why for your finance dealings also ... don’t try to tap in anyone and everyone. It will be terribly risky. Pick hardcore loyals for finance deals.

Why do we suggest GCC?
We are an International Media Agency. We can take finance from anyone. But you have to be very careful in picking loyals. We suggest GCC because:

  • Created by America. Most of these countries were created by America after WWII.
  • Protected by America. Most of these countries are protected by America. If any of their neighbors ... Iran or Iraq messes around then America is the one that supports them.
  • Not vocal against America. Because of the above, the leaders of these countries don’t say anything against America. They don’t rise against you doesn’t matter what you do. You might have noted, not a single word against Trump from these countries.
  • They are Kings. Forget about flipping against Trump, the very thought of them being in a scandal will affect their image in their own countries. It is for themselves that they will not flip.
  • Eliminating Israel’s influence in America. Israel is a major segment of the Establishment. It houses the think tanks that runs the Establishment around the world. Our project eliminates the Establishment ... which will effectively eliminate Israel’s influence in America to a huge extent. GCC countries will love to see that happen.
  • Curbing the Iranian Government. In the second phase of the project we will be launching several policies to curb and eliminate the Communist style Iranian government. Curbing Iran’s influence and changing their radical hardcore Shia government is something that GCC countries will love.
  • Protecting the image of Islam. Our project will eliminate fake Radical Islamic groups that is only ridiculing Islam under false names. The project will clear the name of Islam and create strong ties between Christian and Muslim countries. This is again something that GCC will love. You have to be careful in making anti-Islamic comments.

And if Trump becomes the guy that will do all of the above ... then President Trump will be highly loved and respected in the Muslim world ... giving you a strong level of trust and loyalty. This is why we strongly advise you to back away from this vicious Establishment that only wants to fail your Presidency and tie up with guys who will help you succeed.

Terror attacks when no talk of war against North Korea
Did you notice that terror attacks appear when there are spaces of peace and no ongoing war agenda. The Establishment is not just against the Trump Presidency. They want America to be destroyed. They want America to remain under threat and terror. So, if you rise against the Establishment then not only you will save your Presidency but you will save the entire country along with you.