18 Aug 2017
Trump Presidency is in the Acid Tank
in America

This page is important for Russia also and not just for Trump. A good model to explain the effect of Establishment monopoly is the “acid tank”. What happens when you place something in an acid tank? The acid starts slowly eating away and destroying the element placed in the tank. Its speed of action depends upon how strong the acid is.

Not only the Trump Presidency is in the acid tank but the entire of America and Europe has been in the acid tank for several decades. This acid has created trillions of debt in this entire region ... owing to the effects of this acid, several countries in this region are going to collapse. So, the “solution” of our lovely Establishment is ... destroy these countries via war against Russia ... so that no one knows about the acid and its effects. And show the world that these countries got destroyed because of their crazy war mongering leaders. That’s the entire regional strategy.

The only difference in how the acid is acting on the Trump Presidency is that ... it is far more stronger and faster. It is the same entity, same strategy, same techniques ... but they are using a more focused and stronger approach. Why am I using the model of an “acid tank”? Because that is how the Establishment Monopoly functions. They become everything around you and use every element around you to take you down. Just like an acid that connects to all parts of your body in the tank ... similarly the Establishment uses several elements to attack you.

In this situation, this is what Russia should note about the Trump Presidency:

  • Limited Presence. If Trump does not take action against Establishment Monopoly then his presence is going to be very limited in the White House. The media and the Congress is going to be viciously against Trump if he tries to remove sanctions against Russia. And somehow even if he does remove the sanctions, then his own presence in the White House is not guaranteed. Trump’s unilateral removal of Russia sanctions will be short lived. This is the truth. We know the ongoing parameters at work in America ... that’s why we strongly suggest working on eliminating Establishment Monopoly and uniting Russia with the West on “Christian” grounds. This will be a long term peaceful solution for the entire world.
  • Trump is not “America”. The America that we knew 30 years ago, does not exist anymore. Every single element in the United States has been rigged by the Establishment. Right from media, politics, banks, business, education and even the Church. The Establishment has placed America on a suicidal path since the past several decades. Which is why you see these mindless wars costing in trillions for the tax payers ... despite the country already being in $20 Trillion in debt. This is an ongoing “economic suicide” by America run via Establishment elements. So, if Trump or any other American official is giving you a proposal then don’t think that is going to be a very intelligent and a thoughtful solution that will help everyone. The intelligence from America is gone ... America is in suicide mode. Do all of your calculations yourself and play smarter.
  • The Hurry for Wars. This hurry for wars by America against other countries ... it might be Syria, North Korea, bombing innocent civilians in the name of Radical Islam or now even Venezuela ... this hurry for wars is mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, the Establishment wants to terminate America itself ... which is why it is pushing America towards suicide ... more economic suicide by blowing up trillions of tax payer money ... and a nuclear suicide by attacking Russian neighbors and friends. “America is in suicide mode”. The second reason for this hurry in wars is that ... Trump thinks that it is a good cash scheme. Lol. He is trying to incentivize himself via these wars and its expenditures. Trump does not know that he is just being used to facilitate America’s suicide. Trump is thinking that these wars are a good cash scheme ... but he does not know that the Establishment is planning to impeach him or even put him in jail for corruption and war crimes. Details on that later.

Trump is on the verge of greatness
The reason we are giving you this information is because very soon we will be entering more crucial phases of the Trump Presidency. This is how the Acid Tank functions ... the more you remain in the acid, the more damage it does. Till date, this Acid has put sex scandals against Trump ... it has put several lawsuits against Trump ... it has continuously demonized Trump ... it has open every possible investigation committee against Trump ... his own son and son in law are being questioned ... people and Congressmen are calling for impeachment. Week after week ... the effect of the Acid becomes more and more severe ... and the more damage it does.

At this crucial point, there are two paths in front of Trump.

  • Trump flips and goes berserk. Trump can flip and go berserk. He does not work with Active Democracy ... he ventures into the wild and fails miserably. He might also turn against us. Because the next possible thing that will hit his Presidency is “corruption scandals”. Forget about impeachment ... he can also face jail time ... which is exactly what the Establishment is planning. So, if you put someone in this crucial spot ... nobody knows how he will behave. We know of this coming phase ... which is why, since several weeks, we have been telling Trump to use “cool headed diplomacy” ... because when you are in the acid tank ... just when you thought the worse has come, even worse comes after that. This is how the acid tank functions.
  • Trump is on the verge of greatness. Another path that is there in front of Trump is of greatness. The only way you save yourself from the Acid Tank is “get rid of the acid in the tank”. You can try to leave the Tank which means quitting your Presidency. But in this case, your country is still subject to this vicious acid. The acid still remains in the tank. The only way to save yourself and your country is to “get rid of the acid in the tank”. If Trump chooses this path then he rises to greatness. Instead of falling, flipping and going berserk ... he can be one of the greatest leaders of modern time.

We alerted Obama also
Its not that we are showing bad things for Trump in the future. We clearly told Obama also what he will be facing. We told him that “this is stagnation, this is deviation, you are being held hostage, your country is stagnating”. We repeatedly wrote several articles warning Obama of the current Establishment plans. Obama should have worked with us instead of just reading what we wrote. He ended up reading the “obituary of his legacy” much before it happened.

If you would note ... we did not warn Obama of “impeachment or jail time” because that was not the Establishment plan. During Obama, the Establishment was busy in the “economic suicide” of America. There was no impeachment plan for Obama. Don’t think that we are being unfair to you ... President Trump. We don’t plan this. Based upon Establishment moves, we tell you what’s coming next. Obama took no action and he ended up reading the “obituary of his legacy” owing to the stagnation scheme that the Establishment had designed. If you don’t take any action then you will end up reading the “obituary of your Presidency” owing to the Acid Tank module that is activated against your Presidency.

I know you are not used to hearing such statements from your employees and advisers who mostly suck up to you. But those who suck up to you cannot protect you from the oncoming malice ... mainly because they don’t know shit of what is going on. What’s coming next is going to be worse than that has already come ... now prepare. The good thing about all of this is ... you know it before it comes. It gives you an upper hand in dealing with the oncoming crisis.

The Establishment Flip
I will give you one example of how unpredictable the Establishment elements are. You had setup President’s Councils for top CEOs from the top US companies. You gave them direct access to yourself. You gave them a role to formulate policies in running the country. How did they respond? They used a simple comment that you made to flip against you and abandon you. You did nothing against them ... you did not harm them in any way ... even then they flipped against you and abandoned you using a cheesy tiny pretext.

And they did it in a manner to create maximum humiliation for you. If they did not want to work with you ... if they did not want to be a part of your council then they should have simply not joined. First they join ... and then they pick a fault in your words or action ... and then you use that to humiliate you and abandon you. They followed the path that could create maximum humiliation for you.

Now, you are signing up deals and contracts ... trying to benefit yourself in the process ... with the same Establishment entities. Do you think these Establishment elements will stand next to you in a crisis or during a corruption scandal? None of them will be on your side ... no one will come for your help. Why? Because they form the acid in the tank ... the entire acid functions as one entity. The only reason Russia stands by you is because Russia is not in the tank. Russia is a separate entity independent of the acid tank. Anyone that you are tying up locally is a part of the acid medium. Will give details of corruption scandals later.

Trump’s Modes of Operation
This is what Russia should note. Trump may follow the below modes of operation.

  • Solo Mode. This was the Candidate Trump. If he had stuck to his policies and advisers then it would have been a total chaos by now. Trump would have already been facing impeachment hearings by now. Millions of people would have been protesting against Trump on the streets. Thank God, Trump made some changes. If Trump goes solo, expect total failure and chaos ... not because his intentions are not good ... it is mainly because he does not understand the parameters in action.
  • Leech Mode. The leech mode is where Trump follows the advice that we publish. I call it the leech mode when the President does not get in touch with us but he simply copies our stuff. That is the behavior of a leech ... that extracts info for itself and the benefit flows one way. The good thing about the leech mode is that ... at least he is following some advice. The leech mode stops wars and destruction. So major calamities and chaos can be successfully stopped in this mode. Currently, Trump is in leech mode. Don’t feel bad, even Obama was in leech mode for a very long time. Lol. But when we asked him to get in touch then he actually made a lot of efforts. Mainly because he wanted to at least go down in history to be the President “who launched this project”. He knew that his influence on GCC countries was fading ... that’s why he approached Oprah for the sponsorship. They are good friends with Oprah ... Obama would get his name in history for being the “President who launched the project” ... but Oprah had Presidential ambitions ... and we did not think that Oprah could handle the "acid tank”. That’s why we had to hold that off.
  • Continuation of Solo or Leech Modes. This is where Trump remains hell bent on not working with Active Democracy. Here is where he will face impeachment or jail time. Not because we want that for Trump ... but because that’s what the Establishment is planning.
  • Combination Mode. This is the mode where Trump works with Active Democracy. This mode can be activated in two ways.
    • Finance via Trump Source. Trump pulls the strings and gets us the sponsors. We setup a secure communication channel and start the work.
    • Finance via Alternate Source. Here is where we get finance from an alternate source. Even in this case, there is 99% chance that we will work together with Trump because both of us have a common goal of “Make America Great Again”. Our policies are incredibly fantastic and there is no reason why Trump would not accept them.

Once the Combination Mode is launched ... then Russia can expect a long term permanent solution for the sanctions issue. Because in the Combination Mode:

  • Trump will make his money. We all know Trump is interested in some benefits. But he will make his money in a secure manner that is safe from the Establishment.
  • Elimination of all Establishment Influence. We will get rid of the acid from the tank. The Establishment will not have any power over any entity in America ... including banks, politics, business, media, education and everything else. No more acid tank for America or Americans.
  • Removal of Russian Sanctions. We will unite America, Europe and Russia on common beautiful “Christian” grounds ... which will result in the long term unification of almost the entire Northern Hemisphere.

Mind your own business
Sometimes you might think ... “hey, mind your own business ... why are you talking about American politics?” The thing is ... it is public office ... it is a public position ... paid for by tax payer money and whatever they do, it affects the American people and the world. We are not talking about what Trump does in his bedroom or his hotel business. You can’t hold a public office and then tell the public not to have an opinion. Democracy does not work like that. The public have the right to hold an opinion and they have the right to talk and share their opinion. This is basic democracy.

Steve Bannon
A pointer for Trump would be ... don’t allow Steve Bannon to become your looking glass. Don’t look through his view on everything. The good thing about him is that he is not an Establishment puppet and we need guys like him. But once you pull such guys into the team then they would work on the common agenda of MAGA and terminate Establishment’s influence.

Bannon’s priorities should be to build a support base for Trump against Establishment elements. I don’t care if it is White Supremacists, KKK or even neo-Nazis ... pull anyone who is dedicated to the MAGA movement ... as long as they are Americans, they have their rights. You need support from anywhere you can get against the Establishment. Any support is good support. Once we are done with the Establishment, the American people will automatically neutralize the effect of such groups.

But then ... all of these groups that Steve Bannon can rally ... these groups form only a tiny 1%. So all in all ... Bannon’s efforts will be very limited and isolated ... which will be stomped upon by the media. This is the main reason we don’t use the race card. We unite everyone and pull 100% of the people in our favor. Our policies are different. You will get a sweeping majority in your favor and the Establishment will be terribly outnumbered.

Steve Bannon’s know how of the Establishment is very very limited and he has no idea of how to deal with them. Moreover, he has no idea of how to take support from Russia and Muslim countries. His approach and efforts are miniscule. They are kind of in the right direction but it will create a very limited support base. Don’t terminate him but at the same time try to get him on the same page ... tell him to keep his mind open ... and think bigger.