13 Aug 2017
Trump’s Forthcoming Corruption Scandals
in America

This is not a threat. It is an alert. We told you during the campaign itself that you will be entering turbulent waters that will be very risky and unpredictable. Now, you are getting a feel of the turbulence ... but you are doing good ... till date, you have managed well. I must mention ... 10 times more active and effective than Obama.

Not the time for routine politics
Trust me, this is not the time for routine politics. These are very unpredictable and turbulent times. The state of your Presidency is like a ship in the sea ... there are 10,000 hammers hitting on it ... trying to make a hole and sink your ship. And then there are several sharks revolving around your ship. This is the current state of the Trump Presidency.

This is not a threat. We don’t want your Presidency to be hammered ... we don’t want you to be demonized or ridiculed ... we don’t want you to be under investigations and lawsuits. But the parameters that are active right now ... this is exactly what they are doing to your Presidency. They want you failed and gone. We already told you what the Establishment’s main objective is ... they want America and Europe destroyed. So, if you sit there and try to play routine politics then you will get trapped. You will not know what happened and why it happened ... and you will be taken by surprise. It is very important to understand the other parameters at play.

You have to play smarter and better than the Establishment. This is exactly what we have been doing for you. Showing you what they are planning and helping you overcome it using “cool headed diplomacy”. Without our program being activated, the Establishment will continue to remain in full power and they will continue their malicious techniques. So, the best we can do for you as of now is ... show you the next mine that they are placing in your path ... so that you don’t step on that mine and things don’t blow up. We have been very successful in “failing” the Establishment again and again and again ... using one simple website and the SM network. It is a trillion dollar widespread network but we are failing them using one simple website hosted using a few bucks. Lol. Imagine how we can spank them once our program is activated.

The Oncoming Corruption Scandal
Whenever a new scandal is designed or unleashed ... don’t panic. Panic = Guilt. If people see you panicking, screaming, yelling and throwing bad language ... it generally represents guilt ... especially in the political circle. So, the next thing that the Establishment can plan against you is a “corruption scandal”. It is already happening in Russia. They are using it against Putin to create protests against him in an attempt to destabilize his Presidency. It is Establishment preplanned malice.

They can replicate the same scheme in America against your Presidency. They have not done it till date because ... firstly, it is too early to cry “corruption!” Secondly, they already have a Russia Scandal to keep you busy with. They are waiting for a few months to pass by ... so that you can sign a few deals ... and then they have enough info to launch a corruption scandal.

Current pointers that will be used for the Corruption Scandal

  • $200 Billion for Infrastructure. You have already allocated $200 Billion for infrastructure. And you are planning to raise $1 Trillion for infrastructure. You are a construction guy and the first thing you are doing is allocate $200 Billion of tax payer money for construction projects.
  • Buying more nukes. We already have 5000+ nuclear bombs which is enough to destroy the entire planet several times and you are interested in buying more nukes. This again shows a keen interest in massive expenditure. They will point this as a “commission deal” where Trump is trying to benefit himself via tax payer money.
  • Making more ships and aircrafts. You are keen on expanding military and defense systems ... which is again a massive expenditure costing in hundreds of billions. Another commission deal can be investigated here.
  • Expanding operations in Afghanistan. You are already expanding operations in Afghanistan ... another massive military expenditure. Brings the focus on possible commission deals here with defense companies.
  • Healthcare. Thank God it was not passed ... otherwise tens of billions were going to Insurance Companies. This can turn into another investigation for corruption.
  • Keen on wars and military action. You seem to be keen on military action against Afghanistan, North Korea and now even Venezuela. Again a massive military expenditure that will cost tax payers hundreds of billions.

This is the info only till date ... all of them are massive schemes costing tax payers hundreds of billions. What you will say is ... “Bush did it. Obama did it. Then why not me? Both of them spent trillions in wars ... then why not me?” Here’s the thing:

  • Bush and Obama were pawns. Bush and Obama did not spend trillions ... it was an Establishment game in which Bush and Obama were the pawns. They created scenarios in which all of this was justified. Bush got 911 ... Obama got ISIS ... what do you have? During Bush, Al Qaeda was demonized ... during Obama, ISIS was demonized ... but during Trump, “Trump” is being demonized.
  • You are the target now. What you should realize is ... Al Qaeda is already gone ... ISIS is almost defeated already ... both of them were artificially created targets which are on the verge of defeat. But if you look at the Establishment Media today ... who is the main target? It is you my dear lovely friend, it is you. President Trump is the main Establishment target as of now. If you fall for Establishment traps, then you are the first one that they want eliminated.
  • Can’t play Establishment with the Establishment. Yes, Obama and Hillary spent trillions in conflicts. But at the end of the day, if you see what they actually got in return was cheesy peanuts. A few million in book deals and a few million in speeches ... all in all $100-200 Million maximum. That’s total peanuts compared to the hundreds of billions that the Establishment made in these schemes. You can’t step in with your own scheme and try to make billions off it ... because you will be totally alone in that scheme. For example, North Korea ... other than you which other American supports your nuclear war? When it was Al Qaeda or ISIS ... all politicians and the media was in favor in the Establishment plan. But who supports your scheme against North Korea or Venezuela? In fact, they will isolate you and demonize you for actions against these countries. You are the only one talking against North Korea ... the Establishment is making you the main target and bad guy in the scene ... and they will use all of your actions against North Korea or Venezuela in order to impeach you. You can’t play Establishment with the Establishment.
  • Priority has moved against Russia. Moreover, the Establishment’s priority has moved against Russia ... which is why you see the Congress coming up with sanctions against Russia without your approval against your interests.

So, these wars that you want to start ... you will be totally isolated and subject to full-fledged scrutiny at all levels by the Establishment.

  • Blunder. Firstly, they can easily create a blunder to create the deaths of millions of people.
  • Expense. They will target the expense for the war.
  • Impeachment. Both of the above will be used to fully ridicule you and impeach you.
  • War Trap. The above is nothing but a war trap. You are alone with no major support. The Congress and Investigation Committees will be used to terminate your Presidency.

Working with Establishment Corporations while demonizing the Establishment Media is like ... sitting in the jaws of the shark while demonizing its tale. The tale does what the head tells it to. Signing deals with major Establishment Corporations is literally placing yourself in the jaws of the shark. The major sharks that leech on nation’s money are banks, defense, healthcare and oil. If you find yourself dealing with these guys and hoping for benefits and commissions ... then know that you are just placing yourself in the jaws of the shark.

How the scheme will be launched

  • Democrats. A few democrats will cry "corruption"!
  • Establishment Media. Will give widespread publicity for the alleged corruption scandal
  • Investigation Committees. Others will call for the formation of investigation committees
  • Obstruction of Justice. If you try to stop any of it then it will be called "obstruction of justice" which is an impeachable offense

They will scrutinize and investigate every single deal. They will do the Maths and show the overspending at every step and on every item. They will put the microscope on all of your current and future deals.

Russia is not on the other side in this scandal
In the Russia scandal ... Russia was on the other side ... they helped you and cooperated with you ... which is why you are safe. Russia has not released your peepee tape and they have provided strong support to your Presidency. But in corruption scandals, the Establishment is on the other side ... it is not necessary for them to cooperate. Anyone can stab you in the back and betray you.

How the Establishment will pull Democrats in the scheme

  • He is a Republican President
  • Republicans have stalled and opposed you for 8 years
  • He is fraud and corrupt
  • His slogan is Make America Great Again but his objective is "Make Trump Rich Again"
  • The country is $20 Trillion in debt
  • We cannot allow Trump to rip us off in this dire state by hundreds of billions
  • We have to keep a watch on Trump and monitor & control his spending
  • On one hand we get to rattle the Republicans via a Corruption Scandal
  • And on the other hand we get to control the spending in favor of the country and the people

Some democrats are already calling for impeachment. Crying "corruption" is no big deal for them. Once they pull Democrats on the Corruption Scheme then they will launch investigations. Here is where you will be vulnerable to Establishment elements with whom you have signed deals. This time it is not Russia that will stand firm on your side. This time it is Establishment elements. Anyone can flip.

Infrastructure – Corruption Scandal
An example ... you have allocated $200 Billion for infrastructure. They will simply evaluate the work you are doing and its actual cost. They can simply scream ... “the work done is actually of only $20 Billion and the rest of $180 Billion are missing! This is a fraud of $180 Billion of American tax payer money! We want an investigation into this and we want transparency in all Trump deals!”

Financial Interest
See, both of us know that there is "considerable financial interest". Let's remove that from the path first. There is some financial interest. You did not invest hundreds of millions of your personal income just to serve the people. Obviously, you are looking for returns on investment. Capitalizing on the Presidency is one of the key interests. That is ... while you Make America Great Again. You know it ... I know it ... so let's move on.

  • There are ways of doing it without being trapped by the Establishment.
  • There are ways of doing it without blowing up tax payer money.
  • There are ways of doing it without exploiting the people but instead helping them.

That’s why I said ... Ivanka needs a personal intelligence team that will help her track who you are dealing with. If she has tracked the background of the key personnel working for you ... then you need to do bg checks on all of the people that you are "dealing with". This will save you from Establishment elements. Establishment elements cannot be trusted. They will say one thing today and tomorrow they will flip.

One simple way of dealing with Establishment elements in the Corruption Scandal is ... don’t make "deals" with anyone inside America. It is a broad formula but it is a very easy and simple way of eliminating all Establishment elements. Because your major deals will be among the top corporations and almost all top corporations in America are linked to the Establishment.

You are not going to deal with small businesses ... small businesses are not going to give you anything of any benefit. It is the big fish that you deal with and almost all of the big fish are from the same pond.

The key here is to generate revenue for America from the outside. Devise plans to generate hundreds of billions in revenue for America from the outside. This cash will not be American tax payer money. It will not be Establishment controlled ... it will be controlled by you. You will have full access to it. You will have much more freedom and liberty on this revenue. Most importantly, what the Establishment pays you is cheesy titbits compared to the hundreds of billions that you can generate from the outside.

What to do?
If the scandal is not activated then well and good ... but if it is activated then ...

  • Don't show vulnerability
  • Don't panic
  • Don't talk about it too much
  • Don't make an over aggressive defense
  • All of the above are signs of guilt

In action

  • Clean yourself from the current deals that you have made and on future deals ...
  • Don't blow up tax payer money
  • Don't associate with local companies
  • Pool in resources into the economy
  • Benefit from the cash that you bring in

If you take the above precautions then you enter a zone where ...

  • Establishment Free. No Establishment influence in this zone.
  • Debt Free. Does not create debt.
  • Not tax payer money. You don’t blow up tax payer money thus they have nothing to investigate about.
  • Maximum security from corruption scandals. If the cash has not even reached US soil then what corruption scandal?

That’s why we keep saying ... stop playing local ... play international ... you are more powerful in this zone ... you are more safe in this zone ... and the benefits are more and secure.

Establishment Scandal List

  • Sex scandals – almost gone.
  • Russia Scandal - plain noise ... they have nothing on you ... it is just noise.
  • War Scandals - don't jump into wars ... use diplomacy and sanctions against enemies.
  • Corruption Scandals - don't tie up with Establishment Corporations ... especially in the fields of defense, oil and healthcare

The only issue that will remain is “Legals”
If you secure yourself from the above then the Est. can only create noise and play with legalities. They will have nothing on you. They will just try to trap you with legal procedures and investigations ... like they are doing with the Russia Scandal. They can still eliminate you using ... what you said and what you did not say ... via playing with legalities.

Hire American
Of course we will hire American ... you needn't even ask. We love America and Americans. A huge section of the work force will be Americans. But we cannot keep it cent percent American ... because the work is a little bit complicated. The project is:

  • Multi Layered
  • Multi Platform
  • Covering Multiple Fields

Certain topics in the project are very sensitive ... for example Satanic Crime, Issues with Judaism and Israel. The project is based in Istanbul, Belgrade, Kuala Lumpur and Moscow. But once the project is over ... we would like Americans to return to America having no legal issues whatsoever. We will eliminate the Establishment at every level possible ... but at the end of the day ... you still have 6 Million Jews living in America ... so, we don’t want our American staff to have any kind of issues when they return.

So, such sensitive topics will be covered by other candidates ... like Turks and Malays ... Turks have absolutely no issues in bashing Satanic Crime or issues in Judaism or Israel. Because Muslim countries are by default trained against such ideologies ... they have lifelong security. In fact, we will have several teams working with us ...

  • A full-fledged Russian team of researchers, investigators and journalists ... who will be working on the Eastern side regarding issues with Communism.
  • The American team will take care of the frontend operations in communications with the American audience ... this includes online channels, video content and also some tele-calling.
  • Law team will comprise of Russian, American and regional lawyers ... taking care of operations legalities and constitutional reform
  • Then we will have local teams who will provide the support base for the operations

But definitely Americans will form the core of the work.