11 Aug 2017
Trump’s Problems Ahead with North Korea
in America

Plan of Action was designed to stop WWIII
Before we get into the main topic for the day. Let me just clarify a few things. Some guys might try to mislead Trump saying that ... “hey, all of this aggression from the Establishment against us is only because of this guy’s plan of action. You are being demonized, your family is ridiculed and your Administration is being mocked only because of this guy’s plan of action. Let’s shove this guy aside ... join the Establishment and everything will be nice”. Lol.

Firstly, what you should know is ... we wrote the Plan of Action to take down the Establishment at all levels across America, Europe and also within Israel only because we know their widespread malice across the world and they were planning on creating World War III. We wrote that plan of action to stop WWIII. Had we not written that then there wouldn’t be an America to save and you wouldn’t be President today.

Secondly, because the war was stalled ... these guys freaked out. The Establishment freaked out on someone knowing all of the shit that they do and they freaked out on losing their chance to wipe out their malice via a massive war. But their monopoly still remains ... it is still intact. So what they are doing is ... using their control points to demonize, ridicule and eliminate any person who would obstruct World War III ... this includes President Trump, President Putin, Former President Obama and us.

  • President Trump. We already know what is going on with Trump and the scale of demonization via the Establishment media.
  • President Putin. During his re-election they tried to pull off massive protests and marches against his election. They are continuing the movement against Putin on the pretext of “corruption” and creating protests against him.
  • Former President Obama. He was stalled throughout his Presidency. They didn’t let him do anything.
  • Active Democracy. They have rattled several countries in order to stop our work.

This is the Establishment freaking out on losing control and on the rise of new elements ... that will not be puppeted by them. This is not how they predicted things to be. So, the issue is not about supporting us or not. The issue is do you want a Nuclear World War against Russia? Will you destroy America and Europe via a war against Russia? This is the current Establishment requirement. They know that Trump will not go nuclear against Russia. That’s why they are against you. They want to remove any and every obstacle that would obstruct this war. They see you as one of the biggest obstacles.

Is this war reasonable? Hell no, it is not. But this is the Establishment, as per their ideology we are just sheep and cattle. Destruction for us does not matter for them. They are more concerned about countries drowning in debt because of their malicious debt based policies. This war is supposed to be a cover up for their malice. This is the main ongoing game.

Turning Trump against Active Democracy
See, the main players in stopping this world war till date has been the Silent Majority, Obama, Putin, Active Democracy and Trump. I put your name last because you are the newcomer in the game. This has been an ongoing active plan since the past several years. The SM network has been immensely helpful in pulling strings to stop this war. Then the credit goes to Obama and Putin for understanding what is going on and playing the right cards. We showed them what is going on and stopped the war successfully.

And then came President Trump in the scene. The Establishment was already planning a lot of chaos under your Administration in the early months itself.

  • On the pretext of the deportation of 11 million immigrants ... which was your campaign promise. We successfully moved you to deporting “criminal immigrants” so that they could not capitalize this issue to turn the people against your Administration.
  • On the pretext of police violence. This is new issue that they have recently created ... where white policemen shoot black people. If they were racist, then they should also shoot Latin and Asian people also ... but no, they shoot only black people. Why? It is a pre-designed game to turn Blacks against the White Government. Asians and Latinos are not going to protest if one of them is shot ... but Blacks have the balls to protest. That’s why they are targeting Blacks.
  • Your border wall ... it’s good that you have delayed the construction for a while.
  • Radical Islam ... another artificial group that carries out activities as and when required.

All of these were designed to create full-fledged chaos at the Domestic level because they knew that we would stall all war related actions. But just because you understood what is going on ... because you were “alerted” of the Establishment’s mischief ... you were in a better position to make more intelligent decisions ... which is why you are standing there with a strong and stable economy with no chaos.

What is happening to the Establishment is that ... they are continuously failing in all of their major efforts to destabilize the country. They are failing again and again and again. So, their new tactics will be to break up the team. There are 4 important elements in this game against the Establishment ... SM, Trump, Putin and Active Democracy. They can’t take SM from us ... we have massive reach within SM ... we are connected with them since 17 years now. They can’t play shitty games and try to change equations within a few weeks. In fact, if the Establishment starts a shitty game, we are immediately alerted about it. SM is not one person that they can stop ... it is an entire massive network ... it is impossible for them to stop SM.

Then comes Putin and Kremlin ... we are strongly bonded with them because we have already given them a lot of fantastic advice which has put tens of billions into their economy. And we plan to remove all sanctions against Russia and take Russia to fantastic new heights. We have removed Russia from an Establishment isolation plan and given them a lot of friends in the East. We love Russia and Russians ... God willing, we will do great things for them.

Obama is out of the scene ... and you my dear friend, President Trump ... you are the new entry. So, to breakup this team ... they will try to turn you against us ... under some shitty pretext as tiny as it might be. Their aim is to breakup the team and facilitate this damn war that they have been wanting for so long. They will place or use people close to you to feed negative information about us. You have to play smarter here ... stop falling for every trap.

We support President Trump 100%
We will not tell you this again and again. We are not good at sucking up to anyone. We don’t care who you are. We suck up to no one. Mainly because our work cannot afford sucking up to anyone. We simply cannot do our work if we have to suck up to you.

Examples will help. You are the Captain ... the ship is in the middle of the sea. There is a hole in the ship ... water is filling up in the base of the ship. I am not the guy who will say that “you are the best Captain in the world and you have the best ship in the world” ... despite knowing the flaws in the ship. We fix systems ... which means we have to tell you about the flaws in the ship. So, we will tell you ... okay, there is a hole in the ship ... this is what you need to do to fix it and if you don’t then so and so will happen. This is our job. To show you the current flaws ... and we also show you the oncoming flaws.

Another example. I know of a coming hurricane towards your house. Should I tell you or not? I am the guy who tells you about the problem even before it appears in front of you. Is that good or bad? There is nothing wrong in being prepared for an oncoming problem. If the problem does not come ... then well and good ... but if it does then you are better prepared to handle it.

We told you in Jan itself that the Establishment is trying to impeach you. When you heard it first then it seemed unreal. But after months of ridicule, lawsuits, investigations and impeachment calls ... it does not seem so unreal now.

Threat and an Alert
There is a difference between a threat and an alert. A threat means that the person actually has the power to do you harm. I did not give you an “impeachment threat” ... I gave you an impeachment alert. Because there is someone else with malicious intent who are hurting your reputation and Presidency. An alert means that there is a “third party” who intends to do you harm.

A threat is not good ... but an alert is very good. A threat suppresses you ... an alert helps you prepare. We are “helping” you prepare for oncoming threats that no one will tell you. Our alerts have already helped save your Presidency in several ways till date.

Yes, we wrote an article “Trump remains incompetent while the Establishment consolidates”. This is an alert ... that the Establishment is consolidating its hold ... strengthening its influence ... and you have to get into action. Don’t allow people to twist it and turn it ... and push you down the drain. Because the moment you get detached from us ... there is no one who will tell you what is going on. And the Establishment will successfully push you in the wrong direction.

And the truth is ... if you don’t take any action against the Establishment then they will continue to hammer your ship. This is also not a threat ... it is an alert ... and it is the truth ... this is what’s going on. The good thing is that ... till date there is no hole in the ship. They are just hammering and creating noise. This Russia collusion and everything is just noise ... there was nothing illegal that was done. They have nothing against you ... which is why they are pushing you towards North Korea. With an attack on North Korea, they will get real stuff to hammer Trump. They will have something genuine to hammer you with.

Trump’s problems ahead with North Korea
This is something that no one will tell you. As of now, you are comparing “America” against North Korea. You are comparing American military might against North Korea. And what you are thinking is ... North Korea cannot do anything to America and we can wipe out North Korea.

But what you should realize is that ... you are the President for a very short duration of time. The Establishment’s plan is to first use the North Korea excuse to impeach you. Which means if you start the war this year then by next year you will be gone ... it has a 90% chance. Best case scenario is that you will get to complete the term ... it is nearly impossible to get re-elected with a nuclear war in your portfolio.

Hotel Business, Family and life after Presidency
What you should be thinking before starting a nuclear war with any “developed” country is ... your hotel business, your family and your life after Presidency. Like I said, you are not President forever. You are in the office just for a few years. Yes, America can defend itself from North Korea at any moment in time. But can you? The question is ... can you defend yourself from Koreans at any moment in time?

This is how it goes ... once you destroy a country ... they won’t be like ... “okay fine, we deserved it ... too bad for us.” The total population of Korea is 75 Million on both sides. All of them are not going to die in the war ... just a few million will die ... if 5 million will die then 70 million will live. Do you think they will not come after you once you destroy their country in a nuclear war?

George Bush went to Iraq ... after destroying the country ... he went there to make a speech. And the guy threw shoes at him ... this guy is claimed to be a hero for throwing shoes at Bush. But the thing with these Muslim countries is that ... they are very innocent in technology ... they can’t even make a television of their own or a car of their own. Ever heard of a car made in Iraq? So the best that they could come up with is ... throwing shoes at the guy who destroyed their country.

But Korea is a highly developed country ... with highly advanced weapons. Again, this is not against America. This is about you in person. Kim Jong Un wanted one guy dead in Malaysia. You know what he did ... they killed him using a spray can. There was nerve gas in the can ... they spread it on his face ... and the guy died within hours. Here is the article if you would like to read:


(This paragraph is not a threat ... it is an alert.) Why do you think they will spare you once you nuke their countries? Don’t you think they will come after your properties which are located around the world? Why do you think they will hesitate in coming after you or your family members? You are about to piss off 75 Million Koreans who are highly educated with access to high end technology. The devastation that a nuclear war will create ... they will come after you at any moment in time.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria Vs Koreas
If you see the list of countries that has been destroyed ... all of them are technologically backward. These countries could provide zero response to their destruction. The Establishment is pushing you towards North Korea because:

  • Firstly, they can easily impeach you ... using the pretext of destruction that you caused.
  • Secondly, the Establishment can use any Koreans from anywhere around the world ... just like they are designing “Radical Islamists” ... you will have “Radical Koreans” who are ready to take down your properties in response to “your war” against the Koreas.
  • Thirdly, even Trump or any of his family member is adversely affected (God forbid) by a Radical Korean ... then they will just call it an act of “revenge”. You already nuked their country ... they will not nuke it again just because they attacked some of your family members.

The Blame Target – President Donald J Trump
The first thing that you should see is ... before a war begins ... who are they blaming for the war? This is very very important if you want to understand how the Establishment will play its moves in the next phases. If you see all of their previous wars ... they have actively marketed either Radical Islam or Dictators. “Saddam has to go ... Gaddafi is a dictator ... Assad is a dictator ... we are fighting Islamic terrorism!” Since the past 16 years ... if you see the marketing patterns ... you will find the “blame target” even before the war begins.

In the case of North Korea, who is the Blame Target? Kim Jong Un is a crank and so was his father ... this is nothing new from North Korea. These missile tests and provocations are nothing new. Communist countries have always been viciously vocal against America. Maduro from Venezuela said “get off your piggy hands from my country!” Communist countries are Establishment designed and they hate America ... this has been ongoing since the past 100 years.

But the main person that is being marketed by the Establishment media is “Trump tweets this ... Trump threatens North Korea ... Trump did this ... Trump did that ... Trump sends missile defense systems ... Trump is flying jets in response ... Trump, Trump and Trump”. Who is going to be the main blame target for this war? It is going to be President Donald J Trump.

The poor South Korea is not even there in the equation. There is no news from South Korea. The entire blame for the destruction of both countries will be put on President Trump. Both Koreas will be united against Trump. And then the Establishment will very cleverly use it to:

  • Justify impeaching Trump
  • Justify attacks on Trump properties
  • Justify attacks on Trump and family members

All of these attacks will be justified as attacks by grieving victims of the nuclear war started by President Trump. This is the shitty side of being President and not King. If you were King then you would be King forever till you died ... and you would have lifelong protection. You would not have to run a hotel business after a few years. An attack on you would be an attack on the country.

But the shitty truth is that ... one way or the other ... you have to stop being President after a few years and then resume normal life and business. The last thing you want is your widespread hotel business ... which will be opening many new properties worldwide ... you don’t want it to be subject to the anger of millions of pissed off people ... people who are highly educated with access to highly advanced technology.

Right now, the only “bad guy” that the Establishment Media is promoting in the aggression against North Korea is ... Trump, Trump and Trump. Once you fall into this trap ... they will move ahead in eliminating you.

What to do?

  • Don’t fall for the trap. This is an open clear trap for your Presidency. It will endanger everything for you ... your Presidency, your properties and your loved ones.
  • Remove the negative idiots from the team. We focus on people based systems and we focus on eliminating Establishment malice. If you have team members who can give fantastic ideas to improvise systems ... then pull them in. If you have team members who can foresee and eliminate hurdles in the path ... then pull them in. But if you have idiots who only remain negative ... who worry more on personal attacks ... who have no vision or ideas for the people ... then boot these idiots from the team. They will serve as anchors ... they will only obstruct, stall the work and create friction. Eliminate all negative idiots from the team ... these guys don’t know shit ... can’t contribute anything ... and they will only stall.
  • Remove small minded idiots. Another type of anchors will be guys who are too small minded. We are about creating trillions in revenues for world economies. The Establishment will try to use some small minded idiots in order to show that $1 Billion for the project is too much. These guys can’t see beyond the numbers. We are going to create tens of thousands of millionaires and billionaires. If these guys can’t see one millionaire being created then how can they work on a project that creates tens of thousands of millionaires and billionaires? We can’t afford to stall the work with such small minded idiots. Please boot them.

Dealing with GCC Countries
There are mainly 3 reasons why sponsorship from GCC countries is being stalled.

  • Rattled Condition. Gulf countries are stalling mainly because they are seeing your rattled condition in America.
  • Backlash from the next guy. They fear supporting the project now because it might create a backlash from the next guy. So, they are kind of worried that you might fall and they would have to put up with the next guy who might not like the project.
  • Matrix Based Deviations. Just like the Establishment is trying to create friction between Trump and Active Democracy ... they have control points at many key places. What they tell about you is ... “why are you supporting a Muslim hater? The guy hates Islam and Muslims. Let him fall. Why should we finance a project that will make him one of the greatest leaders of the modern world?” All of this is mental voodoo being used to stall the sponsors.

What to do?

  • Confidence building. First build some confidence that you will remain President for at least one term and that you have things under control.
  • National Importance. Give them assurance that this project is of national importance for America and that even the next guy will support it. Because it greatly improvises the American economy and industries.
  • Contact Style. Don’t send them directly to my hotel. They will try once and tell you that ... “hey we went there and he was not there”. And then that becomes a nice excuse to stall. So, tell them to get in touch via email, mobile phone, WhatsApp or skype. You have all contact info. Don’t try just once and leave it. All of these communication lines can be controlled digitally. Tell them to repeatedly try ... till they get in touch ... and then setup a meeting.

Tips for Putin
Nah, China will not help. It is another communist country that we don't endorse. In the second phase, we are going to root out Communism. It will be done via diplomacy and sanctions ... all of them are peaceful measures but we will root them out. Taking finance from Communist countries is endorsing their governments. It will not help.

Lol ... I know there are not many people who would reject a billion dollars based upon the background of the donor but what to do ... the project is like that.

Try Muslim countries. All GCC countries including Qatar and Iraq. The good thing about Muslim countries is that they have the right ideological base to fight against Satanic crime. They will love to eliminate Israel's influence on America. (Excluding Iran that is ... Iran would be very keen in fighting against Israel ... but Iran has a lot of internal and ideological issues). Other than Iran, you can pick any other Muslim country in the world.