06 Aug 2017
Trump Remains Incompetent while the Establishment Consolidates
in America

President Trump remains totally incompetent ... unable to do anything to the Establishment ... while the Establishment consolidates its hold, stalls the opponents and misleads the Administration. Seven months into his Presidency, Trump has only been hammered by the Establishment and he has been on the receiving side mainly because of his inaction.

Well, Trump did take some action ... he was not totally inactive. But all of the actions that he took were to dodge himself from a forthcoming crisis that we had shown. None of his moves addressed the Establishment which is why he still remains under the hammer of the Establishment.

Proposed Approach
If you want to understand what the Establishment is doing then you should note this. Our basic approach in handling “Establishment malice” was this:

  • Unite America, Europe & Russia. Based upon the content that we published online ... the Establishment understood that we wanted to unite America, Europe and Russia in order to take down the Establishment elements.
  • Take down Establishment Systems. We proposed collective action in taking down Establishment monopoly in banks, media, business and politics in several countries.
  • Revolutionize Israel – Takeover Gold Reserves. We also published a clear idea of how Israel itself will be revolutionized and it would be very easy to take over the Banker’s Gold Reserves in Israel. Once the government is changed then we have access to the entire country. We could shut down all of the malicious biotechnology research labs and take over the gold reserves.

The above were the 3 basic steps that needed to be followed. How it would be done and how would each step be successfully carried out? That’s another detailed topic ... but this was the basic idea.

Establishment’s Counter Action
Now, look at our lovely Establishment’s counter action for the above proposed moves.

  • Federal Reserve – Moved gold to South China Sea. The first thing these guys did was ... fled with the gold. They deviated Obama against Russia ... maintained both of them in rivalry ... and moved their gold to South China Sea. This is about $500 Trillion worth of gold ... that is several ships fully loaded with gold. They need “islands” to stack so much gold out there. All of this gold is bought via the illicit money of other nations obtained via the Federal Reserve System.
  • Ready to terminate Israel. The main purpose of the creation of Israel was to store the reserves of the Bankers. Now, since we have reached a time where revolutions are pretty darn easy and Israel itself can be revolutionized, the security of their gold was threatened. That’s point number one. Secondly, we are not against Jews. Just like all men and women ... Jews are also are our fellow brothers and sisters who were born from the same Adam and Eve. They deserve their fair chance at life and true guidance. Thirdly, these guys are just exploiting the Common Jews for their benefit. All profits moves into the hands of a few Jewish Establishment families while the rest of the Common Jews are being simply used by them. If the Common Jews themselves would turn against this “Jewish Establishment” that has only been falsely brainwashing them and teaching them false hate against Christians and non-Jews ... then the entire state of Israel becomes a threat to the Establishment. So their solution is ... let’s terminate Israel itself ... let’s wipe out this junk that we have trained with a hateful ideology ... so that it helps us wipe out our malice. Which is why now Israel is keen on war with Syria and other neighbors despite knowing the fact that Syria is protected by Russia. They are ready to wipe out Israel itself.
  • Ridicule and Scandals of the Trump Presidency. Based upon our proposal ... we wanted to investigate, expose and take down the Establishment monopoly. Trump and Putin would be the key world leaders in getting this done. They took this proposal and reversed it against Trump and Putin. If you see the ongoing media agenda and politics in the world for the past one year ... then it has been mostly about demonizing Trump and Putin. They are carrying out every investigation possible, exposing every step possible and trying to take down the Trump Presidency & push away Russia with sanctions. They have piled up lawsuits, demonization and investigation teams against Trump.
  • Russia – Isolation and Sanctions. They know that when Russia gets involved it means ... result based action ... with no rigging or misleading or any other bullshit. Russia means direct result based action. If Russia joins the West then the game is over for the Establishment. So, what they have done is taken one move after another to maintain Russia’s isolation and continue with additional sanctions.
  • Russia – Promotion of the Communist Revolution. One of the key places where we would involve Russia was the “communist crimes and atrocities” committed against the Church, Christianity and Christians in the Soviet Union. This is one face of the Establishment that the Western world needs to know and they need to see. As a counter action of this move what they have done is ... they are running a program to “promote and remember the Communist Revolution” in Russia. They are carrying out remembrance programs to glorify the Communist Revolution and the Soviet Union ... on the pretext of its 100 year anniversary. Lol. Do you see how blatantly malicious these guys are? Mischief right under Putin’s nose.
  • Consolidating Communist Countries. Once we revolutionize America and Europe ... our program was to move towards Communist countries and revolutionize these countries. If you look at what’s going on in Venezuela, they are taking all of the measures possible to consolidate Communism via dictatorship in these countries.

Media, Politicians and Laws
Our simple approach was to use “media, politicians and laws” to combat the Establishment malice around the world. Now, if you observe ...

  • In how many media channels did we expose the Establishment malice?
  • How many politicians stood up against the Establishment?
  • How many laws were created against Establishment malice?

Well, the answer is ... nothing whatsoever. On the other hand, if you observe the activities of our lovely Establishment then this is what you get ...

  • Billions in media coverage to demonize Trump
  • Billions in media coverage to push away Russia
  • Active use of several media agencies and politicians for the same
  • Creation of laws to facilitate the above and also cripple the President’s powers to make changes
  • Internal promotion of Communism within Russia
  • Attempt to create laws to penalize and ban the BDS movement
  • Consolidation of Communist countries via new laws and regulations

While we sit there crying like whiny losers ... crying over the demonization ... crying over the investigations ... crying over false reports ... the Establishment is successfully taking rapid worldwide “result based action” in order to protect itself and consolidate its hold. So much for “winning” under the Trump Presidency. (We love you Trump ... but you are not winning ... you are losing right now.)

The truth about “jobs”
Trump is sitting there bragging about “jobs, jobs, jobs”. This is what you should know about “jobs”. The Establishment is running a “slave system” in America and Europe. All what Americans or Europeans can do is take up a freaking job. Almost all of the major industries and corporations are owned by the same Establishment. The job creation sounds good ... the stock market sounds good ... but at the end of the day all profits go to the same Establishment. It is a wealth drain system which is creating this debt in the country.

The Establishment itself doesn’t give a damn about jobs. Yes, the actual people who are getting these “profits” they don’t give a damn about it. Why? Because it is a malicious system that creates debt at a non-stop beat. Bill Clinton created 23.5 Million jobs and guess what ... the economy started plunging into $1 Trillion debt every year “after” this record breaking performance. Bush hid this fact about the national debt throughout his Presidency. After Bush’s 8 years, the country came to know that we are in $10 Trillion in debt.

Firstly, what you are bragging about is simply routine. If there is no war or insecurity then Americans will hire. Americans are not stupid ... they are the most educated and talented people in the world ... if there is safety and security ... they will hire and grow. Secondly, all major corporations are owned by the Establishment. Which means ... almost all profits are actually going to the very entity that demonizes and ridicules Trump and his family members. And lastly, jobs is not the solution for the current crisis. The Establishment wants war to terminate the West to cover up all of its malicious systems. This is the main reason for the Establishment to maintain the West against Russia. So that Russia is ready to terminate the West.

Not interested in working in the White House
Coming to some lighter topics ... we are not interested in working for the White House ... or for that matter anyone else. It is like telling Bill Gates, “ow you dropped out of school? Aww, so bad. Here is some money to go to school and I have a nice job for you as well. Now, give me your Microsoft program and all of your other programs. My company is better equipped to promote your programs.” Lol ... what do you think Bill Gates would say?

We are not among those boys and girls who fancy working in the White House. We have bigger and more important stuff to do. Moreover, you might make these requests because you have no understanding of what is going on and the parameters involved.

Bill Gates Vs Active Democracy
See, Bill Gates sold a program for an x amount. Bill Gates did not come to you and put $100 Billion in your economy and said give $1 Billion in commission. That is not how Bill Gates operates. Initially our program will generate trillions in revenues for America, Europe and Russia. And we have already proven it ... its not that it still remains to be proven ... we have already shown it in action. We have already put $400 Billion into the US economy via defense sales to Saudis and we have put tens of billions into the Russian economy via Syria and Iran. We have helped both sides.

White House Vs International Media Agency
Let me give you a preview of one or two issues involved in working at the White House. Let’s say if the work is done via the White House ... then we would be prone to all of the legal and media bullshit that they are putting Trump through.

  • Ah, Trump aides are meeting Russians
  • Ah, Trump aides are getting foreign funds
  • Ah, Trump aides are affecting American democracy via foreign influence
  • We would be open to all kinds of media backlash
  • We would be open to all kinds of legal scrutiny and action

But alternatively, if we do the work as an International Media Agency then

  • We don’t have to confine ourselves to American jurisdiction
  • We can place ourselves in any corner of the world
  • We can take finance from any entity and there is no law that prohibits us from the same
  • We can talk on any topic, endorse anyone and campaign for anyone ... there is no law that prohibits us from the same
  • We remain totally free legally, financially and politically

It is an all win strategy – legally, financially and politically
Legally if you see ... we are not against America or American interests. We love America. We want to make a great America. We are only against Establishment malice. But while we fight for America, it is terribly important to keep the operation safe from any legal Establishment malice. Which is why, it is important to use foreign bases.

Financially if you see ... everyone gets paid and it actually costs no one. We are putting hundreds of billions into the American economy ... it doesn’t cost you anything. If you ask Saudis to invest $1 Billion, we will put $2 Billion into their economy via another scheme. So, at the end of the day ... it costs nothing to the Saudis also ... in fact, they benefit from it. We get the finance for the work ... you get enormous finance into your economy and Saudis also profit from it. Everybody wins ... it costs no one anything.

Politically if you see ... you are the President ... you can give references. Just like you can recommend American companies, you can also recommend International Media Companies. You or your family members are not benefiting in this equation financially so it is totally safe for you politically. We wanted a reference and you helped us with a reference ... it is simple as that.

Tip for Putin
The Establishment wants war. We have already informed you about this before. And you have been observing their actions via sanctions and via some EU elements. As per their plans, this war should have already been taken place. This destruction should have already taken place. The problem with the Establishment is like “a knife being stuck into your arm”. If someone stabs a knife into your arm and it is stuck in your arm ... then what you would do is ... take out that knife and heal your wound. But if you take no action against that knife and allow it to remain in your arm ... then what will happen? If you ask the knife to go out of your arm then will it listen?

The knife is not going to listen to you. You have to take action. If you don’t take action then that knife will contaminate your arm ... if you take longer then that contamination will spread into other parts of your body. This is the exact state of Establishment malice in America and Europe. These countries are contaminated and they are about to fail. Which is why the “solution” that the Establishment is working on is ... termination via a war against Russia.

We are pushing Trump to coordinate for finance from the Saudis. You should also look into your contacts ... other than Iran that is ... we don’t want sponsorship from the Iranian government or its supporters. Maybe you can try Qatar. Trump is a nice guy and he will cooperate. Don’t think that you made a mistake by supporting Trump. He loves his country and I don’t think he wants the blame of a nuclear annihilation of America and Europe on his head. He has little understanding of the Establishment ... he has a long way to go ... but at the end of the day, he will be great. He will be a good friend of Russia. So, don’t hold the current sanctions bill against him. It was designed by the Establishment controlled Congress ... it was not designed by Trump.

We have to find ways to move ahead and not remain mere spectators or recipients of the Establishment schemes. We have to find ways to be more active legally, financially and politically. Don’t wait for Trump ... let him do what he can ... you need to pull your strings.