04 Aug 2017
Establishment Designing the “Knockout Punch” for Trump
in America

Trump does not know that the Establishment is actively working on designing the “knockout punch” for his Presidency. With the massive demonization of President Trump, his family, his team, his Administration and his policies ... along with 5 committees investigating Trump ... it should be very clear that the Establishment is viciously against Trump.

What the Establishment needs is a clear way to knockout Trump right now. They need something very powerful, true and verifiable ... good enough to knockout Trump. And that is exactly what they are designing right now.

Knockout via North Korea
Trump inherited a very healthy economy from Obama ... and the economy further strengthened under Trump’s MAGA message. This is something that Trump can openly boast about ... the job growth and a strong economy. And doesn’t matter how vicious the Establishment might be ... they cannot demonize Trump on this “fact”. The strong job growth is a fact ... they cannot dispute this fact. But what they can do is “change this fact”. They can rattle the economy, the stock market and the job growth very easily.

The moment Trump starts a war against North Korea ... it will be a nuclear war and the stock market will vaporize. Insecurity and instability will capture the markets. And these facts that Trump boasts about ... the strong economy, the job growth and the stock market ... all of that will be vaporized. These guys own the media ... they will create such fear and instability that it will rattle the entire market. The massive publicity of a nuclear war, the destruction, the deaths, the effects of radioactive elements on millions of people, the destruction of the entire Korean peninsula and the massacre of millions of people ... will destroy market and job growth.

These guys created one artificial group called ISIS ... they rattled the entire West and demonized an entire religion using their media control. Do you think they will let go the opportunity to trash Trump under a “nuclear war”? Forget about letting go ... they themselves are pulling you in this trap. They want to show that Trump is “mentally unfit to rule”.

Pointers that will be used to show that Trump is "mentally unfit to rule"

  • He is racist towards immigrants
  • He is racist towards Muslims
  • He is racist towards the Black people
  • He is vulgar towards women
  • He has a long list of sex scandals
  • He has a temperament issue
  • He uses vulgar and angry language with others

With all of the above ... now

  • He is starting Nuclear wars
  • He has destroyed the entire Korean Peninsula
  • He has got millions of people killed
  • We cannot trust power in the hands of such an unstable person
  • He needs to be impeached immediately

That's the impeachment strategy via North Korea. Don’t think that the economy is good ... the job growth is fine ... why should I get impeached? It does not work that way. They don’t care about jobs. War plans are much bigger than local companies. Bill Clinton created 23.5 million jobs. That is about 1.5 Million jobs every six months. You are bragging about creating 500K jobs till now ... Bill Clinton created 3 times more jobs every six months. They impeached Bill Clinton using just one investigator. They have put 5 investigation committees after you.

Bill Clinton did not start any nuclear war ... in fact, no one did till date. Don’t expect to maintain the economy after you start nuclear wars. Moreover, you will not only lose the economy ... but you will lose your Presidency itself. This is an active knockout punch being designed by the Establishment.

What happened to the threat from Iran?
If you remember during Obama second term, Iran was being promoted as the world’s most dangerous threat. Netanyahu was standing there in the UN, drawing illustrations of how the world is close to a massive threat. The media was demonizing Iran’s Nuclear Program at a non-stop beat. What happened? Why don’t we hear about Iran anymore? Why is Iran off the headlines? Lol.

Because all of these are nothing but shitty Establishment gimmicks run using their puppet politicians and Establishment media. What they actually wanted was to create a war against Russia using Iran. We stopped it successfully and the entire agenda disappeared from the news. No more crying about Iran, no more crying over its nuclear program, no more military action against Iran and the whole issue is out of the media and lives of the politicians.

Do NOT take advice from the Establishment Media
You are thinking that it is news ... but it is not news. The content that is run in the mainstream media is “Establishment agenda”. Do NOT take advice from the Establishment Media. Do NOT formulate any policy or action based on the content placed in the media. As long as 90% of the media is in the hands of the Establishment ... do not take their advice or lead. It will be nothing but an agenda ... and in this critical unstable season it will be a trap for the Presidency.

Knockout via Commission Deals
You fall for North Korea ... then it will be a blatant knockout ... no one can help you once you fall for that trap. That is one of the active knockout punch being designed. The second knockout punch that they are actively working on is via “Commission Deals”.

A King and a President
Let me tell you about the shitty side about being President. Being President is the highest position that you can reach in a democratic country. You get a lot of respect, fame and you go down in history for all of your major changes. Despite all of that ... you are still not King. The major difference between a King and a President is that ... the King is not answerable to anybody. He can do whatever shit he wants ... he can sign any deals ... he can benefit himself or his family in any way possible ... he owns the country and he can do whatever. There is no questioning, there is not stopping and there is no controlling ... for a King. Simply because ... he is the King and it is his country.

Here’s the thing about being President ... you might be holding the highest office in the country ... but despite that, you are a “public servant”. Yeah, the word “servant” sounds shitty ... but that’s the truth about government office and democracy. All government employees, including the President, are public servants. You are there to serve the people and not rule over them. Everything that you get as being President is paid for by the people. Your White House ... paid by the people ... your Secret Service ... paid by the people ... your Air Force One ... paid by the people ... the power in your hands ... given to you by the people. In reality, the people are at the top tier in a democracy ... and not the President. And the entire government is paid for by the people ... and they are meant to serve the people.

The Issue with Commission Deals
Now, since you are the President in a Democratic country that is paid for by the people ... then everything you do is open to scrutiny. Unlike a King, the President is open to full scrutiny at all times. All of your words, actions, policies and deals are open to scrutiny. Trust me, being a hotel owner was so much easier ... you could be the King in your hotel with no one to question your decisions or deals. But when you are the President of America then you are open to scrutiny by 300+ Million people. Anyone can question or scrutinize your policies or deals.

Radical Islam was the Cash Cow till date
Corruption exists ... not that it does not happen ... definitely it does. Radical Islam was the biggest cash cow till date for the Establishment. Using their puppet politicians, the Establishment blew up trillions of tax payer money in this bogus artificially created concept. The major reason we were losing against terrorism because it was a two sided game and it was the same entity controlling both sides.

Why do you think Hillary went on a talking tour once she left the State Department? She gets a multi-million dollar book deal and she gets paid $200K for each speech. She is making tens of millions in speeches. She is a liar and most people hate her. Why do you think all of a sudden companies want to pay ridiculous amounts in order to listen to her speeches? This is not talking fees ... it is “signing fees”.

She ravaged Libya and started the civil war in Syria ... giving hundreds of billions in revenue to the Establishment while she was in the State Department. The same Establishment channelizes cash into her account via book deals and paid speeches. The same goes with Obama ... $40 Million for a combo book deal ... and a whopping $400K for one speech. Who wants to listen to Obama and pay him half a million for just one speech after 8 years of inaction? Not just that ... once Hillary writes her book ... it will be shown among the top sellers on Amazon.com for several weeks. Tens of millions will be channelized into her account via “book sales”. It is the same Establishment using their other outlets to channelize cash into Hillary’s account.

And you can’t dispute it. She will say ... “hey, I wrote a book and got so many sales. I made a speech and the company paid me.” When Ivanka writes a book, it is demonized ... and when Hillary writes a book, she gets millions in sales. Lol. I bet Hillary is busy writing one more book. Why doesn’t anyone give Elizabeth Warren a $40 Million deal for her book? Why doesn’t anyone pay Elizabeth Warren $200K for one speech? She is immensely popular among the public ... people would love to hear from her ... why doesn’t she get these deals? Because she did not sign off hundreds of billions of tax payer money to this crappy Establishment.

The nice thing about Obama was that ... he stopped. He went out there and made one speech for $400K ... and when we pointed out that this is corruption money ... he immediately stopped. He might have made some deals but the good thing about Obamas is that they have a “conscience”. They have principles and they have a conscience. The chief at home might have kicked his ass and told him “we do not need this kind of money”. (Love you Michelle.) The nice thing about Obama is that he agreed. And when you look at Hillary GodDamn Clinton ... the people are pointing at the ridiculous charge of $200K for each speech ... the media is pointing it out ... the whole world is screaming at her ... “hey, why are you taking this ridiculous amount of money from the Wall Street companies?” ... our lovely Hillary doesn’t give a damn. Let the sky fall down ... she will still hold the bucks tight in her teeth and she will still make that damn speech. Totally cold and heartless with no conscience whatsoever ... got killed a million people and crawls for the cash on her hands and feet.

Establishment Suicide Elements
You should know about the concept of Establishment Suicide Elements. These are the people who risk and give their lives for the Establishment community. They brainwash Jewish people ... show Christians and other non-Jews as haters who have burnt Jews alive for witchcraft. They train people to do whatever it is required to secure the Jewish community. Such people are loved, showered in cash and given a lot of respect ... even though their actual actions might be totally low and cheesy.

An example of an Establishment Suicide Element is ... Monica Lewinsky. She was a Jew tasked with a mighty objective of scandalizing the President of the United States. What she did was totally cheesy ... but because of what she did ... she got a lot of fame, money and respect from the Establishment community. They helped her capitalize on this scandal in every way possible ... right from exclusive interviews, book deals and speeches.

Now, what you should know my dear friend, President Donald J Trump ... the Establishment is already working on a concept that “you are in it for the money” ... that you are keen in commission deals.

  • You are ready to make more nukes
  • You are ready to make more ships and expand military
  • You are actively investing tens of billions more in weapons and defense
  • You are eager to sign off on massive healthcare deals
  • You are eager to expand the military in Afghanistan
  • You were ready to go into Syria. You stopped only because of Russian presence.
  • You are eager to move into North Korea. You have already sent missile defense systems there.

All of the above are massive schemes costing hundreds of billions. Here is where comes the problem ... just like they placed Monica Lewinsky ... they can place another suicide element in these deals. A suicide element does not have to be a sex scandal. It can be any Establishment puppet. The only thing it caters to is the Establishment plan. They are already leaking your private phone calls, memos and private conversations. The moment they activate this “commission deals scandal” ... they will start leaking info on all of your deals. This is an active ongoing scheme ... they are just waiting for enough data.

How the scheme works
Just like in a sex scandal ... you can’t have a sex scandal with just one woman. They have to show multiple occasions. If they can expose multiple occasions of activity with multiple women ... then that’s the knockout punch. If the issue is with only one or two women ... then it can be discarded off. They can show that the woman was faulty ... that she had bad intentions ... and since it was a one-time thing ... it can be discarded. Moreover, it will alert the person that this issue can be used to create a scandal. The person will take precautionary measures and it would actually secure the person. But if you allow him to carry out the activity with several women ... that’s where you get the knockout punch.

If you apply the same scheme on commission scandals ... if they alert you with only one deal ... then you will get away with it and you will take precautionary measures. But if they entice you and help you make several commissions deals ... and then hit you with this scandal ... where they can show that you are taking commissions on several occasions on several deals ... then that’s a knockout punch.

Proving “Make America Great Again” is a lie
What the Establishment will successfully do is prove your slogan of “Make America Great Again” is nothing but a lie. Here is why it will be a major crisis:

  • Corruption. Firstly, it is a legal case of corruption.
  • Tax Payer Money. You are pocketing tax payer money.
  • $20 Trillion Debt Crisis. Secondly, you were pocketing the people’s tax money while the country is in a debt crisis of more than $20 Trillion.
  • Multiple Counts of Corruption Cases. They will not expose details of only one deal ... but with the spy system that they have setup ... they can leak info on several deals showing multiple counts of corruption cases.
  • MAGA. That too ... if you did all of this when your campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again” ... this means an utter total disaster of the very name Trump.

Mueller has already been put on the Money Trail
See, if it was about the Russia scandal then he should have limited himself to that particular topic. Why are they talking about a “money trail”? Why are they investigating your deals? It clearly shows that they are not interested in the Russia scandal at all. Russia scandal was only one way to demonize and rattle Trump. They need any excuse to eliminate your Presidency ... whatever it might be.

As long as this Establishment remains intact ... as long as their systems remain intact ... they can make your life as hell. They will keep on bothering you with one shitty thing or the other. With the tools that they have ... they can track every single thing that you do ... they can track every deal that you sign. This is a major “active” knockout punch that the Establishment is working on. You have to be very very careful in all of your deals. If the Establishment successfully starts leaking your commission based deals ... then that’s the end. There is no one who will stand up for you and no one can save you.

This is the main reason we said ... root them out ... don’t play their games ... just root them out. If you take no action in rooting them out then you will be the recipient of their games and systems.