02 Aug 2017
Dealing with the Russia Sanctions Bill
in America

Here are some tips on dealing with the Russia Sanctions Bill at the domestic and international levels.

At the Domestic Level

Prolong it as much as possible
What the Establishment is trying to show you here is ... we are superior than you ... we have the Congress under our control ... we run the country and not you. They are trying to surpass you ... so what you can do at the Domestic level is ... use the longest curve possible to sign the bill.

Sit with your legal experts and put the bill through repeated cycles with one excuse or the other. You don’t have to cite the Russia sanctions excuse to send the bill back into the Congress. Don’t say that you oppose the bill ... tell them that it needs to be better. Tell them that the sanctions on North Korea and Iran are not good enough. Tell them to improvise on North Korea sanctions ... because North Korea is led by a crazy guy ... the world knows it and we need to find better ways of controlling North Korea.

So send it back into the Congress and tell them to find better ways of controlling North Korea. Don't sign it ... just send it back ... but with a "genuine reason" with the concern about North Korea. Make sure they spend time in debating and designing new alterations to the bill.

When they revise that ... then send it back with concern about Iran. And then send it back with another concern. Try to pick genuine concerns that are debatable and it should take thinking time and consume debate time. Try to pull in some Republicans to support these revisions. Maintain the bill in cycles for as long as possible.

Design the Weakest Implementation Possible
You are the Head of the Executive Department. Doesn't matter what law is passed by the Congress ... you are the one who will implement it. The Congress has no Executive Authority. And you have even more control when it comes to the International Affairs. Doesn't matter what bill they sign ... being the President and the Head of the Executive Department ... you are the one who will actually execute that law.

You can put just one guy who will oversee those procedures or you can put a team of people who will take care of it. You can put a super pro-Russian team into place who will find every way to implement the law in its weakest form possible ... lol ... and actually help Russia in dodging these laws. First let them go through several cycles of revisions and discussions ... and then design the weakest implementation possible.

So that Russia knows that, you are the President and you are in charge and you have things under control ... and you are taking care of mutual interests. This is very important for you. They are already rattling your Presidency at the domestic level ... we simply cannot allow them to control International Affairs ... this is our arena. We have to show full authority and control here.

At the International Level

Connect with affected EU leaders
Give them full authority and support them to oppose these laws passed by the Congress.

Support them in the EU Commission
Support all actions coming from the EU Commission.

State Department
Give them full support from the State Department to shoot down these laws.

United Nations
Provide full support at the UN level in terminating these laws.

This is very important for your Presidency. Don’t give in and don’t give up just because the Establishment is controlling most of the Congress. This is something that is expected. You have to match their moves ... they are pulling diplomatic tactics ... you also need to pull diplomatic tactics. Being the President of the United States, you have a strong control in the International Arena. There is a vast array of tactics that you can pull.