30 Jul 2017
Trump will lose in the Investigations and Legal Process
in America

Trump is focusing on the Senate votes. He wants 60 votes to pass bills. What he does not know is that ... he will lose in the investigations and legal process. Focusing on Senate votes is like busy preparing tea while a wolf is chewing on one of your leg. What is more important? Making tea or getting rid of the wolf & securing yourself?

Well, the good thing is ... you are learning and acting on it. But it is still too slow and too less when compared to the moves of the Establishment. All of the moves that you are making are “solo” efforts. This is your biggest disadvantage and it will continue to remain your biggest disadvantage. Because most of the network is controlled by the Establishment. While you make solo efforts, the Establishment makes “network” based efforts ... giving them an upper hand at all times. In fact, this network makes them a 1,000 times stronger than the President itself.

You are good. It’s not that you are not good. We love your resilience. We love how you always come back to your feet and continue to fight ... doesn’t matter how you are being trashed, ridiculed, scandalized and stomped upon. You still stand up and fight with whatever you have got. And that’s something totally lovable. You have the killer instinct and you have the fight in you. That’s exactly what’s needed at this moment in time. Someone who can fight against all odds ... doesn’t matter who the hell is standing against him.

But the problem is ... the Establishment functions like a network ... this network becomes like waves of the sea. Doesn’t matter how strong the ship is ... it can be drowned. It can be the most glorious ship ever ... the most powerful and whatever ... but at the end of the day ... it is a ship and it can be drowned. If the sea decides that this ship needs to go down then who will protect you? You will have waves hitting your ship from all directions ... all it needs is ... one strong wave and you are down.

This is the existing equation right now ... between the Establishment Network and the President. If you don’t change this equation then no one will be able to help you ... you will be gone one way or the other. Why do you think we are continuously telling you ... break the monopoly, break the monopoly, break the monopoly. Break this network ... so that you can eliminate their influence on the waters.

What we have basically done is ... we have put a conscience in the water that forms the waves. The water is SM ... we have told this water not to listen to the Sea. We have shown this water how it is being exploited for the benefit of just one entity. We have turned the water against the Sea. If the water itself protects the ship then the Sea can’t do shit.

But when it comes to protecting the President in America ... the influence of the water is very limited. Most of the key points are controlled by the Establishment. SM is eager to help you ... but they can’t if you will not break the network. If you will not make any move to break the network then how will SM help you? We love you and we want to protect you ... but we cannot do it until and unless you start taking the moves to break the network. That’s where SM will rise for you.

Establishment Network and SM do not exist
Some elements will tell you that ... Establishment Network does not exist ... SM does not exist. This is another misleading technique. You yourself and go ahead and verify. Check that 90% of the US Media is owned by only 6 Corporations. And all ownership is among the Jewish Establishment. This is your Establishment layer. If you look at their entire staff ... all of them are American Christians ... this is your SM. It is very simple to see.

They do not exist as actual real entities ... because the whole thing is a criminal setup. Most of their activities are illegal and criminal in nature. Details later.

Hardcore Evidence
We already told you in Jan 2017 itself that the Establishment is trying to impeach you and they are on a terribly fast track for the same. If you had taken action at that time then by now you would be winning. But you have only allowed:

  • Continuous demonization and ridicule of your Presidency
  • You do not get support from your own party. No Republican fights for you. Everyone knows that you are visitor in the White House. Nobody wants to risk their seat and political career by fighting for you.
  • No support from the media except for some shows on Fox. The entire Establishment Media is hammering you. This hammering is done only to justify the forthcoming impeachment. So that if tomorrow Trump is impeached ... everybody knows that it was well deserved and nobody feels bad for you. This is the main purpose of the demonization of the Trump, his Presidency, family and Administration.
  • No support from Hollywood and Celebrities. Forget about supporting Trump ... they have abandoned you and they make fun of you at every chance they get. Why? Overwhelming Jewish Establishment influence in this industry. Nobody wants to support Trump and ruin his career.
  • Lawsuits and Investigations. You have a pile of lawsuits and several investigations opened against you. All they needed is just one investigator to ruin Bill Clinton. They have put 5 committees investigating you. They are hell bent on impeaching you.

Just by seeing the media response to your Presidency ... we told you that this would happen. We told you that you are on a fast track to impeachment. Today the investigations have reached your closest family members ... including your son and son-in-law. You are just two steps away from impeachment. All they need is to call you in an investigation and prove one answer as wrong ... and that will put an end to your Presidency.

You are making solo efforts ... you are revamping the West Wing ... its good ... but you have no influence in Intelligence and Legals. They outmatch you by a 1000 times. Doesn’t matter what changes you bring in the West Wing ... it is still small changes within the ship ... they still control the massive waters around you.

What to do? How to turn the waters in your favor?
The only way you can eliminate all of these lawsuits, investigations and aggression against your Presidency is by ... turning the waters in your favor. If you have the waters protecting you then screw the intentions of the Sea. You will control the Sea and the waters will work with you.

You need the right policies
Firstly and most importantly ... you need the right policies. This is not the time for routine politics. You have to be revolutionary. Do NOT follow the Establishment’s self-benefiting schemes.

  • Misleading in Wars. Arms industries will come and try to bribe you ... “hey, let’s bomb North Korea. The war will get us arms sales worth a few hundred billion. We will give you commission of 2-3 Billion on the side”. Do not fall for this crap. It will be a nuclear war and it will be a major disaster that will be used to instantly impeach you. You can forget about those commissions “on the side” because they will put a microscope on every deal that you have signed. They are leaking your private phone calls and conversations ... you think that they will not look into your deals?
  • Misleading in blowing up Tax Payer Money. All of the current schemes that the Establishment runs in America only blow up tax payer money by the trillions. This includes military, healthcare, oil and everything else. It is a totally shitty system that is not worth following or continuing. If they are offering you commissions on signing off shitty deals in military expansion or healthcare or oil ... do not fall for those tiny bits of commission.
  • Do NOT continue the same System. You are a popular candidate. No doubt about that. You are 10 times more popular than Obama. But getting 100K people to like your tweets is not enough. There are 300 Million people who need the right policies and systems that will change their lives. If you continue the same crap ... start the same crappy wars ... blow up tax payer money on military expansion and shitty healthcare ... why will anyone support you? How are you any different?

100K people like your tweets ... but there are 300 Million people who are fed up of the shit that is going around. They want change. If Trump is going to continue the same crappy systems ... we are already in $20 Trillion debt because of these systems ... imagine the debt by the end of your Presidency ... that is, if you successfully complete the first term.

With the policies that you have right now ... nobody is fighting for you. Nobody is standing up for you. The only people who support you are your employees. You are totally solo ... hammered from all sides. You need to respond to a system with a system. You need thousands of entities to fight for you. They will fight for you only if you give them fantastic revolutionary policies that will change their lives. You have to be worth being fought for. That’s exactly what we will be giving you. We will give you fantastic and fabulous policies that will put people on the streets and they will fight and protect Trump.

This is what you get with our policies:

  • Celebrities will line up to fight for Trump. Can you imagine that? Right now in Hollywood, Trump equals Trash. Right now if you reach out to any celebrity for support ... they will just laugh at you. But with our policies, celebrities will love you and they will line up to fight for you.
  • Hundreds of Media Outlets in your favor ... fighting for you and your policies. This media ridicule and demonization will get its deserving response. You will get a long list of media outlets fighting for you and protecting you.
  • Thousands of Churches. Christian leaders and thousands of Churches across America will support you and fight for you.
  • Thousands of Universities will love you and support you. You will be a sensation in the college youth.
  • All of the above networks will pull the entire nation in your favor. The Establishment will be toast. All of these lawsuits and investigations will be rooted out. You will be safe, secure and a fantastic President.

Right now, you are doing nothing different. Eager to bomb North Korea, eager to sign shitty health care and blowing up additional cash on the already ridiculously expensive military. If you have to Make America Great Again ... then you have to do something different. You are only incrementing on the crappy ongoing systems. What are you doing anything different? Your MAGA message becomes a totally false message. If you think that this is how politics is supposed to function ... make nice speeches and do what you want to do ... trust me, this is not the time for routine politics. You yourself are neck deep in traps. Any time you can be eliminated.

Why do you think Russia is saying that “time is running out”?
Because they are seeing that your Presidency is crumbling under Establishment attacks and there are very less chances of your survival. Time is not running out for Putin or Russia. The guy has 80% approval ratings and Russia in a colossal superpower. Time is running out for “President Trump”. If you think 100K likes on your tweets will save your Presidency then you are grossly mistaken. Russia is already preparing for “alternate options” just in case Trump gets booted.

You have shown no authority in controlling the media or your image or even the legal departments. Lowest approval ratings, massive demonization among the public and with your closest family members under investigation. This is the status of the Trump Presidency that the International leaders are seeing. Nobody thinks that you will survive for long ... including your own Republican Party. And it is the truth ... if you do nothing about the network around you then you will not survive for long.

Crisis needs Cool Headed Diplomacy
Yes, it is a time of crisis. You need cool headed diplomacy. But being cool headed does not mean that you ignore the problem all together ... being cool headed does not mean ignoring the wolf that is biting on your leg. It means that you have to “take action” via diplomatic tactics. You are the freaking President of the United States ... you have immense power at your disposal. You have to activate the right control points to handle the crisis.

And the first thing in taking action is:

  • Stop Establishment elements from misleading you.
  • Don’t allow them to misdirect you
  • Don’t allow them assume that the problem does not even exist
  • And don’t take advice from guys who don’t know shit

Neurosurgery using a kitchen knife
I gave this example to Obama also. Establishment elements will try to mislead you like this ... “why do you need Active Democracy? You are the President of the United States! You should lead. You should be great! People should like you! You take the info and you do it!”

You know what that is ... it is like going into the hospital and telling the neurosurgeon ... “excuse me, I am the President ... I am more powerful than you ... I want to perform this neurosurgery ... because I want people to know that I am great.” That’s exactly what this is. Would you go to a hospital and start performing neurosurgery or heart surgeries ... because you are the President and people should praise you? That’s how foolish this is.

You are the President ... your job is to setup state-of-the-art hospitals and help the doctors perform as good as they can. That is your job. If stunning hospitals are setup and they are benefiting thousands of people ... then the credit goes to you ... that under your Administration these hospitals were setup and the people benefited from them. This is how it is supposed to function. Establishment already knows this ... they know this very well ... they know that this is how it is supposed to operate and they know that it will work very well. But they push the President to do the neurosurgery because they know that this is how they can fail the operation and smack down the President. That’s how Obama got smacked down.

The Mental Voodoo behind $1 Billion
These guys function like Satan ... Satan is their guide and savior. If they have to do something ... then they will think “what will Satan do in this scenario”? The misleading techniques that they come up with replicate Satan’s behavior. Just like Satan sits there misleading you in every step using several different angles ... that’s exactly how these guys function.

Firstly, they told Obama ... “no, no, no ... you be great ... you go ahead and perform the neurosurgery.” And then they will also show that ... “ow my God. This project requires $1 Billion?? Do you know how many people can you hire in that amount?” Yes, you can hire a lot of people ... but there is a difference between a butcher and a surgeon. Both of them use knives ... one guy charges you $10 and another guy charges $10,000. Can you tell a surgeon ... “hello, excuse me ... all you are doing is using a knife ... but my butcher charges me $10 and I get 1kg meat in return as well. For $10,000 I can get 1000 Kg of meat. You give us no meat and charge us a whopping $10,000?” Can you tell this to a heart surgeon?

Can you hire 1,000 programmers and media guys and expect them to perform a heart or neurosurgery? Doesn’t matter what staff or advisers you hire ... if they don’t know what the hell is going on then they can’t do shit for you. That’s point number one.

Website Support – Online Emergency Care
The second point is that ... our website support is more like online emergency care. You call 911 and they will tell you on the phone what not to do to put your life in danger. That’s exactly what we are doing using web support. We are showing you where the mines are kept and showing you how they are trying to blow you up. It’s like playing minesweeper. The Establishment has placed several traps around you ... the only thing we can do via web support is ... show you the forthcoming trap that will destroy your Presidency or your country. That’s how we were able to stop the wars.

You are keen on North Korea ... but North Korea is an impeachment trap. They want to show that Trump is mentally unfit to be President. “The guy is starting nuclear wars ... he is not stable ... let’s boot him”. That’s the Establishment strategy. See ... in 3 lines we exposed a war plan. This is something we can easily do via web support. But here is the deviation ... what the Establishment will tell you is ... “just listen to what he says and follow copy paste greatness”. This is like telling a guy who needs a heart surgery to remain with 911 on the phone and never go to a hospital. What will happen to you if you have a severe heart condition and you just take some online advice that tells not to step on a mine? You will save yourself from the mine but eventually your heart condition will destroy you. That’s exactly what the Establishment wants to happen for America and Europe. They want these countries to be destroyed.

Which is why they will say ... “no, no, no ... don’t contact Active Democracy ... just remain on online support and be great”. It is not being great ... it is maintaining yourself on the path of destruction. They know that the moment you get in touch with us ... everything starts changing ... and it will be so terribly difficult for them to stop us after that.

Megyn Kelly makes $20 Million per year
They try to fool you and show $1 Billion to be very enormous. But the truth is that ... the expense per year is only $200 Million on the project. We charge 10% of that ... which comes to $20 Million per year. So all in all ... we are charging what a news anchor is being paid in America. All she had to do was trash Trump and she was being paid $20 million per year.

  • She did not have to save the country
  • She did not have to stop world wars
  • She did not have to expose any exploitation system
  • She did not have the responsibility to revolutionize the country
  • She did not have to eliminate the debt
  • She did not have to take the country to fantastic new heights
  • She didn’t have to make history

All she did was trash Trump and she was being paid $20 Million per year. We are doing all of the above and more ... and the Establishment tries to create mental voodoo to show it as enormously expensive. What is this? This is nothing but mental voodoo bullshit.

Common Sense and ROI
Let me show you this from another angle. If a guy says ... give me $1 Million and I will return $2 Million as returns on your investment. Does that sound like a good ROI? You are getting 100% ROI in this case. If he says ... give me $1 Million and I will give you $10 Million as ROI ... is that good? If a guy says ... give me $1 Million and I will give you $100 Million as ROI ... is that good from a business perspective? If the guy is giving you 100 times in return ... what does your commonsense say? Is that good or not?

Let me show you some mathematics and politics. Initially, the “candidate Trump” was totally anti-Muslim and anti-Islam. He thought Islam teaches hate and Muslims follow an evil ideology. He thought Saudi Arabia was involved in 911. He was thinking of cutting off buying oil from the Saudis and sue them for 911. This was his initial position.

But we worked for about one year ... trying to show Team Trump and President Trump where the main culprits are ... and who is taking down his Presidency and the country. We showed him that GCC countries will his strongest allies in this fight against the Establishment. We showed him that he was being misled ... he was looking at friends as if they were foes.

Our work resulted in the investment of $400 Billion into the US economy plus $20 Billion additional in American Infrastructure investment. If you take 1% of $400Billion ... it comes out to $4 Billion. With the ratio of 1:100 ... President Trump already owes us $4 Billion for our work. It is we who made it happen ... it is because of our guidance and work that you got this deal. You owe us $4 Billion already. Lol.

This is simple commonsense. If someone’s work is resulting in hundreds of billions of investments and benefit for you ... then you can’t give him even 1%? Technically, we need to also charge the Saudis 1% ... they got a historic deal which would have never got without our work. So, if you see the benefits that both countries achieved ... we should have got $8 Billion in total.

But are we asking for that much? We are not asking for 1% on every billion that comes into your economy. Because with our work ... we will be generating revenue by the trillions in the American, European and Russian economies. If we took 1% share then our billing would go into hundreds of billions every year. We don’t want to cost so much to the people. We want the people to benefit from us ... we don’t want to be a major cost for the people.

We are requesting a tiny $1 Billion ... that is just 1% of the first $100 Billion ... and out of that $1 Billion also ... we charging a tiny 10% as fees. The rest of the amount is used to do the work. So technically, we are charging a small portion of that 1%. It is a very very less amount ... compared to the enormous amounts of benefit that we channelize into the economies. And we already have shown results. Not only you ... even Russia has got tens of billions in investments and arms sales because of our work. (But Putin has been super cooperative ... he had already got me a billionaire investor ... but we did not want finance from the Iranian government or its supporters.)

But what our lovely Establishment does is ... they portray things as totally the opposite. They will ask you to hold a kitchen knife and operate on your own heart. “Ow, ow ... the problem is in the heart? So, we need to cut the heart and take out the problem? Okay we got it. We got it! We have kitchen knife and we are going to cut it open.” This is how they are addressing the issues with monopoly in politics, media, banks and business. They are ready to cut open the heart, the brain and other organs with a kitchen knife.

That’s what they did with Obama. “Ow yeah? The Federal Reserve is the problem? Let’s audit it! We got it! We know where the problem is. We will fix it. We will audit the Federal Reserve!” After a few years ... the entire thing is a total failure ... and Obama sheepishly says, “we tried ... it didn’t work”. Lol. I am like ... who the hell asked you to operate using a kitchen knife?

President Trump: We are the only ones who can help you with this. We are the only ones other than God who can fix this. If you are thinking that hiring any other guy within America will be able to help you ... then you are grossly mistaken. If there was someone who knew these issues ... then he would easily predict the forthcoming wars ... he would have stood up and approached Obama already. There is no one else who will be able to help you. Get in touch before you get impeached.

You will get your chance to be a glorious President ... else the Establishment plans to stomp you out and scrutinize each and every deal that you have signed. The Trump name can be the most historic name or it could also be the most embarrassing thing for America. Look around yourself ... you are already on the embarrassing track. Want to change tracks? Get in touch ... sooner the better.

Power, Media, Finance and Technology
Maintain good relations with Russia. Provide support for Russia via EU and UN. You will need a major combination of power, media, finance and technology in order to combat the Establishment. Stop taking advice from idiots who don’t know shit.

  • Power. You need massive international support. Including EU, Russia and GCC.
  • Media. You need hundreds of media outlets in your favor.
  • Finance. The $1 Billion is just to launch the work. Apart from that we have to channelize hundreds of billions into the US economy to change the system. You need to have a plan for that. And guess what, Muslim countries will channelize this. We will show you how.
  • Technology. You will need Russia and Germany to combat the Establishment on the technological front.

Keep your mind open in all of the above 4 aspects in order to win. Without us ... doesn’t matter what you do ... you will lose ... because you nor your advisers understand the system ... your activities will be terribly limited. You are already losing ... you are neck deep in trouble and you are about to be eliminated. Get in touch ... play smart ... play diplomatic and you will win.