28 Jul 2017
Technology Intrusion, the Extraction Module and Brain Mapping
in America

Technology Intrusion

So, let’s give Trump an intro to some of the Establishment’s Modules. Let’s start off with the “leaks”. The leaks seem to be bothering Trump a lot. What you should understand is ... these leaks are not via a person ... these leaks are via “technology”.

You are simply wasting your time if you are trying to find the person who is making the leaks. This is one of the major disadvantages you will face against the Establishment. Via their corporate monopoly they are owning the best technology and research firms. They have setup high-end biotechnological research labs in Israel that continuously work on “criminal” techniques that can be run in plain sight.

This is technology superiority. This is one of the main reasons we need to break down the corporate monopoly so that it facilitates the distribution of technology and research in different hands. We told you before ... the technology that they have ... it helps them track everything that goes on in the room ... simply via using electricity. Not only they can see and hear what is going on in the room ... but they even know what you are thinking about. Read below on Brain Mapping.

So, if anyone is telling you that these leaks are via this person or that person ... then that guy doesn’t know shit what is going on. Moreover, trying to stop these leaks should not be your priority. Because ... firstly, you will not have the technology to understand the leaks and secondly, it will create doubt and chaos in your team. No one will be able to work for you if you doubt everyone.

The better way to handle leaks is that ... instead of doubting everyone around you ... make sure that you do and say everything that is right. If you do or say something that is wrong ... and it is leaked ... then that is a problem for you. But if you never do or say anything wrong ... then doesn’t matter if they leak or not ... you will be right all the time. This is how you combat leaks.

  • Make sure you say everything that is right
  • Make sure you do everything that is right
  • Doesn’t matter in which room you are in
  • Doesn’t matter with whom you are with
  • Doesn’t matter what mode of technology you are using (personal conversation, phone, email, twitter or whatever)
  • And avoid hiring Establishment related personnel

Follow the above ... it will help you contain the leak scenario to a great extent. How the establishment functions for leaks is that:

  • They track everything that is going on ... this is a criminal intrusion via technology. This technology cannot be known.
  • So, they pick any person ... it can be any person among the thousands of employees around you. And they will channelize that information via that person. “So and so person heard Trump discuss this ... so and so friend ... so and so colleague ... or even undisclosed sources.”

The second step is used to channelize the information via a “normal route” that can be explained via normal means to the public. So, the leaker is just the frontend guy. The Establishment technology is the main backend source that tracks everything. Doesn’t matter who you fire ... there will always be a guy that can be used to channelize the leaks.

Why do you think we are asking you to work with Russia for security and technology? You think we need Russia only for hosting the site? Even Sri Lanka can provide web hosting technology. You need Germany and Russia to fight off this Establishment Technology at various levels. You are bothered just about leaks ... there is a lot of trash being done out there “via technology” by this very Establishment. Currently, we are not able to stop them because we do not have the toolsets to detect and stop this activity.

Do you know why the Obama’s were growing their own vegetables? Lol.
See ... she is the First Lady, right? Among all things in the world ... she likes gardening. Okay fine, there is no problem in liking gardening. If you like gardening ... then you would be interested in planting the most fantastic flowers and exotic plant species ... you know, something stunning. But what our lovely First Lady was doing was ... growing vegetables. (With all due respect, we love you Michelle!). Now, why do you think that the First Lady ... among all things in the world ... was growing vegetables which happen to be the cheapest items in the supermarket?

Were the vegetables in the market not fresh enough for the First Lady? Lol. It is not about being fresh ... it is about being “right”. It is not just that the First Lady is doing this ... there are many celebrities who are doing the same ... growing their own vegetables. They get rich ... they buy a ranch ... and then guess what? They are growing vegetables ... as if we are living in the stone ages where we need to do our own farming. Do you know what is going on out there?

You are bothered about simple leaks ... but everyday Americans are bothered about the daily products in their lives ... which are being tweaked via “technology” by the same Establishment. Now, no one can say that ... “hey, potatoes that I bought are not good ... the carrots are doing weird stuff to my body ... these vegetables don’t have vitamins and energy in them”. If someone says this ... then you would call them crazy. Because they are just potatoes ... in the supermarket ... that everyone has access to ... and you have absolutely no tools to detect what has been done to those items.

So, if you talk about it then you are crazy. The only way to protect yourself from these “tweaked items” is ... grow your own vegetables. And if you ask them ... why are you using this expensive land to grow something as cheap as vegetables ... then they will just give plain answers like ... “I like gardening ... I love fresh vegetables ... I like to eat healthy and fresh.” This is what the rich kids can do ... grow their own vegetables ... because they have their own land for the same. The rest of the common Americans are subject to whatever is placed in the market. These guys are criminals and they are surpassing us via technology. If you want to respond to them ... then one of the key elements you will need is high-end technology support. Which is why you have to keep Russia and Germany very close. Both of them are super good in technology. You will get to know more about their malice via technology when we start breaking the corporate monopoly.

Extraction Module
Let me give you some info on the “extraction module”. What is the extraction module? It works something like this ... just like they are tracking all of your activity in the White House ... our lovely Establishment tracks the activity of the common people as well. They focus on the “person of interest” ... he could be a scientist or researcher or programmer or inventor or whatever. These guys are criminals and stealing is routine for them. It’s a God given right for them.

If you understood a little bit about the Matrix ... then you would understand that ... the Establishment forms the ownership layer and the Silent Majority (SM) forms the body of the Matrix. SM is your Operation Managers and the entire entity. The good thing about us is that ... before we entered politics ... we got SM on our side. It is a terribly long story ... started off in 2000 ... it has been about 17 years. The end result of the whole thing is that ... SM loves us and it also functions as our guardian angel. So, technically SM is something that protects us from the main top cream of its own entity.

Coming back to the extraction module ... the moment we entered politics. SM informed us about the extraction module. “This Establishment will extract all data from you and then toss you aside. They will use all of your info ... and if you say ... hey you copied from me ... then they will only make fun of you. They will be like ... what the President of the United States copied from you? Hahahaha ... you are crazy.” This is called the Extraction Module.

  • First encourage the guy to provide all of the information
  • Copy everything
  • Own everything, discredit the guy and toss him aside

We were informed about this during Obama’s first term itself. The Matrix is not like military ... it is Democracy based. If the Establishment says something or plans something then it has to be in accordance to the principles and values of the people that form the SM. So, if the Establishment plans anything nasty ... the SM immediately informs us of their malicious plans. Instead of following the Establishment orders, they work like a protective shell for us. This is how I am still alive.

We came to know that they want to copy ... we are like ... sure, please do copy ... we would you to copy from us. We were talking on stopping wars and if it would result in stopping wars ... then that is actually good. Please do copy and stop these stupid wars. So, we were not upset that Obama was copying from us. We were happy and wanted him to copy. And look at the end result ... we successfully stopped the wars. Obama flipped against Russia in the end ... but during most of his tenure, he was pro-Russia. He allowed Russia to stabilize Syria. We got a deal with Iran and no conflict with Russia. This is exactly what we wanted. We knew that they were tracking ... and we published only what we wanted them to copy.

Here is where Obama got a little bit carried away. The thing is ... about wars ... it is a very easy topic and it is very easy to stop. It can be stopped using one simple website. It was feasible and we did it. But if you see all of the other issues that relate to monopoly in banks, politics, media and corporations. These are very complicated topics. If you truly understand what is going on ... then you will know that it cannot be stopped via one website.

We have not put in the solutions for any of the exploitation systems.
The only info that we have put in is that ... these exploitation systems exist ... and we have put in content about who is running these systems ... who these guys are, what is their ideology, their history and methods. The site does NOT contain any solutions.

But even then ... during the Obama Administration ... the Establishment activated the extraction module. They told Obama ... “hey, we got the info ... let’s do this on our own ... let us be great on our own ... lets win!” Lol. They fooled and smacked down Obama. The Establishment itself knows that ... the only thing that we have done is “listed some of the problems”. In greed for greatness, Obama got smacked down as a zero President. To the extent that ... we had to tell him ... excuse me Mr.President ... we know that you are tracking our computer. But what you don’t know is that ... there are no solutions on our system. Lol. All of the excel sheets are empty.

The only thing that is safe and secure from the Establishment is the stuff that you have not digitized in any form or that you have not talked about. They have tracking tools for everything else. After we gave this information to Obama ... he then realized that ... “o ow ... we were just reading the problem statement and it was not the solution”. It is then that he started calling GCC countries and connected with Oprah to work with us. Otherwise, he was stuck in copy paste greatness.

As per the Extraction Module, they were supposed to use me and toss me aside ... and make a fool out of me. But I got exactly what I wanted ... which is a stop to these wars and Obama was fooled into incompetency. It helps having SM on your side. But Obama is a nice guy ... you know that we like you, right? And Michelle, my dear lady, hats off to you ... you are two times better than Obama ... if Obama had your killer instinct then he would have accomplished so much more. Love you both.

Brain Mapping
Talking about Establishment technology ... let me give some intro lines on Brain Mapping as well. Trump is bothered about leaks. What you should know is that ... they don’t just track what you do or say ... but they are also able to track what you “think”. Welcome to Establishment intrusion via technology. That’s why I said, stop bothering about leaks because you don’t know what is going on.

This is how they track what you are thinking. Your brain is a neural network ... it works via minute electric signals ... if you can track those electric signals then you know what activity is going on in your brain. Your brain stores information of everything that you do or say or think. Each activity or thought has its corresponding brain cells. So, what they do is ... map each activity to the corresponding cells. This is brain mapping. So, if you track a person for a few years ... then you know all of his activities and words. The complete mapping results in knowing what the person is thinking.

For example, you went to a shop and bought pizza. The brain cells associated with that activity are mapped. So, the next time you are just sitting ... but those cells are activated ... then they know that you are thinking of going to that shop and buying pizza. So, indirectly they are knowing what you are thinking ... by detecting your brain activity. For example, you had a fight with someone ... they know which cells were active during that fight. So, if you are sitting alone and those cells are active ... then they know that you are thinking about that fight. Another example, you talked to a nice girl that you like ... they know which cells you used when you were with that girl ... so the next time they see activity in the same cells ... they know that you are thinking about that girl.

This is the level of the ongoing intrusion via technology by the Establishment, my dear friend. And here is an interesting way they will use this information to discredit our work as well.

  • Racism. First, they will cry that all of this is hate, racism and anti-Semitism ... in order to discredit the work using the racism card.
  • Copy Paste Greatness. If the first technique does not work ... they will move on with Extraction Module ... which is ... hey, we got the info ... let’s copy paste and be great. Lol.
  • Brain Mapping. And then comes Brain Mapping. “hey, everything that he said ... we put that in his head ... we told him everything”. Lol.

And this how they will prove it. They will say, “we know to which shop he will go and what he will buy”. And based upon my shopping habits which they have been tracking ... they will try to own the content on the site. This is one thing that Brain Mapping helps them to do.

The disadvantage of Brain Mapping for them is that ... they don’t know something that you have never done or talked about or digitized in any way. If you hold something in your brain and you have never acted on it ... never typed it in ... never discussed it with anyone ... then they have no idea what it is. They played this Brain Mapping card during the Obama Administration also and I openly challenged them. Okay fine, if this is the truth ... that you are putting in my head whatever I am writing ... then why are you putting it in my head? Why don’t you directly tell Obama what to do? Why don’t you give him the solutions directly yourself? Why is the President of the United States following what one beige colored guy is writing on the other side of the Ocean? Why do you need to wait for 8 years for the solution? Why haven’t you even started working on any solution? Lol.

They have not moved into the right direction for any solution because they have no idea what to do. They are stuck in being big headed because they have more money and tools. But they have no solutions whatsoever. And about Brain Mapping ... almost everyone in the Matrix is mapped. They don’t know it ... but they are mapped and it includes you, President Trump. Forget about the leaks ... they even know what you are thinking.

Pointers for Trump

SM does not control the Congress
The Silent Majority does not control the Congress. So, don’t expect them to get you the votes from the Congress or the Senate. If SM controlled the Congress then we would have fixed all of the country’s problem ourselves. Most of it is under Establishment’s control ... which is why we need to break down the Establishment’s monopoly in politics.

Handling Establishment’s Aggression against Russia
If your opponent is stronger than you ... then the wiser thing to do is ... use their force against them to win. For example, you want good relations with Putin and Russia. But the Establishment has a widespread influence at the national level within the country. They are hammering you at the domestic level and now they are also failing you at the international level. They are coming up with overwhelming support for aggression and sanctions against Russia. The Establishment is stomping upon you even in the international arena.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to use the Establishment’s strength against it in order to win. The Establishment can create laws ... they have a lot of control in the Congress as of now. But these laws pertain to America only. The Congress does not have the capacity to control International Relations. You have sweeping control in this arena. Doesn’t matter what the Congress says ... doesn’t matter what laws they pass ... if you don’t like it then you can hammer them.

Domestically if you veto ... even then they will bypass your veto and get it done because they have the required votes. So what you should do is ... connect with EU and Russian partners ... and ask them to openly oppose this law. You can ask Germany, France and Russia to look into all possible legal options to fight against this law or these sanctions. The American Congress cannot run Germany, France, UK or Russia. Their role is limited within American territory. You run the State Department and it is your Ambassador in the UN ... and it is you who is directly connected with all foreign counterparts. You have authority here.

This is exactly what Obama did in order to rule out Republican opposition for the Iran Nuclear Deal. He bypassed the Congress and got done what he wanted to do. So, if the Congress is tarnishing relations with Russia ... if it is adversely affecting business of EU partners ... you can ask EU leaders to openly oppose these restrictions.

With this ... you will show authority via diplomacy. You can easily spank the smartass Establishment via international diplomacy. And when you show that you care for EU businesses and their welfare ... you start getting a strong coalition in the international arena. They will see that ... hey, here is a guy with commonsense who is not blindly throwing sanctions on us for no reason. By showing the Congress’s negative moves ... you will also get to show the Establishment’s malicious activities to divide us and create friction. Every negative activity that the Establishment will take ... via its control over the Congress ... you can use that activity against them ... by showing the malice and uniting EU & Russia against Establishment malice. You are simply using their force against them to win.

This is what you need to do:

  • Connect with EU and Russian partners
  • Voice concern and opposition to the regulations passed without your approval
  • Give them full support to oppose these regulations and sanctions
  • Provide full support to them via the State Department and at the UN level
  • Cooperate with them in terminating these regulations via all legal means at the international level

Here is where you show ... authority, diplomacy, strength, care and leadership. It will give you a strong support to win at the domestic level. These guys are just trying to frame Russia as an enemy state via these repeated provocations and sanctions. Don’t remain silent and helpless. Make diplomatic moves.

I know you are in a Russian Scandal atmosphere ... but this is not just about Russia ... this is about EU interests as well. Keep it about EU ... ask EU leaders to stand up and fight ... and then support them diplomatically.