21 Jul 2017
Unifying America, Russia and Europe
in America

So, Putin wants Syria and Ukraine to cooperate on security? He is playing basic politics ... you want something that is important for you ... in return he is asking for something that is important for him ... simple politics. He is a nice guy ... very straight forward person ... and he is true to his word ... but he also cares for his country's interests. This should have been expected.

Here is your approach for Russia
Russia is a fellow Christian country. They are lovely, beautiful and cooperative. They would love to work on this project. The world is big enough for everyone. Let’s share. Putin wants 2 countries ... we will give him 10 countries. We want Russia to be a major world power ... we want Russia to be a world leader and have positive influence over several countries. We have absolutely no objection to that ... in fact, we will help Russia in every way possible to expand its influence in the East.

How to do that?

Step One. Trash and eliminate the current war based expansion techniques
The first thing you should understand is ... why is Russia in Ukraine? Why is Russia supporting the "rebels" in Ukraine? They learnt this from you ... in fact, Establishment elements pushed Putin to go for Ukraine ... just like America is going for Libya and Syria. We supported armed rebellions in Libya and Syria to overthrow the governments in these countries. Russia is doing exactly the same in Ukraine.

How can you ask them to stop when you are doing the same in several countries? So, the first thing that you have to do is "trash this very policy itself" ... trash war based regime change policies. All of these policies are bullshit ... they create only genocide and disasters for the target countries while depleting our country's wealth. This is not something that has to be followed ... it is total garbage and it deserves to be trashed immediately. We will not be following on the footsteps of Bush or Obama.

This was the "malicious misleading" techniques and policies of the Establishment ... we will not be doing this anymore. That's point number one.

Step Two. Allow Russia to stabilize Syria
To show that we actually mean what we said above ... allow Russia to stabilize Syria. We have nothing to gain from Syria. Support from Russia is much more important to us. Stabilizing Syria will cost us zero when it is done by Russia. It will save us our military and political efforts.

Moreover, half a million refugees returned to Syria ... and guess where they went in Syria? Most of them settled in "government held areas". If truly Assad is a butcher and a dictator then why are Syrian refugees returning to government held areas? This openly shows how the Establishment misled us in Syria. This is a win-win solution.

  • America wins by stabilizing the country at zero cost
  • Russia gets a stabilized ally
  • Assad establishes a proper country and government
  • Millions of Syrian refugees get to go back home in a safe environment.
  • Everybody wins.

Establishment elements might use this move to tarnish your cooperation with GCC countries. These guys are war designers and they try to use every line of conflict to create friction. You should tell them that we are trying to stabilize the world and create global peace. We do not support the genocidal war based agendas of the previous Administration. It was only Establishment malice which we will not be following.

Step Three. The issue with Ukraine
This is a very important point that both Trump and Putin teams should understand. We are trying to create a new global alliance ... that will facilitate fantastic “people based” policies around the world. It will create a new fantastic, fabulous and a peaceful world. The key leaders of this new era will be “Trump and Putin”. Not just America or Russia but the entire world will be looking up to you for leadership.

Here is where Ukraine becomes a small obstacle. Let’s say, President Trump allows Russia to take over Ukraine. Then its repercussions in the world media will be very negative. They will see the Trump-Putin union to be malicious that creates death and disasters. You will get massive negative publicity and it will cast a negative shadow over the entire work in other countries.

Yes, Trump will allow Putin to stabilize Syria ... because it is in the best interests of everyone. But when it comes to Ukraine ... Putin needs to go easy on Ukraine. Maybe ... just hold off on that conflict for a while. Because these “war based expansion” techniques create only:

  • Hate
  • Death and genocide
  • Deplete your resources

Instead of following this destructive path ... we will give you an alternative path that is filled with:

  • Love & peace
  • Progress & prosperity
  • Strengthen your economy and that will win support for you from the entire world

You are looking for just 2 countries ... but by following our path ... you will get several countries under your fold. The entire process will be totally peaceful (almost) and diplomatic. You will get to know more once we start the project. Just to give you an idea ... these countries will function as “Satellite countries”. Instead of expanding territory via war ... these countries will remain themselves but they will be tied to Russia in every aspect of life.

  • Russia will get the defense contracts
  • Russia will supply the oil
  • Russia will get full access to the business markets
  • Russian contractors and products will be preferred to other countries

You will get several countries that will want to join the Russian Union. Russia will become a major global player which is good for world stability. This project contains enormous amounts of good stuff when Russia is concerned ... provided we make the right people based movements.

The Design of the Security Shell
Once we get started, we will also show you how to design this security shell. It is not something that has to be limited to Trump, his family and the politicians that will work on this. It has to be something that will spread across America and Europe. Details later on this.

Benefits for Germany
America and Russia are the key leaders of this movement. When it comes to Europe, Germany is the key. Germany is the country that holds the entire EU together. It is the major player in EU. And Angela Merkel is a beautiful, beautiful and fantastic leader. She is super people oriented and she is simply fantastic. She will be keenly interested in this.

Apart from getting all of the fantastic people based policies that will take Germany to new heights, Germany also has a fantastic role in developing the world’s manufacturing industries. Currently, all major industries are located in China. China manufactures and flourishes while the entire West loses its jobs and goes down in debt. This will change. We will be encouraging local manufacturing for almost every country in the world ... creating tens of thousands of new manufacturing plants all around the world.

And guess who is going to supply all of this manufacturing equipment? Germany is the world’s best in “making machines that make machines”. Their perfection in quality, speed and precision remains unrivalled in the world. Germany will build the world’s industries. Germany will supply the manufacturing equipment in all of America, Europe, Russia, South America, Australia, Asia and every other country where our project moves. We will be heavily marketing and promoting German technology and machines. We believe in quality and Germany stands up to the mark.

The combination of Trump, Putin and Merkel
If you three combine then there is no other country in the world that will stand up to you. No other country in the world can match your power or technology. You three can easily revolutionize the entire planet.

Right now the Establishment is pulling us in a crappy path of hate, dislike, war, destruction, conflicts and differences. It is all nothing but bullshit. We do not have to follow this terrible path that is only destroying us. You three unite and you can change the world as we know it. Every country in the world will love you and support you.