16 Jul 2017
The Establishment Playing Chess from Both Sides
in America

You know the game of Chess, right? You take one side and use your skills to beat your opponent ... that’s how Chess is played. But our lovely Establishment does not play Chess like that ... owing to their monopoly and widespread control points ... they are able to play Chess from both sides ... they are able to dictate the moves of both sides.

What will happen if one entity is able to play both sides? This entity will gain full control of the Chess board. This entity will be able to control what happens on the board. If they want war ... war will happen ... if they want peace ... then peace will happen. They want to kill someone ... he will be killed ... if they want to save someone ... then he will be saved.

This is the main reason these guys create “events” to facilitate the decision making as per their plans. The creation of events is critical in justifying the corresponding moves taken by their puppet politicians to the masses. Monopoly in politics & media with a rigged system is helping the Establishment play both sides. Some examples will help.

Smacking down Obama
To smack down Obama’s efforts against the Establishment ... they ran a nice two sided scheme. On one side, they told Obama ... “hey, just copy this guy’s work and use it to become great ... you will be the most fantastic President ever!” Obama started following this team that suggested this behavior. Obama started following our suggestions ... but eventually he ended up making very weak, ineffective and solo efforts. They setup some advisers for Obama to do this ... on the other hand ... they pulled in another team and showed them that ... “Obama is a petty thief who is stealing from this nice guy ... he wants to steal his work and become great while he stomps on this poor guy ... let’s smack down Obama!”

In a way, both of the sides were true. Obama genuinely thought that ... okay, this stuff is good ... let’s copy it. On the other hand, the second team was watching Obama stealing ... they were totally dedicated in smacking down Obama.

Now, if you see ... the combination of both of these sides ... what will be the end result? The Establishment has very cleverly designed both sides in their favor. On one hand, they have crippled Obama with very limited information and know how ... and kept him isolated ... the work is never meant to be done solo. They trapped Obama on a solo path ... giving him an illusion of greatness and success. Obama was fooled. On top of that, they setup another team to smack down Obama’s solo efforts. This second team is also being fooled ... instead of spending 8 years of smacking down Obama ... they could have simply recommended Obama ... “hey, work with Active Democracy ... you don’t understand what is going on ... you will fail miserably via solo efforts.” They could have simply done something more positive and constructive ... that would actually give some positive results. But instead ... they dedicated this team to smack down Obama.

They designed the actions of both of these teams in order to get a result that was favorable for them. Nothing was accomplished, no system was changed and the Establishment monopoly & control remains intact. So who won at the end of the day? 8 long years of Obama and the victory goes to the Establishment. Obama’s dreams of a great Presidency were only a false illusion. This is playing Chess both sides.

Work with GCC Countries
Which is why we suggest President Trump to play smarter. The US President is stronger in the International Arena. At the domestic level, the Establishment is a thousand times stronger than the President and they can easily provide a massive opposition. Instead of fighting with the Establishment media and politics at the domestic level ... turn the heat on GCC countries to pull in support. When it comes to GCC countries, you are a thousand times stronger. You are the one who protect their countries, you are the one who provide them hundreds of billions in weapons and defense systems and you are the one who support their economy by buying hundreds of billions worth oil every year from them.

Is it easier to manage the Establishment media & politics at home or is it easier to turn the heat on GCC countries? Definitely, it is easier to pull GCC in your support and get them on the same page for the project. You have to use your control points. Don’t play solo like Obama. Use your control points where you are stronger ... and you will find a fantastic army of tens of thousands of elements in your favor fighting against the Establishment.

Russian Compounds and Visas
Another typical example of the Establishment playing both sides of Chess ... is the aggression against Russia. Russia has done absolutely nothing against America or Europe. But the Establishment’s anti-Russian propaganda only serves their interests. You yourself look at the Chess board and see what they are trying to do. On one side they are promoting anti-Russian sentiments and on the other side they are promoting anti-American sentiments in Russia. What do you think they want to happen?

This is one of the main reasons we got in touch with the Kremlin ... showing them that this aggression against Russia is NOT American owned. This is an Establishment strategy. They are the ones who are creating repeated provocations against Russia ... trying to create Russian aggression against America and other NATO countries. The West was lucky to have an intelligent, understanding and diplomatic leader like President Putin ... who understood what was going on and played super diplomatically. If Putin was not there and someone else played tit for tat then this game would have been over a long time ago. The end result wouldn’t be exactly very nice.

Show leadership with the right principles
Not only President Trump has to activate several control points in his favor but he also needs to show leadership with the right principles and values. There will be some places where you can step forward, make decisions and show positive & constructive leadership that is good for America and the world. One simple step like this is ... returning the seized Russian compounds and issue visas for their staff. It is a very simple minute step which you can take unilaterally on your own. The Congress or the Establishment cannot stop you from this. You have authority here.

But what’s important here is how you do it ... especially when your Presidency is rocked with Russian scandals. Follow these steps:

  • Show leadership. Step forward in doing what is right. The American people love it when their leader steps forward in doing what is right.
  • Show Russian Cooperation against ISIS. Russian cooperation has led to the stabilization of a huge section in Syria, the elimination of ISIS and a ceasefire in major portions of the country. Half a million people have returned to Syria ... refugees are going back to Syria ... it’s a good thing. Otherwise, we had millions of people running away from the country resulting in a refugee crisis in all of Europe. Russia is helping us fight ISIS and stabilize Syria.
  • No Russian Aggression. Repeatedly several actions were taken against Russia under the Obama Administration but Russia has not responded in kind to any of those actions. Russia has not hurt a single American life. Even though several Russian diplomats were expelled ... Russia has not taken any aggressive action against any US servicemen.
  • Basic Decency. It is not in America’s national interest to remain aggressive against Russia. In fact, returning the seized compounds and issuing visas for their staff is “basic decency” which as the leader of the free world, America, should be following.

The Establishment media will cry over it a little bit ... but trust me, the American people will love it. Just imagine yourself in Putin’s shoes. You are not giving their staff visas and taking over their properties ... how would you feel if someone takes such provocative actions against you. The fact that Putin has been patient over this for the past 6 months ... that itself is great. Now, you have to respond to Putin’s decency with decency. This is the right thing to do and people will love it ... just make sure to mention Russia’s patience and decency.

The end result of this act will be that ... you will have a very very powerful force by your side. Trust me, you need Russia on your side. If the Establishment media will cry ... let them cry ... as it is they are doing you no good. Why bother about them? I know Putin has asked for Syria and Ukraine ... I will show you how to manage that as well. Russia will work with you and they will support you ... trust me on that. But this simple act will win support for you from the American people as well as give the right signal to Russia that we are on the same page. It’s a lengthy project and basic decency and courtesy should be intact.