14 Jul 2017
Why and how Obama failed against the Establishment
in America

“Obama did nothing”

When President Trump sees the Establishment malice in the country, he often complains that, “Obama did nothing”. Well firstly, its good that you are saying it ... if we do nothing then imagine our children saying this about us. We saw all of the flaws and did nothing to change it and left a world of war, hate, chaos and crime for our children to live in.

We do not want our children to say this about us. We will give them a beautiful fantastic and fabulous world of love, peace, progress and prosperity. We will give them a great world ... they will take that great world and make it greater. That's what we would like to do.

Obama’s Zero Accomplishments
Secondly, its not that Obama did nothing. Obama made some efforts but the end result of those efforts was zero. Obama could not accomplish much. It will be useful in understanding Obama’s failures so that the Trump Presidency can be wiser and smarter.

Why did Obama fail?

  • No understanding of the Establishment. Obama basically had no understanding of the Establishment. What is this entity? Who is behind it? How it functions? What is the ideology? What do they want to accomplish? What are their techniques? Which are their control points? Obama had basically no understanding of this massive entity that he was immersed in.
  • Too late to act. And by the time he learnt what was going on ... via experience, via facts, via events, via verifications ... it was too late. He spent several years just learning what was going on. And by the time he learnt everything about the malice ... it was simply too late to make any major change.
  • Solo Efforts. Its not that he did not make any efforts. He made some efforts ... I will definitely recognize his efforts and I will definitely give him the credit for those efforts ... to have the courage to make those efforts. But then ... these efforts were “solo” efforts. Solo efforts against a massively networked Establishment happen to be very frail and weak efforts ... that can easily be shot down. Some samples of Obama efforts:
    • Audit the Federal Reserve. He tried to audit the Federal Reserve. This is something that you never do solo. Nobody even knows that he tried to do this. This effort was shot down ... he could not pull off any major change in laws or system.
    • Media – CNN. CNN’s coverage was kind of neutral before the Obama Administration. But Obama swayed CNN to be anti-Establishment and pro-Democrat. This is a good media victory for Obama to have a prominent channel to pull up and question Establishment elements. But then again it was just one media agency against an entire network of media agencies ... it’s a solo effort which did not yield maximum results. It helped but alternatively having an entire network of a few hundred media agencies would deliver phenomenal results.
    • Iran Nuclear Deal. Here is where Obama saved America from a war against Russia. A huge section of this deal was not about Iran at all ... it was more about the Establishment pulling America in a conflict against Russia. The International Arena is where the US President is super powerful ... Establishment has no control over International deals. Here is where Obama stood his ground and got it done despite massive opposition. It helped in stopping a major conflict and as you can see ... we are not in a military conflict against Russia. It worked. But it did not address any of the Establishment malice at the domestic level ... and the systems remained unchanged at the domestic level.
  • Stuck in Copy Paste Mode. Obama had no understanding of the Establishment ... and Establishment elements successfully fooled Obama in keeping him stuck in a copy-paste mode. For most of his Presidency Obama was misled in copying our work and policies ... and trying to become great using our content. What he did not know is that ... the content on the site is just a “launch pad” ... you actually need the helicopter to fly. Obama’s copy-paste mode was more like ... “no, no, I don’t want the helicopter ... I will fly on my own ... and he would flap his hands up and down ... trying to fly on his own.” Lol. We were like ... Obama dear, you cannot fly like that ... get in touch with us and we will give you the tools to fly and shine and be great. But he would stand on the launch pad and flap his hands trying to fly on his own. Lol. By the time Obama understood what was going on ... it was too late. He made some calls to GCC countries ... he pulled Oprah into the game ... but those efforts came in the late months of his Presidency. That was too late.
  • No idea about the Matrix. One of the main reasons how Obama was “trapped” into inaction and stagnation was that ... he had no idea about the Matrix or the Silent Majority. Learning about the Establishment itself took so much time ... we did not have any time to tell him anything about the Matrix. He had no idea of how the Establishment uses the Matrix to control decision making. Handling SM is a major factor in bringing about any change in the West or America.
  • No Solutions. He did not even know who the culprits are and how these exploitation systems worked ... so forget about having any solutions to address these problems. He had no solutions at hand for these issues. From our website he understood that ... “hey, Federal Reserve is sending Trillions of our Nation’s money abroad ... and no one is questioning them ... we need to Audit the Fed.” This is the best thing that he could come up with ... but that is not how it works ... that is not how you handle the Establishment.
  • No Plan. Since he had no solutions for the problems ... he had no plan for the implementation. He ended up being a guy surrounded by stuff happening around him ... he did not understand how it was happening and he had no plan to combat the same.
  • No Network. And the biggest drawback among all of the factors concerned was that ... he had no network. It is impossible to handle the Establishment successfully without having a network. If you understood the Establishment then you would understand that this is the most important element. Which is why ... the first thing that we suggest is ... “break the monopoly”. Once you break the monopoly then the network is in your hands. Once the network is in your hands ... then you rule.

All in all ... at a personal level ... Obama is a nice guy. He will turn around and help President Trump to address these issues. Because this is not about party politics ... this is about the country and this is about the people ... this is about our children and their future. Obama understands that.

A tip for Putin
RT says that you are planning a response for the expulsion of Russian Diplomats. I know that Russia is under heavy pressure right now from several angles. But you have been great, super cooperative, intelligent and very diplomatic. I would suggest you to hold back on any tit for tat actions against America or Europe. Hopefully, very soon we should get President Trump on the same page. Russia is going to have a major role in fixing the systems in the West. You will be loved and adored by America and Europe.

If you get involved in a tit for tat scheme then the Establishment media will only utilize those actions to further demonize Putin and Russia in the West. You would actually be falling into the Establishment trap. This is exactly what they want. They want aggression to come from Russia. Don’t fall for their trap ... just give it some more time. You have a fantastic role to play.