09 Jul 2017
Establishment Media Agenda, Traps and Objectives
in America

Well, I think President Trump is getting a hang of how the Establishment Media functions by now. It is not normal media ... it is not normal news. Establishment Media is essentially an “agenda”. They don’t report news but they run an “agenda”. Since they are owned by the same Establishment ... they run the Establishment agenda.

I know that you are a media person yourself. But the parameters involved in a TV Show and politics are different. You can easily note that the media was more fair and proportionate to your TV Show rather than it is to your Presidency. Because your TV Show never impacted the Establishment’s agenda and plans at a national level or at an international level. This is why the same media that used to support your TV Show, today they are against your Presidency.

Agenda, Traps and Objectives
This is what you should note about the Establishment Media. When all media channels are collectively talking about a particular topic ... most of the time ... it is an “agenda”. The event or the person is portrayed in the news as per the agenda of the Establishment. You can easily note this by assessing how this event or person impacts the Establishment and their plans.

If you fall for their “agenda” and get involved in what the media is ranting about ... then you fall for their “trap”. They pull you in an event based push and pull trap ... and you will end up doing what the Establishment wants you to. You can see how they have laid this entire path ... when you see their final objective. You need to be able to think 10 steps ahead and ...

  • Look at their agenda
  • Understand the trap
  • And look at their objective

Some examples will help. Look at the trap and objectives in each of these agendas.

  • Anti-Trump. The massive anti-Trump campaign ... you have been witnessing this since the past one year. You will see that all of these agendas are “out of the normal”. Why is a Presidential candidate or President being demonized so much? What wrong has he done? He has not hurt a single American life or American interest. But if you fall for this agenda ... then you get involved in a push and pull game ... you will end up making some mistakes and you will find yourself doing exactly what the Establishment wants you to. The main objective of the agenda is to “terminate Trump’s Presidency”. This whole demonization campaign is designed for that. If you enter the game then you fall for the trap.
  • Anti-Russia. Here is another demonization campaign ... this time targeting Russia and President Putin. We have alerted this to Putin several years ago and Putin is fantastic in understanding this game. He does not respond tit for tat. He keeps a cool head and plays with diplomatic tactics. There is nothing worse that can be done to a country. Isolate the country, sanction the country, demonize their leader, military buildup on borders, ban their athletes, expel diplomats and what not. Do you see Putin losing his cool? The objective in this agenda is “war against Russia”. Did the Establishment succeed? Hell no, they did not. We are in fact on the verge of restoring relations with Russia. So, who won? We did. How? Cool head and diplomatic tactics. In fact, they wanted to isolate Russia ... but Russia got several allies including Syria, Iran, China, Turkey and several Eastern countries. To the extent that we got Le Pen campaigning for Russia on French soil. How? Cool head and diplomatic tactics.
  • Terror. This is another “event based agenda” which has been running for the past 16 years by the same Establishment. The trap out here was to deviate the West from their failing economies and keep them occupied by terror and threats ... while they use this agenda to further drain the wealth from these countries in this fight on terror. Bush started it ... Obama was failing on this front. But we stopped this terror in Syria itself. How? Diplomacy. We got Russia involved. Russia is one entity that is not rigged by the Establishment ... they provided splendid success in containing this terror. The US Intelligence and military is rigged ... don’t expect the normal from them. The right thing to do was to get Russia involved. Establishment’s agenda was “wealth drain” via terror. Russia spends zero ... everything is paid by Syria and Iran ... while it costs the Western countries zero to fight off ISIS. Terror is eliminated at zero cost in a fantastic effective manner. How? Diplomacy.
  • Domestic Chaos. Police violence against Blacks ... this is a new one. The agenda is to create racism and chaos in the country. Tens of thousands of people are dying in America due to gun violence and drugs ... none of those events are covered in the news ... but one Black guy gets shot and all media agencies are going ballistic over it. It is designed to create protests and turn the people against the Administration. The key out here is ... don’t take sides ... both the elements here deserve full support. The Police as well as the Black Community ... both of them deserve full support. One element risks their lives to save the people and another element is the weakest segment of the society. Keep your cool and support both. That’s the right diplomacy.
  • North Korea. You are seeing that all of these are “out of the normal” event based activities. The same goes with North Korea ... a crazy communist Nuclear Power inviting war. What is the trap here? To create a major blunder and disaster under the Trump Presidency in order to show that Trump is not fit for President. The moment you get involved there ... the Establishment Media will say ... “hey, this guy is sexist against women, racist against the minorities, benefiting himself from the Presidency, creating racist policies, does not have the right temperament and now he is destroying countries using nuclear missiles killing millions of people. He needs to go and he is not fight for President”. This is exactly what they will do in the next step. The key here is ... keep a cool head, don’t fall for the game and use diplomatic tactics. Don’t go tit for tat.
  • Israel-Syria. Israel is attacking a country protected by Russia. These guys are at their desperate lows right now. This is the Establishment stomping its feet and hopping up and down in fuming anger. The objective is to piss off Russia and start a major war by pulling America in the next step. The solution is the same ... keep a cool head, don’t fall for the game and use diplomatic tactics.

To sum it up ... how to deal with it?
All of the above are “event based Establishment agendas” ... they are traps. A very simple way of dealing with all of them are:

  • Keep a cool head. Be patient ... the people love you. You have the people’s support. They love you 10 times more than Obama.
  • Understand the game. Step out of the box and understand the game. Try to analyze the next 10 steps. Don’t jump in and start playing their game. Do not fall for the game.
  • Use Diplomatic Tactics. Don’t sit there doing nothing ... act on it. Take action ... but with a cool head and with diplomacy. Instead of playing their game ... root out the game itself. Don’t respond tit for tat ... root out the entire game itself. We will show you how.

No action was taken on the main roots and look what happened
Some examples of inaction. People did not understand the main roots of the problem ... appropriate action was not taken and look how the problem kept growing. These guys have a lot of resources ... they will sit there and raise one problem after another if we don’t take action in containing the situation.

  • Anti-Trump activity started off with ridicule and then lawsuits, investigations, committees, protests, impeachment discussions and now doctors saying that Trump is unfit for President. You have to act on the roots to stop this successfully.
  • Anti-Russia activity started off with sanctions and isolation and then moved on to banning athletes, demonizing Putin, hacking, cyber warfare, election interference, interference in democracy, military buildup and even shooting down planes. These guys have nothing to do but facilitate events that will support their agenda.
  • Terrorism started off with a tiny Al Qaeda group and moved to armies of terrorists, ISIS and destroying several countries. How did we address it? We exposed the main roots and got involved entities that are not controlled by the Establishment. The involvement of Russia led to this major victory against ISIS and terrorism.

Don’t fear the Establishment
Never fear the Establishment ... we have spanked these guys real nice ... on American soil using American media channels. They were totally helpless and powerless in stopping us. Because we were reporting the truth and the facts. Take a look for yourself. CNN is an anti-Establishment channel. They spanked Israeli leaders at all levels ... starting from their representatives to their Ambassador and even the Prime Minister, Netanyahu himself over the Gaza War.

Examples of CNN grilling Israel:

Most US politicians are generally zipped lips when it comes to Israel but CNN was kicking ass. We got massive publicity and several celebrities joined in supporting Gaza. The Establishment could do nothing to stop CNN. They could not stop, they could not fire, they could not shut it down, they could not sue ... they could do nothing. CNN was speaking the truth and they were reporting on the facts. There was no way that they could halt the operation. They even grilled Netanyahu himself. This was the impact using just one media agency. Imagine what we can do ... if we put hundreds of media channels in your favor? It is going to be delicious. Lol.

(Contact info sent via the contact form on WhiteHouse website)

Rejected a Billion Dollars 3 Times
Do you know that we rejected a billion dollars 3 times? Out of which ... 2 times was because we chose Trump. Our campaign requires about $200 Million per year ... a 5 year campaign comes out to be $1 Billion. We activated both Putin and Obama to get sponsors for this project. In fact, both of them stepped forward with positive sponsors.

  • Putin – Iran. Putin got us an Iranian Billionaire Businessman. He seemed to be quite keen to sponsor us. The politics of the project seemed fine ... but we stepped back because we do not totally approve the Iranian Government. We wrote about it here: http://active-democracy.com/tips/america/1347-cant-allow-iran-to-be-the-next-soviet-union.html
  • Obama – Oprah. After that Obama approached Oprah ... recommending her to run for President. We have mind blowing policies and we know how to pull the people’s support. It is very easy to eliminate any opposition. Obama suggested Oprah to run for President with our policies while sponsoring our campaign. Technically, it would mean eliminating the Trump Presidency and installing Oprah in 2020. We wrote about it here: http://active-democracy.com/tips/america/1352-oprah-leadership-sheep-wolves.html. Do you know why we rejected this offer? Because it would not be fair for Trump and the American people would need to wait for another 4 years for solutions to their problems. We would get a billion dollars ... yes, we would ... but we would sit demonizing a nice guy who loves his country and who is fighting for his people. And that’s not fair for either Trump or the American people.
  • Obama – Elizabeth Warren. After a few months, Obama understood that ... okay fine, we don’t see Oprah as a feasible candidate. Then he recommended Elizabeth Warren. Oprah would finance and Warren would be the candidate. We did not even respond to that because it would involve the same thing. It would not be fair for Trump and it would not be fair for the American people.

By the way, President Trump ... do you know anyone who would give up a billion dollars just to protect you, support you and make you great? Just imagine, someone gave you a billion dollars to trash someone from the opposing party ... like Bernie Sanders ... would you say no to that? A billion dollars to trash Trump ... how many people do you think will say no to that?

We said no ... because we saw a fantastic fighter in you ... who will fight for his people and country. And this trash that exists in Congress ... none of them will fight for America like you would. Elizabeth Warren is an exception ... she is good material. But the fight is a little bit tough and you are perfect for the job.

We had already switched to Hillary once ... we thought you wouldn’t make it. The country would be disaster under Hillary ... we had to give her some guidance. That was the main reason we switched to guiding Hillary. It was not to approve Hillary but it was mainly to guide her. Now, the right guy is in the right place ... so why should we waste time in trashy games that will waste another 4 years? That doesn’t seem right.

And when it comes to sponsors ... it might be a billion dollars ... but it is just cash. Cash flow can be generated from several sources. But it is difficult to get another Trump. My friend, you are perfect for the job and you are in the right place. We love you.

Qatar is Fine
The message for Putin is that ... we don’t mind sponsorship from Qatar. The Qatari Government is not like Iran’s ... we are fine with Qatar. But it cannot be a sole sponsorship ... Qatar can be one of the sponsors. We need complete autonomy of the project. Control of the project will not be accepted.

And if Qatar wants to sponsor, they should note that ... other GCC countries will get involved immediately in the next steps of the project. That is how the project is designed. Don’t expect other GCC countries not to get involved. GCC countries are very close American allies and they have a major role to play.

Elizabeth Warren
Dear lady ... you know that you are good ... we know that you are good ... and America knows that you are good. This is nothing against you. Trump deserves his chance. In fact, after Trump’s two terms ... we can look into options. Maybe Warren 2024? You know that SM and Active Democracy is not party specific. We care for the country and the people. You are a good candidate ... but so is Trump. Let him have his chance and maybe he will make the system a lot easier for you to handle in 2024. A lot of malicious systems will be eliminated by then. It will be a lot easier for you then.

Ivanka Trump
Women entrepreneurship? My dear golden lady ... you are a Trump and you are meant for nothing less than “greatness”. Everything that you will do will be nothing less than “fantastic, fabulous and great” that will leave people spellbound. These tiny activities of women entrepreneurship and girl child education are meant for “trophy wives” who don’t know much. These are tiny readymade packages for the offices of the First Lady just to make them look good. You are immensely talented, experienced and qualified ... we will show you stuff that is fit for a Trump. Something stunning and fabulous ... good enough to name a city after you. You will not be just touching the lives of some women but you will be touching the lives of almost every family in America.