07 Jul 2017
Beware, North Korea will be used to show that Trump is mentally unfit
in America

President Trump is doing fantastic. He has 10 times more support from the people than Obama. While Obama was getting 5K-10K likes on Twitter, Trump gets 50K-100K likes from the people. That is fantastic and really good for a politician. It is an excellent reach and an excellent support base for the President. When Presidents are concerned, Trump is doing better than any other previous Presidents of recent time. But even then if you see the entire scenario ... Trump’s opposition is not just one politician ... the opposition here is the “Establishment”. Technically, Trump is fighting against the Establishment ... and not against just one politician ... which is how several anti-Trump activities and groups keep popping up. It might be demonization in the media, lawsuits, investigations or doctors suggesting that Trump is mentally unfit. All of these widespread activities targeting Trump cannot be designed by one politician. It is the Establishment that has this reach and they are the ones who are building this opposition against Trump.

This is how the numbers work when it comes to the Establishment. Yes, you are doing fantastic ... but even then your support base is around 100K ... and if you look at the Establishment ... with their monopoly in the media ... they are able to reach out to all of 200 Million voters in America. They are able to say whatever they want ... they are able to sway public opinion in whichever direction they want. Despite your current support base of 100K ... you are still 2,000 times smaller in scale when compared to the Establishment. This is the major problem.

In the country, the government is supposed to be the most powerful entity ... and in the government, the President is supposed to be the most powerful person ... making the President the most powerful person in the country. But if you look at the Establishment then by their mere reach among the American people ... they are 2,000 times more powerful than the President. This is the major problem with Establishment monopoly. The President might be a fantastic person ... he might have beautiful plans for the country ... he might be doing better than anyone before ... but owing to Establishment control over the media ... the President will be what the Establishment defines him to be.

This is one of the reasons why the Establishment is scared of Trump’s rise on social media. Because they want to be the ones to “make or break” the person. This is what they try to facilitate ... “Your destiny should be under their control ... You should be dispensable at any moment in time ... They should have full control over the process.” And what Trump is doing with his direct media outreach is ... defining his own boundaries, establishing his own territory, creating his own base and standing his ground ... being totally unshakable. This is what rattles the Establishment. They are losing control over the people and this guy is rising beyond control.

Investigations into Mental Health and North Korea
The Establishment is finding every possible way of terminating Trump’s Presidency. The more time we give them, the worse they try to make it. They started off with ridicule and demonization ... and then they moved on to lawsuits ... from lawsuits they started investigations ... and now they are also making comments on the President’s “mental health”.

Several psychiatrists and doctors are saying that Trump is not mentally fit to be President. Some politicians are trying to setup a committee to investigate Trump’s mental health. How do you know that the Establishment is behind this?

  • On one hand ... they are using some doctors and politicians to comment on your mental health. Saying that you are not mentally fit to be President ... setting up committees to investigate it.
  • And on the other hand ... they are using their media channels to show North Korea as a major threat ... pushing you to take military action against a communist nuclear power.

What will happen if you take military action against North Korea?

  • North Korea is a vicious communist nuclear country
  • Communist countries are Establishment strong holds and they hate America
  • They will nuke and destroy the entire Korean peninsula within weeks
  • The entire Korean peninsula will become a radioactive wasteland
  • Millions of people will die instantly
  • Everything will be blamed upon President Donald J Trump
  • The moment you start this nuclear war, the media will flip against you and they will go ballistic
  • And then doctors and mental health committees will come into action
  • Initiating and supporting a massive impeachment movement against you

This can happen “within weeks”. Don’t expect a nuclear war to extend for several years. Entire cities will be destroyed within weeks. The above is the least that can happen ... the worst case scenario is this:

  • Not only the Establishment gets the Korean peninsula nuked
  • But they will also toss a few nuclear missiles in Russia
  • Thousands of Russians will die ... Russian media will push and Putin will respond
  • Once Putin responds, our lovely Establishment media in America will go “Russia in the war ... Russia attacks ... Russia on the offensive”.
  • What are you going to do? Sit there taking an offensive from Russia? No, you will also respond.
  • And that initiates the total destruction that the Establishment has been wanting since the past 5 years.

Don’t expect the use of common sense from the Establishment. These guys are from a different ideology. It’s always about them and it is not about us. While all of this happens, they will sit nicely in South China Sea and watch the fireworks. If you think that they will hesitate in destroying the Korean peninsula ... then take a look at the cities in Iraq and Syria. They have used every possible weapon in these cities ... guns, bullets, missiles, tanks, air strikes and even chemical weapons. If you think they will hesitate in using nukes and destroying the entire region then you have greatly underestimated their moves.

Demonized for using Twitter
The Establishment is so viciously against you that they demonize your simple use of Twitter. Do you think they will praise you and compliment you for using nuclear missiles? When was the last time that the Establishment praised you for anything? When was the last time they complimented you for anything? If you think that they will give you a pat for a war against North Korea then you are grossly mistaken.

The more you delay, the more aggression they will design
This is the main reason we are asking you not to delay in breaking down Establishment monopoly ... because the more you delay ... the more time they will get to come up with newer techniques and plans to further advance their agenda.

  • Russian Election Interference – Invalidate Election Results. The more time we give them ... the more time they are getting to “create” evidence. The whole thing is online ... it is a digital world. These guys are experts in crime. They are not finding evidence ... they are “creating” evidence. They are creating emails from Russian IP addresses ... with Russian signatures ... they are creating hack attempts on election machines. It is digital and all of this stuff can easily be created. The more time you give them, the more evidence they will create. Their objective here is to invalidate the election results ... and call for a re-election. After a few months if they come up with reports like “so and so million votes were rigged by Russian hackers” ... then the very authenticity of the election goes down the drain. If the investigation committee comes up with this kind of “evidence” then who are the people going to believe? Are the people going to believe your statement or Putin’s statement or what the investigation committee is saying?
  • Delegitimize President Trump’s Leadership. See how the process of delegitimizing Trump is continuously increasing with time ... from ridicule to lawsuits to investigations to mental health. And none of them have stopped. They are nicely sitting there ... using various pressure points ... raising more and more opposition against you ... and creating more and more traps. If you don’t get caught at one place ... then there are a dozen more traps. All they need you to do is fall in one trap ... and then they game will be over and they win. This is how monopoly functions.

This is why we told you my dear lovely President Trump ... the first thing that you should do to secure your Presidency is ... address the problem of “Establishment monopoly”. You initiate a movement against this ... then all of these multiple traps become like spider webs ... you can tear them down as easy as you can tear down the web of a spider. We love Trump and we love America ... eliminating Establishment monopoly is good for both.