04 Jul 2017
The American People like Trump 10 times more than Obama
in America

Here is some interesting news ... the American people like Trump 10 times more than Obama. This is something that the Establishment Media will not tell you. Instead, they will report the opposite and promote fake polls of plunging approval ratings.

Do you know what is a poll? The media company will ask random 100 people or more about their opinion on a particular subject ... and based upon the response from these 100 people ... they will say 30% approve ... 40% disapprove and the rest no response or whatever. And these polls are published as “national” opinion. Technically, we have no way to verify that the information collected by these media agencies is true. We have to take the media agency’s word for it.

And when 90% of the media is owned by the same Establishment ... such polls tend to be more of a propaganda rather than an actual opinion of the people. These polls are published as per the “agenda” of the Establishment rather than the true opinion of the people. Now, how will you know the real time opinion of the people without the tweaking of the media companies? Here is where we come to Twitter.

Let’s just compare some Twitter accounts to that you can see for yourself the “direct interaction and support” of the people. The number of followers on Twitter is not as important as the real time “interaction” of the people. You can see the real time interaction of the people:

  • In the number of retweets and
  • In the number of likes for the tweet

You might have 100 Million followers but if hardly anyone responds to your Tweets ... if hardly anyone likes your Tweets or shares your Tweets then the followers are pretty much bogus followers who don’t really care much. What I need you to see is ... the number of retweets and likes for the top American politicians.

Former President Barack Obama

  • Joined Twitter in March 2007
  • Has 91.5 Million Followers
  • Has 15.5 K Tweets

If you scroll down to the months when he was an active President ... like during August or September. Then look at the number of likes and shares for his Tweets. He has an average of 5k – 10K likes on his Tweets.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

  • Joined in April 2013
  • Has 16.7 Million Followers
  • Has 9886 Tweets

If you look at the likes on her Tweets then it averages about 40K-50K. Her likes are 5 times more than Obama. She plays the woman card in pulling likes. Her number of Tweets are a tiny fraction than that of Obama. She is not much into direct interaction with the people. She interacts with people only when she needs money or votes ... money in paid speeches or campaigns for votes. Since Twitter does not get her money or votes ... she is not much on Twitter.

President Donald J Trump

  • Joined Twitter in March 2009
  • Has 33.2 Million Followers
  • Has 35.2K Tweets

Here is the interesting thing that you should note that the mainstream media never conveys. If you look at the average number of likes on his Tweets then it is about 50K-100K ... that is 10 times more than Obama and twice that of Hillary.

What the Establishment Media says is that ... “Trump’s approval rating is at its lowest right now.” And supposedly ... Obama had the highest approval rating at the end of his Presidency. This is just “media talk”. If you see the actual number of likes and support from the people for each of these candidates ... then Obama was getting a mere 5K-10K likes during the peak of his approval ratings ... and today when they say that Trump is at his lowest approval ratings ... he is getting 50K-100K likes ... that is 10 times more than Obama. The truth is that Trump is getting 10 times more support from the people than Obama ever did.

If you see ... the likes for Tweets ... is not some made up poll by a media agency. It is not an opinion of 100 people or 1000 people ... it is the opinion of hundreds of thousands of people. It is a direct opinion that the people can see live without the curtain of a media company.

Trump is 10 times more popular than Obama
Not only President Trump is 10 times more popular than Obama ... but he is more popular than all Top 10 American politicians combined! Which includes Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Clinton and you can add any other US Politician to the list ... most of them average only 5K-10K likes. You can verify this yourself ... just go online and search for your favorite or most popular US politician ... scroll down and see the number of likes on their Tweets. The number of likes show the direct interaction of the people and the support of the people. This is real time truth that you can verify yourself.

The Establishment freaking out over Trump’s use of Twitter
This is the main reason that the Establishment is freaking out over Trump’s use of Twitter. The guy has been in office for just 6 months ... and he has surpassed all politicians in the American political landscape. Not only he is 10 times more popular than the previous President ... but he is more popular than the top 10 US politicians combined. This level of reach of just one person is of mind blowing proportions for the Establishment. One person having so much reach, so much influence and so much support is mind blowing and it rattles the Establishment’s influence. It’s too much media power in one person’s hands.

Well, Trump could also hire a digital media agency to hike up the likes on his Tweets. Lol. That is also possible. But it is quite unlikely that he is doing that. If that was the case then the Establishment would not be so rattled at Trump’s use of Twitter.

This is the main reason why the Establishment is pressing Trump NOT to use Twitter. “Hey, the President should do his job and stop Tweeting ... stop Trump’s Tweets ... Trump’s Tweets are bad ... get Trump off Twitter ... this is not Presidential ... and bla bla bla.” They are using politicians and media agencies to demonize Trump’s use of Twitter in order to stop his fantastic growth and direct reach among the American people.

Trump, Twitter and Politics
Should Trump stop Tweeting? Tweeting is a social activity ... that is generally used for unofficial purposes. If the President is tweeting the photos of his pet dog or his new car ... then yes, you can tell him ... hey, stop wasting time on Twitter and do your job. But if the President is tweeting about his policies, the work he is doing for the people, the obstructions that he is facing, how he is overcoming those obstructions, how he is fighting for you every single day, the laws that he is creating for you and making a better America for you every single day ... then that is great stuff.

Interactive Leadership
This is “interactive” leadership. This is exactly how it is supposed to function. The boring routine scripted politicians come to the people only once in 4 years only when they want votes. Their language, content, style might be neat ... but it is boring and fruitless ... and people don’t care for such politicians. Trump is true, genuine and honest ... and he is interacting with the American people almost every single day ... talking about every major move that he is making. It is fantastic and people are loving it. The only people who don’t like it are the Establishment Media and Puppet Politicians.

Leadership with a Human Touch
And yes, sometimes the Tweets might not be formal or they might not be what you generally expect from a politician ... but the President is also a human being. If he is sharing what he likes and dislikes, his ups and downs, obstacles and accomplishments ... then it only means that he is putting his heart at work. There are many politicians out there who are cold hearted assholes ... who don’t care at all. It should be a privilege for the people to get a leader who shares his feelings with you ... it only shows that you have a leader who cares.

Some pointers for Trump
Trump does not know that CNN is anti-Establishment but pro-Democrat. CNN is against Trump only because it is pro-Democrat ... it is following simple party politics like Fox. Fox is pro-Republican ... that's why Fox supports Republicans. Check CNN’s coverage of the Gaza war ... they pulled up and scrutinized Israel’s Ambassador and other representatives repeatedly ... they showed the full scale atrocities of the Israeli government against innocent women and children in Gaza ... that it brought several celebrities together in support of Gaza. While the other Establishment Media was playing the routine script of “Israel has the right to defend itself” ... CNN was kicking ass.

Once Trump starts working on fixing Establishment issues ... CNN will become pro-Trump. So, it is not advisable to be fixated in being against CNN. It is simple party politics. Focus on the issues and fight for the people. The Democrats and their media outlets like CNN and CBS will turn around and support you. That's why I said ... don’t worry about the Democrats for now ... focus on the next steps. Focus on GCC collaboration. This is a major milestone ... obstacles will be there ... try to overcome with patience and diplomatic tactics.

If you remain consumed by Domestic pull and push games ... then you will end up doing nothing. They are only consuming time. Your power lies in the International Arena ... Domestic Arena needs to be fixed. You can fix it with International support. If you remain fixated on what he said and she said ... and keep trying to look nice at the Domestic level ... then that will never happen ... because Domestic issues are beyond your control.

Obama and the Iran Deal
Do you know why Obama was successful in the Iran Deal? Even though it was with an "enemy state"? Even though there was huge opposition from the media and politicians at the Domestic Level? They were so opposed to this deal that Republicans were literally sending letters to Iran saying that this deal will not be recognized once Obama leaves office. Even then Obama pulled it off. How?

Because the Establishment has "zero" control in International contracts and relations. It is 100% under the President's Authority. They can cry, they can scream, they can yell, they jump up and down and Netanyahu can hang himself upside down ... even then they cannot stop any changes in "International Contracts and Relations". They have zero influence in International Affairs.

SM and Republican Wins
Do you know why there are so many Republican wins in other elections? That is SM at work. Since you are the Republican President ... we are trying to get you as many Republicans in office as possible. This is SM making sure that it is easy to pass new laws and regulations.

Germany will support you
Germany will turn around and support you. I know right now you are keeping America First ... owing to which imports from Germany will be affected. But this is only for cars or major finished products. But since we will be encouraging local manufacturing across the US and the world ... it will create thousands of manufacturing plants. And Germany is the best in making “machines that make machines”. They are the best in making manufacturing equipment and plants. So Germany will get the orders to supply this equipment all around the world ... in America, Canada, Mexico, South America, Australia and Europe ... this manufacturing will expand to a lot of territories. Today, the only major manufacturer is China ... this will change.

Everyone will not sit and make cars ... but there will be a huge variety of products ... right from electrical to electronic industries. And Germany will have a major share in this development. They don’t know it yet because the program is not yet activated. But trust me, Angela Merkel will be very happy.

Macron will follow or he will be booted
Macron doesn’t stand a chance on his own. If Trump, Putin and Merkel combine on one issue ... then the only thing that Macron will do is nod along. He does not have the power or resources to do anything different. France is already in a terrible crisis ... if Macron does not follow then he will be booted.

Le Pen took a little bit radical approach. She went all anti-EU and anti-Merkel ... that is not the correct stance for France. EU is good for France. Le Pen thought that ... hey, if pull off Trump’s agenda in France then I will win. EU politics, economy and security is different. If Macron does not follow then we will have to fine tune Le Pen to be pro-EU and pro-Merkel ... and give her the right policies to win.

With our policies, she can stomp and eliminate any other political opposition. She will get a sweeping victory and massive support with our policies. Let’s test Macron first and then we will see about Le Pen.

Don’t Stop Tweeting
And lastly ... don’t stop Tweeting. This is "interactive" leadership ... a President is also a human being ... it is not required for everything to be Presidential ... you can also be a human being. Your tweets have a genuine normal day to day human touch to them ... unlike the scripted, boring, formal and technical language of routine politicians. It’s great that you are yourself and it’s great that you are directly interacting with the people on a daily basis. Otherwise, these routine scripted neat politicians interact with the people every 4 years only when they want votes. You are 10 times better than them. Just be yourself.

Happy 4th of July!