02 Jul 2017
Trump and Media: One Nail and 10,000 Hammers
in America

President Trump is probably blown away with the fantastic accomplishments that we are showing ... that are possible under his Presidency. He probably thinks that ... hey, this stuff is fake and it is not actually possible. So, I am guessing that we are in phase where it is “too good to be true”. Well, no problem ... let me show you some stuff that nobody else will show you.

Morning Joe Tweets
Do you know what is going on with the Morning Joe tweets? Why did the media go ballistic against you all of a sudden? You are fighting with the media all the time ... but this time, they used just one tweet to viciously attack you and totally destroy your credibility. Why? Well, here’s the thing ... it was not about your tweet. This ballistic response from the Establishment Media was an “Establishment Planned Deviation” from your American Energy Initiative.

We already told you ... mental voodoo will always be a part of their game ... managing what the people believe in, what they think, how they perceive and controlling the psychology of the masses ... is a part of their game. Your American Energy Initiative was simply fantastic ... it is people centered and it is good for the country. And that’s the stuff that the Establishment does not like. The Establishment hates America and they have setup dozens of exploitation systems all across the country ... that only leech American resources and exploit the American people. Why are they like this? Well, that’s what the entire section of “The Lovely Jewish History” is about. Its not one simple thing that you can point and fix.

But however ... what they have nicely done is “stomped” on your American Energy Initiative ... totally pushed it aside ... and focused on something else that is totally ridiculous and meaningless. Instead of talking how fantastic this initiative is ... instead of discussing how American Energy will help end the debt crisis and support American Development ... they have consumed the American people’s minds in demonizing you. Instead of being complimented and praised ... you are being trashed upon and kicked around.

How did your tweet affect anything? It is simply ridiculous, meaningless and immaterial lines of some text. What is more important ... the tweet or American Energy? What should have been the focus? Exactly. This is Establishment Media Monopoly, my friend.

By the way, this is not the first time that they are doing this. They are stomping on all of your “America First” initiatives with demonization campaigns. They are successfully deviating the American people from recognizing you, recognizing the work that you are doing and consuming their time and minds with negative information about you. Some recent examples:

  • Infrastructure Week – Obstruction of Justice. You launched the infrastructure week trying to address the issues that the country is facing in terms of failing infrastructure. What was the Establishment doing exactly at the same time? It was all about Comey, Russia and Obstruction of Justice. Does anyone know about your “Infrastructure Week”? No, but everyone knows about Comey, Russia and obstruction of justice.
  • Half a Trillion Saudi Investment – Terror Attacks in UK. You made a fantastic and historic visit to the Middle East and got half a trillion worth investments for USA. Were you able to promote what you did? Were you able to work on “peace and cooperation”? No, instead you were busy and occupied by the new wave of terror attacks in UK and other countries. Instead of talking about peace ... you started talking about the Travel Ban. Do you see the corresponding deviation?
  • American Energy – Morning Joe. Now, you launched American Energy ... instead of talking about and promoting American Energy ... why we need it and how important it is ... you are busy in a conflict with the Media. Are you able to see the deviation?

What the Establishment is doing here is ... they are taking a dump over all of your America First initiatives. They are successfully preventing any positive coverage of Trump or his policies. They are not allowing the American people to see you in positive light. They are continuously working on totally destroying your image and credibility ... doesn’t matter how good the things are that you are doing. This is mental voodoo ... this is what they can successfully do with their monopoly.

Is any of the above information “fake”? You tell me. You are the one who is experiencing it. You are the one who is going through it. Is any of the above things fake? No, my dear friend ... it is not. What we are doing here is ... looking beyond the skin and showing you what is happening.

Divide and Destroy
The Establishment knows very well that they don’t stand a chance when America, Russia, GCC and Active Democracy combine. They simply don’t stand a chance. They have to break this team in order to survive and move ahead with their destructive plans. This is exactly how they are working on breaking the formation of this team.

  • America-Russia. Trump is good friends with Putin. But the way to break this friendship is by attacking Syria or starting a war with North Korea. One country is protected by Russia ... another country is right next to Russia. Which is why they are encouraging Trump to “defend” the rebel forces in Syria. This is why they are asking Trump to take action on chemical attacks in Syria. Rebel zones are Establishment zones ... they are creating chemical attacks in their own zones and asking Trump to bomb Assad. What will be the end result of this? It will not only break relations with Russia but it may also start a conflict with Russia. They are successfully tearing apart the team here.
  • America-GCC. Trump needs to work with GCC and Turkey to change Establishment monopolies. They are creating terror attacks and basing it on Islam. How will Trump cooperate with GCC when he thinks that Islam is a hateful religion that creates terrorism? The Establishment is again successfully breaking the team here.
  • Trump-Active Democracy. There are several deviation and stalling techniques that they are using to stop cooperation with Active Democracy. Some of them are discussed below

Deviation and Stalling Techniques
Two types of techniques will be used.

  • Negative Techniques. They will try to show this as racism and anti-Semitism ... which I believe they have already done. They just see if you buy that. If you are buying it ... then well and good. Otherwise, they move to the next strategy.
  • Positive Techniques. Try to own and control the operation. They will send in another team ... that will say ... “hey, this stuff is great. We got it. We will do it!” Just now it was all racism and anti-Semitism ... now they are all hyped up and ready to do the work on their own. What happens in this is ... they take over the work and make sure that it fails.

We went through both of these phases during the Obama Administration itself. At first, they tried to stop us using all negative language and negative points ... when they failed in that approach ... they moved on with another approach of making “Obama Great”. “Hey, why don’t you do this on your own? And become great? Why do you need Active Democracy? Do this on your own!” They consumed several years of his Presidency ... successfully fooled and failed him ... and Obama was like ... “we tried ... it didn’t work”. And we were like ... “who asked you to try? It is not meant to be done like that.”

Whatever might be their technique or means ... this is what their major objective is ... “do not allow America, Russia, GCC and Active Democracy to team up”. If this happens then their end times begin. So they will resort to terror attacks blamed on Islam, cyber-attacks blamed on Russia and massive non-stop demonization of Trump ... just to make sure that this team does not fall into place.

Current Establishment Options
If there is no change in Establishment monopoly then this is what these criminals will facilitate for the Trump Presidency:

  • Path One. The path that they will follow is ... ridicule, lawsuits, investigations and impeachment. This is the easiest path with minimum damage to the Trump Family. Getting impeached is not a great thing ... but this is the best option with minimum damage. It will get you out of the trouble circuit in the least time. It is possible that you may quit before getting impeached ... but the timescale will be almost the same. Trump will be back in Trump Tower.
  • Path Two. The second path that they might follow is ... to push Trump for a major war. If you see their path ... they are already in the investigations stage. Ridicule is continuously ongoing and lawsuits are piling up ... it is just two more steps towards impeachment. This stage might be critical where Trump may jump in for a major war. In this scenario, the path becomes ... ridicule, lawsuits, investigations, war and death or impeachment. The Establishment objective is total destruction. Right now, President Trump is already seen as a terrible President. Till date the Establishment was anti-Muslim ... but now they are going pro-Muslim only to demonize Trump. Even if President Trump creates a major war ... the options are destruction, death or impeachment. This is an even worse case scenario than Path One. Trump Tower may not even exist if the war is with Russia.
  • Path Three. Luckily, there is another path possible along with Establishment monopoly and that is ... ridicule, lawsuits, investigations and the Most Disgusting President ever. This is the title that the Establishment wants to give to President Donald J Trump ... “The Most Disgusting President Ever” ... and that is exactly what they are working on every day. They titled Bush as the “Worst President Ever” even though he followed all Establishment wars. Obama was titled the President who did nothing and for Trump they are planning the “Most Disgusting President Ever”. This is a lengthy path of ridicule.

Even if President Trump dodges all of the lawsuits ... even if he avoids any major war and destruction for America ... even then he will go down as the Most Disgusting President Ever. Why? Because doesn’t matter what he will do ... it will never be recognized. The Establishment will only pick some negative points about Trump and fill the media & the people’s minds with that. That is exactly what they are doing since the past one year. You can see it live right now ... American Infrastructure, Energy and Investments have been brushed aside and they are just hammering Trump on other minor stuff.

One Nail and 10,000 Hammers
These guys are war designers. They will create scenarios to pull you where they want you. If you make one mistake then they will come to you with 10,000 hammers. An example ... the Morning Joe guys ... they were repeatedly again and again ... calling the President a moron, a jerk and several other derogatory names. This is not a satire or comedy show ... it is an actual mainstream morning news show. Is it okay to call your President a moron and a jerk on your news channels? This guy goes on and on for months like that ... nobody responds to them, nobody silences them, nobody controls them ... the President made just one tweet against them ... and look how ballistic the entire Establishment media went against the President.

It is like one nail and 10,000 hammers in action. What will happen to the nail if hammered by 10,000 hammers? It will totally and utterly destroy that nail. Doesn’t matter even if you are the President ... you will be totally and utterly destroyed when 10,000 hammers start attacking you again and again. The President does not make the first attack. They will create scenarios ... carry out heinous, negative and intolerable activity around you ... and push you over the edge to take action. And once you make one mistake ... 10,000 hammers come after you. This is media monopoly in action. As long as this monopoly exists, this is never going to stop. The cyber-attacks, the chemical attacks and terrorism are based upon the same strategy. They create events to invite action from you.

Options with Active Democracy
Which is why ... my dear lovely lovely friend ... President Donald J Rocking Trump ... we requested you to work on a slightly different path ... that will help you with several factors, systems and monopolies that you cannot see. This path will take you to success and glory. No ridicule, no investigations, no war, no destruction and no impeachment. All of those investigations will be toast once you change the system itself. You will be on a fantastic glorious path of success for your Family, Presidency, Country and People. It is great for everyone.

Too good to be true?
I know a small part of you will be like ... “ow my God, is this true? Can it really happen?” Hell yes, it can happen. What have you to lose? On this program, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • Zero Investment. You are making zero direct investment in this program. It costs you nothing. GCC will gladly invest. You gave them a $400 Billion deal. $2-3 Billion is peanuts for them. Use the Pressure Mode and show them that this project is important for your country and they will cooperate. Moreover, we show how both countries can make hundreds of billions in revenue. Our project pays for itself.
  • Zero Risk. There is absolutely no risk for your Presidency as our operation will be as an independent media agency. There is no need to attach your name or image to our operation in the initial phase, unless you want to.
  • 100% Transparency. We provide 100% transparency for our sponsors. We charge 10% of the donated amount and channel 10% towards setting up educational institutions. Everything else is spent on the work. The operation is totally transparent and the sponsors can see our bank transactions for the same. Other companies may show accounting books ... but we have nothing to hide ... we can directly show all of the bank transactions.
  • 100% Pro Trump. You are getting 1,000 online activists that are 100% Pro Trump. In such a vicious media atmosphere, this is the best thing that can happen to you. 1,000 activists that connect with millions of people and show America the real truth.
  • In the Battle with you. This is not a business proposal ... this is a battle ... this is psychological and media warfare against malicious systems. We will be with you in every step of the way ... fighting for you and with you ... and ensuring that you succeed.

Want to have your own team and initiatives?
One way that the Establishment will deviate you is ... “hey, this is great stuff ... do this on your own.” Here is where they will isolate you and make sure that you will fail. Don’t fall for it. If you want to have your own team and initiatives then we have no problem with that. GCC will gladly toss one billion for you and one billion for us. Cash is not the problem here. In fact, you should have your team on this ... which is why we were asking Ivanka to setup a small team of her own. But do not let them isolate you and disconnect you from us. The moment you disconnect from us ... you will fail.

Why? Because we know all of their systems, skins and factors that operate under each skin. It is very very very easy for them to fail you. Trust me on that. Obama is sitting there crying for being a Zero President. Do you think he had a shortage of any advisors or intelligence? He had all tools that a President could have ... even then he failed. The only thing he can be right now is angry or regretful. If you want to setup a team ... then set it up ... but that will not be enough ... it will never be enough. Which is why we are asking you to break monopolies. You are dealing with a massive network here ... of tens of thousands of elements. Breaking monopolies will start creating hundreds of elements in your favor.

So, setup your team, work with us and let us create hundreds of elements that will work on the same objectives ... independently on their own. You need as many hammers as you can get. Working with us you get to know:

  • All of their malicious systems
  • All of their layers and skins
  • All of the factors that function in each skin
  • Their behaviors, patterns, plans and strategies
  • Their puppets and elements in each layer
  • Their tools, technologies, methods and techniques
  • And how all of these are inter-connected and function as one Establishment
  • You will know how to break all of these monopolies
  • All of the rules and regulations you need
  • Massive media campaign
  • Political Support
  • And support from the Silent Majority, an entity that is thousand times stronger than the Establishment

Without this know-how and support you will never succeed ... you will never make it. If a person truly understood the scale and presence of the Establishment and he will know that it can never happen without the cooperation of America, Russia and GCC. If someone is suggesting you anything else then that guy doesn’t know shit.

You work with us ... with our plan ... we will have 10,000 hammers in our hands and guess who will be the nail? Yes, that’s right ... the Establishment will be the nail. The malicious among them will only pack up and run ... they will have no other options. They can forget about impeaching Trump.

The work is something like an intelligence agency. They fooled Obama to do it on his own and he fell for it. Is it wise to eliminate the military because Obama wants to be the hero who catches Bin Laden? Is it wise to eliminate the police force because Obama wants the credit for catching the criminal? Obama goes around saying ... I got Bin Laden ... I got Bin Laden. But in reality ... did Obama get Bin Laden? No, it was a military operation ... it was one soldier who got Bin Laden. We say Bill Clinton created 23.5 Million jobs ... did Bill Clinton hire 23.5 Million people? No, he did not ... the companies did. But the Presidents claim for the work done under their Administration. Why? Because that’s how history works. What happens under your Presidency ... the credit goes to you.

This malice is so widespread around the world ... it involves hundreds of thousands of companies ... it is affecting the lives of billions of people. Working on this malice requires an “Intelligence Agency” ... a “people” based intelligence agency ... that focuses on eliminating systems and ideology that exploit the people. This is exactly what we want to setup ... a people based intelligent system that eliminates exploitation systems around the world.

So, don’t let them fool you with the credit game ... all credit goes to you. What is more important is making it happen under your Presidency. Rise to glory.