30 Jun 2017
Handling the Overwhelming and Feasibility Factors
in America

Seems like President Trump is trying to take advice on the project ... whether to do or not to do ... to do or not to do? Lol. Well, yes that’s a normal thing that anyone would do when such a massive project is concerned. But this is what you should know.

The Overwhelming Factor
This is not like a regular construction project. Construction projects are pretty much easy and straight forward. Construction is pretty much a give and take deal. Okay fine ... what are the features of the project ... what are the facilities and bla bla bla ... and what is the cost? What are you providing and what you are charging for it. Most business lines are very linear and straight forward.

But this project ... my dear friend ... comparatively, it is pretty darn complicated.

  • There are multiple systems
  • Operating under multiple layers
  • With multiple factors associated with each layer

The dynamics of this project is not only 3 dimensional but it has multiple dimensions in each of its dimension. This is why this malice is still existing. If it was simple and straight forward then it would have already been rooted out.

The Lovely Jewish History
On this site you will find a section of “The Lovely Jewish History”. This is not a book ... it is just a collection of a few points. The objective of writing this section was to stop World War III. And as you can see around you ... we have succeeded. We wanted to reach mainly 3 elements in order to stop WWIII:

  • Silent Majority. Sometimes it is referred to as the Matrix or the Human Network or the Crew or the Universe ... people have different terms for the same entity as per their understanding. We have a long history with SM. The content was written to activate SM in addressing the immediate concerns at hand.
  • White House. But we saw that SM was not able to provide a sufficient impact. Thus we started reaching out to the White House directly.
  • Kremlin. And then in order to have peace and pull the world in the right direction ... it was important to pull the Kremlin also on the same page. Thus we also have the Kremlin in the loop.

The content that you read on our site is mainly meant for SM, the White House and the Kremlin. It is not a regular book that you can pass on to take advice. Because it has been written as per the understanding that we have with SM and the White House. That’s point number one. The second issue that you will have in “taking advice” is that ... anyone that you will talk to in taking advice on this project:

  • They will either not understand the project or
  • They will be overwhelmed by the project

That is mainly because this is not a regular linear business or political project. It is a multi-system, multi-layered and multi-factored project. And if you don’t understand the multiple systems, the multiple layers in each system and the multiple factors that are associated with each layer ... then you will be simply blown away by the project or you will simply not understand what is going on.

FBI, CIA, Business or Political Experts
Don’t you think Obama had all of these advisers with him? He had the best intelligence officers, military officers and business & political experts. But we gave him the info that none of them could provide. We showed him malicious systems that the best of FBI and CIA could not detect. He had the best team that America could provide but he totally and utterly failed in doing anything successfully. Why and how? Because that’s how the Establishment functions.

They will have hundreds of misleading techniques ... one of which will also be ... “hey, we got it ... we know what to do ... we will take care of it!” First, they will try to stop our work ... if they can’t do that then they will claim to do the same work successfully on their own. The result of both will be the same. That’s how Obama is a Zero President today.

Understanding with Experience
This is a project that you understand with experience. It is not a regular project that you can put on the table and evaluate. To understand the ongoing factors, to understand the malicious systems and how they are using different elements and events in their favor ... it takes time. It takes time to learn, observe and detect. You have to see through what is going on and experience it.

It takes at least 1-2 years for one person to fully understand what is going on. For one person to transition from his current understanding to get to a level of understanding the entire malice ... it takes 1-2 years of time. So, don’t expect any other guy to step in and evaluate this. It is not something that you can do in an hour or day or two ... especially when you have absolutely no understanding of what is going on.

Taking Advice ... from whom?
Let me make it easy for you. Generally, you will take advice from someone who is highly experienced in business or politics or whatever. So, just check the background of the people that you are talking to ... did these people in their careers ...

  • Did they ever reach out to the White House and the Kremlin?
  • Did they ever successfully advise the President in signing a Nuclear Deal with Iran, a sworn enemy of the West, in order to stop a bigger World War?
  • Did they ever successfully advise the Kremlin to intervene and stop wars in Syria and Iran?
  • Did they ever in their lifetime see a World War enfolding before it happens and then reach out to both sides in stopping that war?
  • Do they have a plan to eliminate $20 Trillion of American debt?
  • Can they generate hundreds of billions for American National Development?

I can go on and on ... but we have already done all of the above. We could do the above successfully because we understand what is going on. If you are talking to anyone and taking advice then that candidate ... doesn’t matter who it is ... the FBI Director or Military General or Business or Political Experts:

  • They should know all of the malicious operating right now
  • They should know why and how they are operating
  • Based upon that knowledge, they should have already been active in stopping these systems
  • And then stopping is not enough ... you should be able to fix it and provide better fantastic solutions
  • And after that ... if you have a full understanding of this malice ... you will know that working on America alone is not enough ... you should have a plan to move into Europe as well.

So, the “experts” that you are talking to ... if they are showing the above skillsets then please go ahead and take their advice. Alternatively, if the only thing that they are saying is ... “let’s stop terrorism ... this is the biggest problem of our world” ... then they don’t know shit. In fact, that is an indication of an Establishment Puppet.

Easy and Feasible
We know that it is a pretty darn complicated world out there. Which is why we make things very easy and show steps that are very feasible. Examples will help:

Saving Syria and Iran. We showed Putin what is going on ... it was the same Establishment elements that had destroyed the East under Communism. We showed very simple steps to Putin ... that very single operation will be fully paid for by Syria and Iran. The entire operation will cost nothing for Russia and it will win friends & allies for Russia. These countries were on the verge of disaster and we saved them by making it simple, easy and feasible. In fact, some malicious Establishment elements will try to use this to spoil our relations with Turkey and GCC saying ... “hey, look at this guy ... he helps Syria and Iran.” The Establishment is malicious ... they look for lines of conflict at every place.

Turkey-Russia. Recently, relations between Turkey and Russia had become terribly worse. All relations and trade was cut off. We changed that ... we knew what was going on. We showed to Turkey that Putin is a fantastic guy standing there with his arms wide open and ready to be friends ... all you need to say is sorry. The problem got fixed within one week. Otherwise, on Russian news channels they were talking about Turkey’s role in WWI and WWII ... they were gearing up for war.

Now, when it comes to the Trump Administration ... we are showing you steps that are very simple that you can do with the greatest ease.

Ivanka’s Intelligence Team. We suggested that Ivanka should have her own special intelligence team that can collect some HR data. Tell me, where is the difficulty in that? Is someone going to stop you from that? You are the President of the country ... you can hire and you can collect data. Its simple and its easy.

Teaming up with GCC. President Trump was going all anti-Muslim anti-Saudi. He was talking about Saudi’s role in 911. But we showed you guys that they are very simple and hospitable people who will love to cooperate with you. You stepped forward and you got a deal of about $400 Billion. Was that difficult? Did anyone stop you?

We make things very very easy and simple. All you need to do is keep your eye on the next step and make it happen.

Smile Mode and Pressure Mode
Many things will be realized using the Smile Mode. But for some things, you will need to enter the “Pressure Mode” in order to overcome Establishment influence. We showed you that also. Sometimes you will need to put some pressure.

Look around you, the Establishment has activated hundreds of pressure points. All of these hundreds of media outlets and politicians are “Establishment Pressure Points”. These media agencies are specifically given instructions to demonize and trash Trump. To trash Trump, his family and his Administration is on the to-do list for hundreds of media outlets. They have activated hundreds of pressure points against you ... and you are still thinking of utilizing one pressure point that you have at hand. You have established a good connection with GCC ... now enter Pressure Mode. Its simple, its easy and its feasible.

Contain the Plan
For now ... don’t go around taking advice or asking what to do. Just contain the plan within a very close team. We will give you a detailed comprehensive plan in each monopoly breakdown. The first one we will go for will be the media. When we give you this plan ... we will give you two versions ... one just for you and another that you can circulate within your team and Administration. You can pull in your advisers and take as much advice you want ... on that plan. Because that plan will be written as per the understanding and knowhow of typical business and political advisers.

It’s a Learning Process
The whole thing is a learning process ... especially for the people. This is why we have to take it step by step. Educate the people of what is going on ... fix it and then move to the next step ... show what is going on in the next step ... fix it and then move ahead.

The Cyber Attack and the Vatican
And by the way, did you notice the recent cyber-attack? Cyber-attacks have increased since your election. The latest one has an impact on Ukraine, Europe and USA. The attack has an impact only on the opponents of Russia. So guess who did it? The apparent guess would be Russia ... because only Russian opposition countries have been effected. This is how the Establishment plays the game.

We wrote one page on how President Trump will activate tens of thousands of Churches in his favor. What happens immediately after that? A top Vatican member is in a scandal. Okay fine, there is a sex scandal ... but why now ... and why the Church? If you understand how the Matrix functions, their technology and tools ... then you can easily map these events. This is the best that the Establishment can do ... run demonization campaigns against its opposition. This is the best that they can come up with.

And the fact that we write just one page ... and it rattles them ... to the extent that they have to start new demonization campaigns shows their “guilt”. These guys are guilty criminals on the run ... you have nothing to fear ... lets hammer them out.