26 Jun 2017
Trump-Russia Collusion is actually about Establishment Communist Crimes
in America

Okay, this is what Team Trump needs to know. Trump-Russia collusion is actually about Establishment Communist Crimes in the East. These guys fear Active Democracy. They don’t fear us because we are a great and mighty organization ... we are actually a very small company as of now. But they fear us because we know a lot about their “criminal” activities against the Christian masses.

“Communist Crimes” are one of the biggest crimes committed by the Jewish Establishment in the History of mankind. More than a 100 million Christians were massacred in Communist countries in the East. Thousands of Churches were destroyed and tens of thousands of priests and clergymen were executed. Every Ex-Communist country knows this. The Establishment is basically working on backup plans against our launch.

We already mentioned that we will get in touch with Putin and expose all of the Communist crimes carried out in the East. While the Establishment was promoting the Judeo-Christian faith in the West ... they were at the same time massacring millions of Christians in the East. They did this for more than 70 years. They were able to do this successfully and get away with it ... by the control of the media. In the Communist countries, they owned the complete media and everything ... so whatever happened there, it was never leaked out to other countries. In fact, within urban Russian cities they did not know that millions of Russian farmers were starving to death in the villages. Only when Russians visited the villages outside the cities, they came to know of the mass deaths that were happening and the government was doing nothing to help them.

While this was happening in the East, the same Establishment of the same ideology had full ownership of the media in the West. They censored all Communist crimes in the West. Millions of Christians died in the East ... Communist barbarism and atrocities continued while the West was not even informed. There would be only some human rights groups and some politicians who would know and voice their concerns. These guys were able to get away with massive crimes against humanity only owing to media and political monopoly.

Now, what their backup plan to “cover up” the exposure of these massive crimes is ... when we go live and expose these crimes in the West ... they will say, “this is Trump-Russia collusion! Russia is interfering in our democracies! Russia is interfering in our politics! We should hold Russia accountable. We should stop Russia!” This is their backup plan and this is exactly what they are working on right now.

This continuous non-stop Russia-Russia-Russia ... is their “fear” of exposure of crimes against Christians. They are desperately trying to do everything possible to make sure that the information from the East does not reach the masses in the West ... they are trying to make sure that there is no cooperation from the East and the West.

Well, yes it is terribly cheesy. It won’t work. But this is the best that they could come up with. This is the best that they can do using their media and political monopoly in America right now.

Trump need not worry about “collusion”
President Trump need not worry about collusion. There are several ways of doing this work and using the President on the frontstage is not a requirement in the initial phase. But what we definitely need is ... the breakdown of the media monopoly. Once we have considerable media mileage, we will just interconnect Churches and politicians from both sides.

We will interview leading Priests from Ex-Communist countries ... not only from Russia but from several Ex-Communist Countries ... and take opinions from the leading and prominent Christian leaders from America. We will unite the Churches from both sides on the common ground of Christianity. In the same manner, we will unite politicians on both sides. We don’t need to directly start with the Presidents. If we start putting Trump and Putin on the channels ... then the Establishment media will scream ... “hey, look collusion!” Instead of putting Trump and Putin in the headlines ... we will interact with dozens of other politicians on both sides.

This will provide massive ground level support ... both on a Christian front and the political base for the Trump Presidency. These are “systemic” works. We don’t interact with just one politician or one media channel ... that is not how Active Democracy functions. Systems are changed via systemic efforts. We channelize the masses ... hundreds of politicians, hundreds of media outlets and tens of thousands of Churches ... that’s how you mobilize the masses and get change.

We have the truth on our side and the Establishment has massive crimes on their side. This is why they are totally desperate and totally scared.

Trump, the Millionaire Maker
President Trump does not have to be on the first page for everything. Your focus is on making a great America. You get involved in initiatives that create millionaires. That's what you focus on. And then let these hundreds of media outlets do their job. You just integrate with them in the backend. You will have forces of hundreds of media outlets in your favor. The first thing you need is initiatives to break media monopoly.

ISIS does not have access to the White House
Here is another proof of the connection between the Establishment and terror. ISIS does not have access to the White House. Do you think ISIS is connected to the White House? Hell no, it is not. However, if you see ... the moment we publish something and inform the White House ... the terror activities on the ground level changes. Examples will help.

  • Terror in Sweden. We said that these terror activities mainly happen in countries like USA, UK, France and Germany ... because these are primary Establishment strongholds. There is a lot of Establishment malice here and these countries are going deep in debt owing to this malice (except Germany ... terror in Germany is owing to its refugee policy against Establishment interest). We said that terror is concentrated in these countries ... the White House is informed on this pattern ... what do they do next? They carry out an event in Sweden only to show a deviance from the pattern.
  • ISIS in Philippines. We said that this War on Terror is designed only to create genocide in Muslim countries. ISIS infiltrates Muslim countries and on the pretext of fighting ISIS, these countries are totally destroyed and millions of innocent people are killed. The White House is informed on this pattern. What do they do next? They move ISIS into Philippines ... only to show a deviance in the pattern.
  • Spike in recent terror attacks. President Trump visits the Gulf with high hopes of peace and cooperation ... all of a sudden there is a spike in Radical Islam based terror activities. We show to the White House that ... hey, this recent spike in Islam based terror activities are designed so that you don’t cooperate with the Gulf and move away from Muslim countries. What do they do next? In the next week terror activities continue but without the use of Muslims.

Do you see the corresponding changes in their works? These activities are carried out by someone who has access to the White House. Someone who knows what the President is discussing ... by someone who knows what the President is planning. And trust me ... ISIS does not have that kind of access. It is only the Establishment that has this kind of interconnectivity.

But the fantastic thing that you should also see is that ... by just using one website ... we are able to make the Establishment dance around. We were able to make the Establishment pack up their gold and run to the South China Sea ... we are able to affect their work patterns. And if we connect with a few hundred media agencies and politicians worldwide ... guess what we can do to the Establishment. We will hammer the shit out of the Establishment.

Simultaneous Activities
We are a small company as of now. But size is relative. The moment we get a sponsor we will have a 1,000 people working for us. The size can change at the tap of the finger. That is not important. What is important right now is to ... carry out a few activities simultaneously. By the time we will hire, organize, train and launch ... it will take a few month’s time. But the moment we get a sponsor, the first thing we will do is prepare the strategy to breakdown the media. This is the first thing that needs to begin.

While we hire and train the rest of the team ... our core team can collaborate with the White House in ways of breaking down the media. We need the massive online team to help in worldwide marketing ... with social media, telemarketing and reaching out to thousands of Churches in USA and in the East. The team helps in mobilizing global elements as per the project.

Noise and Chaos – Israel is desperate for War
The Establishment knows that their end times are near. They have mainly two options in this scenario.

  • Pack up and Run. The main thing that they can do to prevent action being taken against them is ... pack up and run. The bankers have already done that. They have already secured their gold in South China Sea. The manufacturers have their industries in China. The core things that they needed have already been secured in Communist China.
  • Noise and Chaos. But they still have the monopoly that exists in the West ... in politics as well as media. So what they can do now is sit back and make noise using their contact points. They will just sit there and try to create chaos in the West. This is why they are doing Trump-Russia, Trump-Russia, Trump-Russia.

But the dangerous part is ... “events and war” ... they are desperate for war. They already made two massive attempts to create war.

  • Syria. Once in Syria ... trying to respond to chemical attacks.
  • North Korea. And another is war movements towards North Korea.

We exposed both of these moves and thank God ... President Trump understood and cooperated. But even after the failure of these two moves ... they have still not stopped.

  • Israel-Syria. Israel is bombing Syria again and again trying to piss off Russia and Syria ... and invite a war from their side.
  • Israel-Lebanon. Israel is also threatening war with other regional elements.

The gold has moved and they have no reason to protect Israel. They are at desperate lows and they are ready to sacrifice Israel in the process. We may launch ... but President Trump must keep this in mind ... these are desperate times and they may take desperate measures. What they are doing throughout is stay two steps ahead. They are monitoring what we write ... what our plans are ... and what the White House is going to do. And they are planning two steps ahead with the Intel that they are getting.

Their plans are totally weak and cheesy ... we will easily overcome all of their ridiculous moves. But these guys are criminals ... they may desperately try to move towards a war or try to create events ... to create a major deviation from the project. This could be their last resort to thwart and deviate our operation. So you have to keep a cool head ... just in case if anything out of the normal happens. We have to play bigger and smarter. We don’t have to fall in their trap ... we have to root them out.

A Tip of Saudi Arabia
Please do not make any economic ties with Israel as of now. Jared Kushner is a nice guy but you don’t have to do everything that he says. Establishment elements might try to use Kushner to sway things in Israel’s favor. You do not have to follow Kushner on Israel. There are massive changes have to come in Israel. Feel free to work with Israel “after” those changes have been implemented. Until then teaming up with Israel will be a major disaster for Saudi. These guys are criminals ... they will leech you out and destroy your country.

Trump Presidency is great. Fabulous things will happen for the Gulf and Turkey under the Trump Presidency. Stay away from Israel and cooperate with President Trump on other matters.