21 Jun 2017
Pleasing and pestering Netanyahu is not going to help, Donald
in America

Hotel politics does not work, Donald. Sucking up, pleasing and pestering Netanyahu will not work. We already told you ... these are complicated times ... very critical and very unpredictable. If you think that ... hey, I am going to talk with him and give him what he wants ... so that things can be straightened out ... then you are mistaken.

Firstly, you yourself should realize what you are doing. You are facing ridicule at home, legal investigations and lawsuits at home ... but you are having to talk to Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of another country to make it go away. Lol. This should never be the situation in the first place. Secondly, I told you to approach them with “love” ... the Common Jews, who have no association to this criminal ideology ... they should be approached with love ... not the “criminal heads” who are running this worldwide criminal enterprise. If you approach these criminal heads with love then they will only use you and then destroy you as per their plan.

Bankers don’t care if Israel is itself destroyed
Right now, the situation is so adverse that the Bankers don’t care if Israel is itself destroyed. They are ready to toast 6 million Jews ... their own people ... in a nuclear holocaust. The war that they want to create right now ... it will destroy dozens of countries ... starting from America to Europe till all the way till Russia ... dozens of countries will be destroyed ... resulting in the deaths of millions of people and thousands of “politicians” will also be killed. In each country they are running the required “lines of friction” to facilitate this war. In America they are promoting Russia as bad ... in Russia, America is bad ... in Saudi, Iran is bad ... in Iran, Saudi is bad ... in Turkey, Syria is bad ... in NATO, Russia is bad ... they are designing lines of friction in every country as per the regional culture and politics.

And you are thinking ... hey, I am the President of the United States ... let’s see what these guys want and everything will stop? No, it does not work that way. You are just one politician among the thousands of other politicians that they are using to facilitate this war. Things will not change if only one politician does not like what he is getting owing to the current situation. These guys are so criminally inclined that they don’t care about their own people being killed by the millions ... they don’t care if their own country is wiped off. They have nicely moved the gold to South China Sea and facilitating this war from a safe location. You think they will care about one politician getting hurt in the process?

This is what will happen if you approach Netanyahu:

  • Bomb Assad. Firstly, he will ask you to bomb Assad. This guy’s job is to promote and facilitate the war. He himself was going on a full scale war directly with Syria despite knowing Russia is present in Syria. He was ready for a conflict with Russia. He was thinking ... hey, if Russia attacks Israel then we will pull America against Russia in the war ... and the required war will be facilitated. But we exposed this prank ... so what he is doing is ... asking you to strike Syrian and Iranian planes on Syrian territory so that Russia gets pissed off and joins the conflict. In one way or the other he is facilitating the conflict with Russia.
  • Settlement Homes. Till this war is created ... he will pull stuff for Israel’s benefit and that is ... allow me to build more settlement homes. He will continue to occupy more Palestinian land and make common Jews live on the border under threat in these insecure homes.
  • Aid and Weapons. Other than that ... he will ask for more aid and weapons. These guys are criminals, they will just rip you off. What other countries are paying by the billions to acquire ... these guys take it for free.

And despite giving them all of the above ...

  • Humiliation and ridicule of President Donald Trump will continue on a daily basis
  • Lawsuits will rise and new ones will be added
  • Investigations will go on and continue to create headlines
  • You will only move closer to impeachment

If you see the last one year ... this is exactly what has been going on. If you had taken action in January then you would not be in so much trouble today. You would have massive support from both ... the media and the people. The Establishment would have been struggling to keep on with its offensive today.

Take “verifiable” actions forward
That’s why we told you to take “verifiable” actions to take things forward. Don’t end up being a do-nothing guy like Obama. Obama also “tried” but he ended up being a “Zero President”. He was Mr.Zero ... why? ... because the Establishment successfully failed him in every positive step that he wanted to take. In one way or the other ... they will fail your next steps ... the steps that are required to expose and stop the Establishment.

Decision Making Process
Don’t allow them to take over your decision making process. The moment you are putting in a “process” to decide then know that you are going to be failed. The steps that we show you are very simple and straightforward ... they don’t need a “process” to decide on them. It is as simple as “push that button to switch on the light” ... so all you need to do is push the button and you will have light. But if you allow them to control your decision making via a process ... then you are screwed. They will be like ... okay fine ... let us vote ... should we push that button or not? How people in the room say yes? You don’t need a process ... you don’t need several other people or factors to tell you what is right in something so simple and obvious.

They take the most obvious things ... play with your head ... put several conditions in between ... complicate the situation and deviate you. If you need the light then push the button ... it is as simple as that. You don’t need voting, you don’t need other people and factors to tell you that it is right. This is the reason why Erdogan and Putin work with the speed of light on the stuff that we show. Obama was stalled using mental voodoo like this.

Why do you think Putin sent his warship into the Mediterranean? Because we told him that ... these sanctions and aggression against Russia are not American owned ... these are Banker Policies ... these Bankers want war. And we showed him the connections of the Jewish Establishment in banks, media and politics. We told him ... if this war begins then the first thing you should do is ... take down the Bankers. Putin verified everything ... everything was true ... and he sends his warship into the Mediterranean ... and Netanyahu is running to Moscow again and again. This is when our Bankers packed up and ran to South China Sea. Putin took a swift action based upon the shown facts in his country’s best interests ... and it was very very influential ... it had a massive impact.

The same way ... we showed Erdogan ... using this war they are going to destroy several countries and Turkey could also be one of them. You have to make peace with Russia ... all Putin needs is a “sorry” from you. Within one week ... a letter of apology is received by Putin and the two countries make up. Within one week things are accomplished. Erdogan is not sitting and playing with mental voodoo ... using votes to decide what is right. Putin and Erdogan use commonsense and facts. They made good decisions within the right time framework in the best interest of their countries. They did not get played by other factors in between.

We are showing you in facts that you can see so clearly ... the continuous humiliation, the demonization, the investigation committees, the lawsuits ... and still they are stalling you. Do NOT get played. They are giving you the worst treatment possible. None of the other Presidents were treated like this in their first term.

  • Verifiable Positive Steps. You have to make “verifiable” positive steps to secure your Presidency and the country. Attacking Russian protected countries is not a verifiable positive step ... in fact, it is the opposite.
  • Use Pressure Points. If these verifiable steps don’t happen, then you should start using “pressure points” to make them happen. You don’t get swayed away because someone outsmarted you and tricked you. You should start using pressure points to make sure things happen your way that are positive for your Presidency and your country. Do NOT get fooled like Obama.

All you need is the combination of Gulf countries, Turkey and Russia to support your Presidency and your country. All of them will gladly do it. Don’t get stalled ... don’t get fooled ... don’t get played. If anything is coming in between ... be prepared to use pressure points to make things happen.

Don’t waste your time in Syria
Another important point ... don’t waste your time in Syria. Syria was an Obama blunder. We have nothing to gain from Syria other than a conflict with Russia. Stuff like

  • We are protecting US assets in Syria
  • We are defending US supported forces in Syria
  • We have to win in Syria

All of that is bullshit. It is Establishment mental voodoo. Get out of Syria ... allow Russia to stabilize Syria. Don’t continue with Obama’s blunders. You have absolutely no scope in your Presidency to continue with any of Obama’s blunders or failures. You already have too much to deal with. If you try to do any of the above it will only create a conflict with Russia ... which is exactly what the Establishment wants. Slowly and systematically back off from Syria ... allow Russia to do its job. Why do we have to bump heads and enter a conflict with Russia? Don’t fall for mental voodoo. Use commonsense and use facts.