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06 Jun 2017
Hillary, Qatar and Terrorism
in America

Okay, so recently Qatar is in the news for sponsoring “terrorism”. It is not the terrorism that exists in America or Europe. Here’s the background information on Gulf sponsored “armed activities”.

An Armed Rebellion Occurs in Syria

“Armed groups” initiate the rebellion in Libya ... and then the French led intervention takes down the Libyan government. 200 soldiers are killed by an armed group in Syria. These armed groups are standing there and challenging the government of the country.

When Active Democracy saw this pattern repeating in Syria ... then we questioned ... who are these armed groups? Where are they getting their weapons from? Who is financing them? How come a group of individuals have the courage, resources and weapons to stand up against an entire government all on their own? Who is behind them?

All of these “armed activities” are Establishment activities. When we asked these questions ... they had absolutely no answer. If we had hit the mainstream media at that time itself ... then these Establishment activities would have been exposed. What they were basically were doing was ... sending in armed groups ... creating a conflict with the government forces ... and then Hillary would cry “massacre, bloodbath, people need our help!” ... then she would bring about an intervention. That was the formula. But they did not get the license for an intervention from the UN.

As a response to our questions ... what the Establishment does is ... sends Hillary Clinton to the Gulf ... and she pleads them to finance and support these “armed rebellions” in Syria. This was Hillary’s doing. She encouraged and begged them to put “rebels on salaries” and give them weapons to fight.

Gulf countries did not get involved all on their own. I told you ... these guys love you and they will do whatever you want. Good or bad ... you are America ... you want something done ... they will help. They don’t say no to good friends. They will very willingly follow America’s lead and help you in your goal.

This entire Syrian crisis is created by Hillary Clinton. She made Gulf countries pour in cash by the billions to create this chaos. And it was not Hillary’s planning ... she was just a plain puppet of the Establishment. This is Establishment planning.

Coup in Egypt
What do you think happened in Egypt? You think Sisi is a nice guy? He is burning his people alive. Egypt is in fire. Protesters are shot in Egypt. Like Tunisia ... Egypt had a very peaceful revolution with no guns at all. But the people elected someone who was not very friendly with Israel. Democracy encourages competition and Morsi became a local competitor in the region. It was not in Israel’s best interests to have Morsi in power. Egypt is a massive country right next to Israel. Israel cannot have a massive country right next to it that will question its authority.

Israel would have to put with international level of criticism and ridicule of its policies. The way to shut up Morsi was via a military coup. Israel uses America’s worldwide influence for its personal benefit. The request for coup went via the US Administration to Saudi Arabia. Saudi’s are great friends ... they said ... okay if this is what you want ... they tossed $2 Billion to Egypt’s Military Generals and facilitated the coup. That’s how Sisi came to power. Now, Sisi is crushing all Democratic principles, moves and protests all over Egypt. He is literally burning the houses and shooting people.

But yes, he is pro-Israel, pro-American and pro-Saudi. This is another example where Israel has used the US Government to destroy Democracy in another country via Saudi finance.

This Terrorism is not Religion Based
So, don’t think that this terrorism is religion based. You will find verifiable Establishment connections in almost all terrorist activities. Yes, Gulf countries were sponsoring the armed groups in Syria but they were doing it because the request came from the Obama Administration. It was the “common goal” created by Hillary Clinton.

Now, the great thing that Trump did was ... requested the Gulf to stop this finance and weapons supply to armed groups in Syria. And you can see ... they are cooperating like hell. They are severing ties with a fellow Arab country to make sure it is done successfully. Yes, Qatar was involved ... because your guys asked for it. Now, they are taking all of the efforts required to make sure that it stops. Because the leadership has changed in the US Administration.

This is not a sign of terrorism ... this is a sign of friendship and cooperation. The supply of funds and weapons in Syria is of a totally different aspect. This is something totally different. But killing innocent people in UK, Germany, France or Australia ... this is something else. This activity is totally different and carried out in a totally different manner via the Establishment. It all forms of terrorism ... it is the Establishment that gives the push ... it is technically involved in all acts of terrorism. Gulf countries supplying weapons in conflicts and in-house terrorist acts ... both of them are different ... but both of them are initiated and facilitated by the Establishment.

You yourself can verify this. Hillary made a personal visit to request “funds and weapons” from Saudi in Syria. The Obama Administration knows this ... they wanted this and they supported this. America is the closest ally for Saudi and they will cooperate in whatever you want. In fact, if it is something from America ... they actually expect it to be something nice and great. But it was Hillary GodDamn Clinton, she pushed the Middle East into chaos.

But it was a very good move ... to request Gulf countries to stop their supply of funds and weapons in the conflicts. It will really help. Gulf countries are good ... don’t fear them. They will follow you Donald ... show leadership ... tell them what to do and they will follow. No doubt about that.