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31 May 2017
Julian Assange, they are pulling you in another trap
in America

What Assange should realize is that ... technically it is not the US Government that is after you. It might seem that to be the case because that is what you see on the frontend ... but what you need to understand is who is behind it. Who is calling the shots? Who have you pissed off?

The First Trap
If you observe your work ... once you revealed information about more than 100,000 civilians deaths ... you were not condemned instantly. There was no legal action taken against you. Because the US Government was facing backlash from the media and the people. This exposure of “war crimes” brought about a huge amount of attention on “war contractors” in Iraq and Afghanistan. These wars are a “Jewish Establishment” agenda. Once you mess with them, they will come after you in several ways that might surprise you. These guys are a major problem in the West.

They could not take any action against you based upon this exposure of civilian deaths. And if they did take action against you then they would be seen as the aggressors and dictators. On one side they are killing 100,000 civilians and then on the other side they are silencing the person who exposes this. So what they needed was “another reason” to take action against you. Which is they themselves leaked huge amounts of information on US Diplomats to your organization. This was bait. You took the bait and published it. This second batch of information that you published ... did not contain any crime or malice ... it just contained the activities of US Diplomats and the nick names they used for other leaders.

But they got a reason to take action against you ... saying that you were hampering US Diplomatic activities around the world. They marketed this as a reason to turn the tables against you. And then the Establishment put the Swedes in action against you. Sweden is a very close US ally ... and the Establishment taps US influence around the world to get its work done.

The Second Trap
Now, charges were dropped against you ... because of mainly two reasons:

  1. Establishment Exposure. We have been working non-stop in exposing this Establishment, its ideology, practices and the exploitations systems that it has designed. We have clearly shown that it is the Establishment behind the actions taken against you.
  2. Trump Support. Interestingly, another victim of the Establishment happens to be Donald Trump himself. And you did some good work in hammering Hillary Clinton during the Campaign. So, you have Trump’s support to some extent.

Owing to these factors charges were dropped against you. This came as a surprise for the Establishment. Now, you have to be careful on what you publish. These guys will send baits “deliberately” that will compromise your security. Don’t fall for all the information you are being given. You have to get smarter.

Don’t go against ally countries
See ... your work is good ... no doubt about that. But once you start hammering the top corporations of the world and the top leaders of the world ... then you have automatically made your work “political”. You have jumped into the political arena. You are no longer a Sheriff catching some small time thieves. You are in the Big Boys game now. You have to consider politics in your work.

You are living in the real world. “Heroes” are for comic books and movies. You cannot assume an ideal equation to exist all the time ... that you will reveal info that is in the best interests of the people ... and somehow people will see you as the hero ... and then assume that no action will be taken against you. Real life does not work like that.

Decide on your battles carefully
There is a huge amount of junk and crime all around the world. You have to prioritize ... you have to pick and drop. You have to decide which battles you want to take up and which you want to leave for later. For example, “corruption” ... this is a common problem in almost every country of the world. Now, Ecuador has given you refuge for several years and you want to hammer their leaders on “corruption”. Not only it is unwise ... but it is a trap. The Establishment knows that Ecuador has been protecting you ... and they want to take away that protection. The way to do that is ... using your own hands ... make you publish info against their leaders and then get you hammered.

Cannot do the work without political support
Once your work starts growing ... you reach a point where you cannot do your work without political support. Corrupt politicians exist in almost every country of the world. But not in every country 100,000 civilians are being killed. The info that you revealed on war crimes of the Establishment is of far more greater value than minor corruption issues which are routine.

Look at the gravity of the problem
When you take up your battle ... you have to look at the gravity of the problem:

  • How many people is it effecting?
  • Who are involved?
  • Can I get political support for the work?
  • What is the position of my host country?
  • Will this create any issues for me at any level?

Being successful is more important than just revealing some information and then spending 20 years in prison. You need to make sure that you live a more fruitful and full life where you can contribute to the maximum and bring about maximum change.

Change Host Country if required
Point number one ... you cant screw your host country and expect everything to be fine. You have to cooperate with your host country when it comes to political issues ... sometimes it also means holding off on exposing minor crimes. Point number two ... if you see some issues that are simply unacceptable and totally gross ... then you have to change your host country first and then kick their ass.

We are not asking you to allow suppression of people at mass scales. Assess the problem before you take it up and see how it impacts your relation with the host country.

Draw the line between showing off and helping people
One nice supporting factor that you have on your side is President Donald Trump. He is a nice guy. The great thing about him is that ... he will go against the Establishment and get things done in favor of the people and country. This is something that most Congressmen suck at. No one has the balls to do anything against the Establishment. Which is why no one helped you out till date. You were stuck in that Embassy for 7 years.

You once quoted on exposing Trump’s tax returns. You have to draw a line between showing off and helping people. Okay, you have good hacking skills ... but how will exposing Trump’s tax returns help the people in any way? We have much bigger issues at hand. The entire Congress is total junk ... most of them are full of crap. We got one proper guy who will dare to go against the Establishment and change the country for good. Putting him in the microscope and go on a fault finding mission is not going to help the country in any way. In fact, this is exactly what the Establishment wants. They want Trump to be scrutinized and demonized ... and eventually eliminated. They are actively working on this all the time. It is not wise to help your enemies who put you in the Embassy for 7 years against a friend who will help you get out.

Some crucial work ahead
You have some crucial work ahead of you. You will be critical in helping the Trump Administration against this crappy Establishment. We will let you know what needs to be done. If you do that then ... God willing ... US and UK will stop pursuing you ... and you will get a heroic victory once again. We are just waiting for a few things to fall into place ... then you can get into action. And trust me, it will be fun.