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23 May 2017
The Manchester attack was designed to kill Trump’s optimism about peace
in America

The Jewish Establishment was at its toes and terribly worried at the fantastic welcome given to President Donald J Trump, his family members and his entire team in Saudi Arabia. The Establishment was busy thrashing and abusing Trump at the domestic level in America and he was being given a fantastic open hearted royal welcome in Saudi. This sent a red alert all across the Establishment.

The Establishment just lost the President of the United States to the Arab world. The Establishment’s priority was to maintain hate and division between the President and the Gulf ... which is why Trump was continuously tutored on:

  • How bad Islam is.
  • How Muslims are bad.
  • How all terrorist events are designed by them.
  • How Islam teaches hate.
  • How Islam has an ideological problem.

Trump was tutored in all of these aspects only to make sure that he never joined the Gulf Countries ... because the moment he would join the Gulf ... then he would get a very very powerful force at hand ... that would give him an upper edge in dealing with Establishment malice at home. And that is exactly what happened.

  • Trump goes to Saudi
  • He is given an open hearted royal welcome
  • His entire family and team is treated with utmost love and respect
  • He is given $480 Billion worth contracts and investments
  • He is showered with love, respect, cash and commitments.

Till date the only thing Trump knew about Islam and Arabs was ... what he was tutored and what he was shown in the News. And one visit to Saudi changed everything. He himself saw firsthand how much Saudis love America and Americans ... and how much they are ready to cooperate and work with America ... especially with Team Trump. This flushed down all of the negative bullshit that is maintained in the Establishment owned media in the West about Arabs and Muslims. And this is what became a major red alert for the Establishment.

When Trump joins the Gulf countries the Establishment was losing many things:

  • They were losing the President of the United States ... whom they had put in a corner and using for punching practice till date.
  • Trump was connecting with Gulf Kings and Princes which they never wanted
  • Thirdly, Trump came out super optimistic about peace and cooperation in the Middle East.
  • And fourthly, they were losing the concept of Radical Islam itself ... that Islam is a bad religion that trains terrorists.

Trump meets Netanyahu
What happens next? Trump meets Netanyahu in Israel ... one of the key frontend elements of the Jewish Establishment. As usual and as per routine ... American leaders are given a tour of the Holocaust Museums and sites where Jews have been killed ... in order to win sympathy and support ... in order to condemn Muslims and Islam ... and help “the only ally Israel” in the region. Instead of Trump falling for this routine sympathy tour ... Trump is talking about peace and cooperation in the region. This was a shocker for the Establishment.

  • Trump cannot promote peace in the region
  • We should have the right to kill Muslims in the region
  • Because ... you know ... we are “defending” ourselves
  • Trump must think and believe that Islam and Muslims are bad
  • Trump must take actions against Muslim communities in the USA
  • Trump must have bad relations with Gulf countries
  • There should be no cooperation between Trump and the Gulf
  • The only way that can happen is by turning Trump against Islam and Muslims

Attack in Manchester
And what happens the very next day? An attack happens in Manchester killing dozens of innocent people. Now do you actually think that ...

  • Arabs and Muslims will welcome you with utmost respect and love
  • Shower you with immense hospitality
  • Make half a trillion worth investments in your country
  • And then the next day try to blow you up?

No, my dear friend it does not happen that way. The main source of these attacks is not Islam and it is not Muslims. Like all of these attacks ... they attacks are designed at the “right time and right place” as per Establishment agenda. This attack was designed to:

  • Kill Trump’s optimism about peace and cooperation
  • Kill Trump’s new warm relations with Gulf countries
  • And to continue the Establishment’s agenda to demonize Islam and Muslims

Regular Establishment Terror Attack Features
This attack will have all of the routine “Establishment Terror Attack Features” associated with it:

  • Placed at the right time and place as per Establishment agenda
  • The culprit is never caught or seen on camera
  • If he is seen on camera or live ... then he will be killed before any inquiry can be made
  • A sign of Islam or Muslims will be left on the scene ... could be as simple as a shout of “Allahu Akbar”
  • And then ISIS claims responsibility ... from out of nowhere ... some ISIS group will say that “its soldier” carried out the attack
  • And with absolutely no proof or evidence, the media will start demonizing “Islam” and its connection to terrorism
  • Some Establishment politicians may also stand up and make statements on “Radical Islam”

This is routine Establishment practice.

  • All of these terror attacks are “criminal” acts
  • There is no detailed investigations made
  • As to who actually is behind the attack
  • And as to who sponsored the attack
  • There is no evidence or proof found to attach it with ISIS or Islam
  • But the media and politicians just go along with “mental voodoo” as per Establishment agenda designed around the attack.

Just wait for it ... some stupid ISIS group will probably claim responsibility for this attack as well.

How should our politicians deal with these attacks?

  • Call it what they are. These are criminal acts ... call them as “criminal acts”.
  • Don’t launch mental voodoo propaganda as per Establishment agenda.
  • Don’t create hate and division in the society
  • Wait for a complete investigation before any condemnation
  • Keep the people unified, together and strong
  • Do your job of “catching the criminals” who were actually behind the act
  • Don’t generalize this on any religion, race or color

“Keeping the people strong and together ... and catching the actual criminals behind the act” is the key of handling all terror events.

  • This will contain the situation
  • Will not create fear and division in the society
  • Will keep the Establishment and its associated criminals on the alert
  • It will not allow Establishment propaganda to succeed
  • The moment you kill their propaganda, you kill their very reason to carry out these acts
  • Stop their divisive propaganda and you will greatly reduce these events automatically

The main objective of these terror acts is creating division and hate. Just don’t allow them to succeed in their objectives. And you will win.