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18 May 2017
Comey Memo was a cover-up for the Austerity Protests in Greece
in America

It has been just 3 months in office and a Congressman is already calling for Trump’s impeachment. Trump has entered impeachment territory for the first time but it was the Establishment’s “third attempt” to pull him into this territory.

  • Attempt One – Racist Policies. The design of racist policies against Latinos and Muslims were aimed at creating chaos in the country. And this chaos would be used to boot Trump. This was attempt one. Its good that Trump moved away from these racist policies.
  • Attempt Two – Syria and Korea Strikes. After the strike on Syria ... if Trump would make a strike on North Korea ... that war would spiral into unimaginable ways. It would lead to the destruction of the entire Korean Peninsula via a nuclear war and result in the deaths of millions of people. The least that this war would do is impeach Trump. This was attempt two. Again, it is good that Trump moved away from any military action on North Korea.
  • Attempt Three – The Comey Memo. Putting Trump under the microscope as he moved away from all of the major disasters possible. So now they are using the microscope to find faults and pick excuses for aggression against Trump.

Donald ... we already told you that the Establishment is continuously looking for ways to impeach you. We already published this article on 30th Jan: http://active-democracy.com/news/the-lovely-jewish-history/1333-jewh219-the-impeach-trump-train.html

Today we are standing in May ... do you see it in real time action? We are not fortune tellers. We predict Establishment moves based upon their ideology, background, history, interests and future plans. We told Obama also based upon the exact same thing. We told Obama that ...

  • These wars are a deviation
  • Radical Islam is a bullshit agenda
  • The only thing it creates is massive debt for Western countries
  • And it facilitates only genocide in Muslim countries
  • They will take these wars to Russia
  • They will create aggression against Russia
  • He needs to move away from these wars and focus on the economy

We continuously told this to Obama again and again. His moves were too less and too late. Because of his inaction we got ...

  • Several countries destroyed
  • Millions dead and millions displaced
  • $20 Trillion in debt
  • The drastic economic system continues
  • Aggression against Russia is maintained

Its not just about you ... we clearly told Obama about the path that he was on. Now, the difference between Obama and you is that ... Obama was personally not under attack. The Establishment was scared after Bush left ... because Bush had to reveal the $10 Trillion debt of the country. They were scared that the people would rise against this debt, the economy and these systems. That’s why “hammering Bush” was the number one priority under Obama. The entire fault and blame was on Bush ... Bush was the center of attention. Obama knew nothing about the Establishment ... so he just went with the flow ... blamed Bush during his entire first term and then he just struggled to do something.

The Establishment was essentially in the hiding during Obama’s first term. And Obama was never under attack ... because the only thing that the Establishment was interested was saving itself from all the blame. They did that for another one term ... but then these debt based systems are crippling countries in the West. And the associated Austerity measures are pulling people on the streets. Austerity protests are widespread across several European countries and they are censored in America. This is the last thing that they want to happen in America. The American people kick ass and they do not want the American people to get on the path of identifying these debt based systems that are creating all of this debt. This is what they fear the most.

They attack Trump because of their malice
They sit there and use their media and political monopoly in attacking Trump again and again and again ... only because it serves as a major diversion and also it serves as a means to eliminate a Patriot. We already told you this before ... demonizing Trump and demonizing Russia will be the theme during your Presidency.

Just like Obama, you cannot afford to be inactive. During Obama ... it was only the country that was at loss. But under your Presidency ... not only your country but even you are under attack. You simply cannot afford to be inactive. Right now this is the theme in the mainstream American media:

  • Trump is bad
  • Trump is a bad President
  • Trump’s policies are not good
  • Trump makes wrong decisions
  • Trump is the worst President
  • Trump mistreats people
  • Trump is racist

It is all negative, negative and negative about Trump. You cannot just sit there and make justifications. Instead of doing your job as President, you will end up just giving explanations and justifications to the media. Because the entire agenda above is “mental voodoo” ... there are no facts associated with it and there is no real time action associated with it. They sit there and demonize you because that’s what they want to do.

Justifications and Explanations will not work
Just justifications and explanations are not going to work here. This demonization is malice based ... it is not based on facts ... it is based on malice. It is a “cover up” strategy. Right now, the theme should have been:

  • The Establishment monopoly is bad
  • The Establishment owns all corporations, banks and media
  • The Establishment is creating this massive debt
  • The Establishment has setup debt based malicious systems
  • The Establishment is running systems of exploitations
  • The Establishment is a bad and criminal entity

This should have been the focus. This reverse game that they are playing on you ... is to save their ass. Its not about you ... its about their malice and their criminal systems.

I will give you some examples of their cover-ups and how they have used media as a tool to cover-up their malice. In one corner of the world something drastic happens ... this happens owing to their malice ... if this event is covered in the American mainstream media then it affects their image and their future plans. So what they do is ... run a comparatively different agenda in the US to save their ass. This is done exactly at the same time while that drastic event is taking place at another location. Some examples will help.

  • James Comey Memo – Austerity Protests in Greece. Do you know why they made such a big deal about the Comey Memo and put you in hot waters? Because exactly at the same time ... there were Austerity protests going on in Greece. If the media had nothing to talk about then these Austerity protests would be the main deal. So what they did was ... censored the coverage of these protests and filled the American media with how “Trump was obstructing justice”. Look at the design of the cover-up ... it is like saying ... “no, no, no ... the Establishment is not bad ... but it is Donald Trump who is bad”.
  • Crematoriums in Syria – Cholera outbreak in Yemen. Recently, they made headlines using information like “Assad is running crematoriums in Syria to burn bodies”. This information was a cover-up for the Cholera outbreak in Yemen. Yemen is in crisis ... tens of thousands of people are starving to death out there ... this info is totally censored because it would create a humanitarian affection for the Muslim people. It would demand an explanation as to how these Houthi rebels are getting their weapons and why this conflict is not ending ... when we have Saudi Arabia as an ally in the region? Who is channeling these weapons and why are we not able to stop this conflict? Now, from starvation ... diseases are breaking out in Yemen ... even then this info is totally censored in the US media. Why? Because they covered the refugee crisis and it led to the aid of millions of refugees. If they cover the crisis in Yemen ... it would lead to aid of millions of people in Yemen and an end for the support of the rebels in the region. But destruction and genocide in Muslim countries is the Establishment agenda. So, instead of covering the outbreak of Cholera and starvation in Yemen ... the Establishment media is saying ... “Assad was burning the bodies”. Instead of allowing humanitarian affection to be created ... they are creating hate and dislike. The cover-up events are matched according to the crisis.
  • Cartoon Drawing Event – Black Israeli Protests. They planned a cartoon drawing event in the US that is supposed to draw cartoons of the Prophet. This event itself was a cover-up of the protest by Black Israelis against the government. Black Jews were protesting against discrimination in Israel. If this event was covered in the US media ... then it would create a bad image for Israel. So what they did was ... exactly at the same time ... designed a cartoon drawing event. This event obviously got a negative response from the Muslim community. As an end result, they tried to show how Muslims are intolerant while covering up what is going on in Israel.

This is a routine practice ... there is nothing new in this ... this is what these guys do all the time. This is what media monopoly facilitates. They get to decide who is right and who is wrong using the media. They are able to control the minds of the people.

So, dear Donald Trump ... as long as you are going to play at level one ... just on the cover ... and try to show to the people that you are a good guy ... it is not going to help. You have to root out these guys. There is no other solution ... there is no other way.