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16 May 2017
International Diplomacy Russia, GCC and Establishment Offensive
in America

“Saudi Cleric calls for a ban on the Christian Cross at FIFA”. This news was quite popular on RT very recently. There are few things that Trump needs to know about International Diplomacy. We pull leaders across borders and get them on the same page. There is a lot of effort required in this. It does not happen like magic.

There was a lot of anti-American sentiment in Russia during Obama. Russian news channels and media programs were all about how bad NATO is and how bad America is ... and how they have turned their backs on Russia. There was a lot of anti-American sentiment and enmity in the environment out there. But what we did was ... we pulled leaders on the same page using common ground. The most important thing was that ... we explained to them how this anti-Russian activities are not “American owned” ... and how this entire conflict is Establishment designed.

Putin was simply fantastic in understanding what was going on ... maybe owing to his “intelligence skillsets” that he learnt as an intelligence agent. He was trained on subjects of psychology and criminal behaviors ... which is why he was simply fantastic in understanding and cooperating in this Establishment malice. We have reached out to Putin and brought him on the same page ... owing to which he has shown a lot of restraint, diplomacy and intelligence in dealing with Western aggression. Had it not been for his patience and understanding, this conflict would have already been taken place.

We brought Putin on the same page using intelligence and diplomacy. But you might not find other Russian leaders and politicians to be so America friendly as Putin is ... because they might not be aware of the parameters involved. We were able to do this using knowledge from:

  1. Christianity
  2. Islam
  3. Judaism
  4. American Culture
  5. Russian Culture
  6. Arab Culture
  7. Malicious Systems
  8. Satanic Background and Ideology
  9. History and
  10. Common Ground

We used info from 10 different knowledge spheres in enabling this level of diplomacy and understanding. So don’t expect any other Russian politician to have an understanding that Putin has right now. In the same manner ... don’t expect “Saudi Clerics” to know anything about international politics. A few things that you need to know about Clerics or Imams from GCC countries is this:

  • Zero Political Power. They have literally zero political power. GCC countries are run by Kings and Sheikhs. They are not run by Clerics and Imams. However, one or two top Imams might play a consultation role to their leaders.
  • Promote Religion. Just like in other religions, the Imams and Clerics are marketing executives of their own religions. Their focus is not politics or international diplomacy ... their focus is on promoting their own religion. That is their basic job.
  • Variants. Just like people differ ... even Imams and Clerics differ in their background and vision on different subjects. Some Imams might have lived their entire life in one country and studied only a set of books from only one religion. And some religious leaders like Dr.Zakir Naik ... have an MBBS Degree, studied several religions and have travelled across several countries. The vision and perspective of each varies.

So, technically they have no power to influence the politics within their own country let alone international politics. So firstly, Trump and Putin don’t need to worry about what one Imam in one corner of the world said. And secondly, we were able to facilitate this level of international diplomacy and understanding because we are aware of several spheres that connect with the problem. Don’t expect one Imam from one corner of the world to say something that will be internationally accepted by leaders around the world. We rule the world ... not one cleric from one corner of the world.

GCC and Christianity
Now, we have talked a lot about how Muslims like Jesus and have warm relations with Christians and Christianity. And then you see ... one cleric saying “ban the cross” ... so what the hell is this? Basically there are 3 levels of implementation of Islam ... or for that matter any religion.

  • Level 01. The Imam says something in the mosque ... just like a Priest says something in the Church. The Imam’s objective is to guide everything based on Islam. So some Imams will say ... it is not a requirement to celebrate New Year or Christmas ... as the Islamic calendar follows the Lunar calendar ... so technically the New Year for Muslims is not the first of January. It comes on some other day and most Muslims don’t even know when it comes and goes ... because who the hell follows the lunar calendar nowadays?
  • Level 02. The GCC Kings make the rules. So, if you want to celebrate New Year or Christmas ... in most GCC countries no one is going to stop you. Because the Administration has nothing against celebrating New Year or Christmas. Even Islam allows other religions to be openly practiced.
  • Level 03. And in some GCC countries you will see that the Imam says ... you don’t need to celebrate New Year and Christmas ... but at the people’s level ... the Sheikhs themselves invest millions in decorating Christmas trees. Check this out: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-12006875. $11 Million worth of Jewelry used to decorate a Christmas tree in Abu Dhabi and there will be huge fireworks on New Year every year in most GCC countries. Saudi is a little bit tight but most of other Muslim countries are quite liberal on this front.

So, the Imam says something ... the government says something ... and the people do something. The real integration level that you see is at the people’s level.

Bringing Leaders on the Same Page
Whatever we say ... don’t expect a leader at random from another country to be on the same page. The key leaders that we have been in touch with is from the White House and Kremlin. We are not in direct touch with any GCC leaders. When you are dealing with them ... you need to show some leadership and make an effort to bring them on the same page. Whatever we said is true ... Islam and Muslims have a soft corner for Christianity. We have already brought Putin on the same page. But when it comes to GCC then you need to make a little bit effort.

Here are the pros and cons that you have when it comes to GCC.

  • America’s support for Israel. Most GCC leaders are wary of the US support for Israel while Israel goes around killing fellow Muslims ... no action is taken against Israel but instead it is given additional support. Which is why ... they see America as a part of the Israel problem. Technically, GCC or other Muslim countries have nothing against America. It is only the support for Israel that concerns them.
  • Trump’s Anti-Muslim Stand. Well, everyone knows that you took quite a hard stand against Islam and Muslims during your campaign and with your “travel ban”. So, you are not actually giving a very friendly impression here.

You support those who kill Muslims and you want to ban Muslims from your country. These two points could be of some concern to GCC leaders in bonding with you. And you need very strong relations with GCC countries if you have to take down the Establishment. You need very strong long term friendship in this zone.

Now, here’s how you can fix it. You can eliminate all of these disadvantages quite effectively.

  • US Embassy in Jerusalem. Don’t move your embassy to Jerusalem. Don’t recognize the Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel. In fact, tell GCC leaders that under your Administration the US Embassy will never move to Jerusalem. It can be an unofficial promise which does not need to be public. And by the way ... “don’t move your embassy to Jerusalem” ... the Jewish Establishment media is humiliating you and your family almost every day and they are turning every possible stone to impeach you ... and you want to recognize Jerusalem as their official capital? They are throwing sand in your face and you want greet them with a garland ... not good.
  • Iran. No GCC countries like Iran ... nor is Iran America’s friend. Tighten the screws on Iran and GCC will like it. It’s not just about impressing GCC but in fact, the Iranian government is malicious.
  • Establishment Control. Now this is how you get the support of Muslim leaders, Imams and people. You don’t pitch Christianity against Islam ... if you do that then you will find them to be protective and they will push you away. Instead, go with the common ground. First talk about Israel’s aggression in the Middle East and then talk about Jewish Establishment monopoly and control in the West. Show them how the same elements are creating debt and problems in the society. Here is where you will pull them on common ground. It might be an Imam or a King ... both of them will fully support you. In fact, once we launch our work then this unity will be established at a massive scale.
  • Tourism Investment. We discussed this before. You can show the tourism investment that you can make in their countries.
  • Palatial Hotels. Show them how you can cooperate in setting up Palatial Hotels in their cities and around the world.
  • Recreational Parks. Show them some fantastic world leading recreational parks that can be setup in their cities to boost local and international tourism.
  • Show Leadership. Once you put the above into place then you have very good friends with you. Then you need to show leadership to accomplish mutually beneficial tasks. Show leadership ... give exact instructions as to what to do and how to do. They will follow your lead. “You need to show leadership and give exact instructions to get things done.”

Establishment Offensive At Home
You need the above because you are facing massive Establishment offensive at home. You don't need to worry about your calls being recorded. You have bigger concerns. Obama had it easy ... he just sat there signing off on wars and arms shipment. But the debt crisis is severe right now ... it has the Establishment on its toes ... which is why these guys are on a severe offensive. They are just waiting for a major blunder from your Administration. You give them one major blunder and they will use that to the fullest extent in order to impeach you.

You have not done anything wrong and no blunder as of yet ... but look at the way you are being treated. This continuous hammering of President Trump and his Administration only facilitates easy removal. You got some people’s support ... only because you were a new guy ... someone new out of the box and not a regular puppet politician. People saw something new in you ... but if you fail to do anything new ... if you fail to eliminate this Establishment offensive ... this is what you are giving to the people with every passing week:

  • Donald Trump with 5 weeks of demonization
  • Donald Trump with 10 weeks of demonization
  • Donald Trump with 15 weeks of demonization

This demonization is only adding to your baggage as a candidate and as a leader. No other leader faced so much demonization and ridicule in his first term as they are levying on you. It is in utmost interest of your Presidency and the American people that you initiate moves to eliminate Establishment influence, monopoly and offensive. You have to take leadership ... you have to team up with GCC and give them exact instructions as to what has to be done. Don’t expect magic ... calculate, evaluate and make every move intelligently.