10 May 2017
Maintaining Trump under the Hammer
in America

So, Trump wants to know what the hell is going on with Michael Flynn and Sally Yates? Why have these Russian investigations opened again? And when will they stop?

Here’s the problem, Donald. The Establishment is not one entity that you can be friends with. You can’t just call up the media, the arms industries, Netanyahu and the bankers ... and tell them that ... “hey, I wanna be friends ... I will support you ... I will do everything in your favor ... thus, please support me ... I want to be your friend.” It does not work that way. Supporting the Establishment is not like supporting just one or two companies ... they have designed several “systems” based upon their ideology ... and these systems are nothing but exploitation systems.

The Establishment loves Traitors
So what you have to essentially do is ... in order to gain support from the Establishment ... you should be ready to:

  1. Sell off your country
  2. Be a traitor
  3. Tank the people in debt
  4. Drive all benefits to the corporations
  5. Maintain all industries in China
  6. Spend trillions in war
  7. Initiate a conflict with Russia and destroy your country
  8. And all of the above should be done as if it is the right thing to do ... lol

This is exactly what Obama and Hillary did. In 2008 Obama was all about bringing back industries from China and creating jobs in America. But once he took office ... that agenda was shoved down under the rug ... Obama changed his stand from “bringing jobs back from China” to “creating advanced manufacturing jobs in America”. It has been 8 years of Obama ... please tell me what “advanced manufacturing jobs” were created in America? Nothing ... it was all bullshit. It was actually saying that ...

  • we are not going to touch the current ongoing systems
  • all industries will remain in China
  • we will continue all wars
  • we don’t care how much debt is created
  • we will spend trillions in arms sales
  • and we will do all of the above as if it is the right thing to do

The only thing that Obama did not do was start a conflict with Russia. The Establishment wants “traitors” not “patriots”. And Obama was all alone ... he had no freaking idea what was going on ... he wasn’t exactly a traitor ... he just went with the flow. We know that he was not a traitor because he made major shifts in policy in his second term. Yes, his efforts were too less and too late to bring about any major change ... but he was not a traitor as he was not prepared to handle all parameters involved. It was beyond his control.

The Establishment Theme for the Trump Presidency
The problem with you is that ... it is not that you are a bad guy or you are doing anything wrong. The problem with you is that you are a good guy who is trying to do what is right. And because of your efforts in the right direction ... you end up being against the realm that the Establishment has created for their benefit. We already told you this before ... even before you stepped into the White House ... this is going to be the theme of Trump Presidency:

  • Demonization of Trump
  • Demonization of the Trump Administration and Team Members
  • Demonization of Putin and Russia
  • Maintaining sanctions against Russia
  • Increasing aggressive moves against Russia

Lost the Chance to Rattle Trump via Wars
They kept you continuously busy with the above parameters in the initial weeks. And once you attacked Syria ... the entire scenario changed ... everyone was congratulating you on your strikes on Syria. Right from friend to foe ... the entire realm around you gave you a positive response. But in reality, it was just a trap to encourage you to strike North Korea in the same manner ... which would create a massive disaster. Once you backed away from both of these conflicts ... the Establishment lost its chance to rattle Trump via wars. So, they came back to their own original strategy of “Russian Investigations”. They are back to investigating Michael Flynn and the Russian connections.

When will this stop?
This will never stop. Because you are already becoming a role model for other budding leaders worldwide. A recent example is “Marine Le Pen”. She followed all of your moves ... of making a Great France, bringing industries back to France, moving away from free trade agreements and questioning Global Trade policies. And once you start focusing on your countries and building your own manufacturing industries ... it will be the Establishment that will lose big time. Right now, all of major manufacturers located in China are owned by the Jewish Establishment. You are not only making America Great Again ... but you are unleashing a trend worldwide ... and if this trend takes up and establishes itself in the developed world then Establishment benefits will vaporize. Chinese manufacturers will need to cater to profits from only the Chinese domestic market. They will lose the hundreds of billions that they gain from the World economy.

Establishment cannot allow Trump to shine
And if they don’t place a hammer on your right now ... then you will continue to shine ... more and more leaders will follow your example ... and it will keep threatening the Establishment systems around the world. So, instead of allowing you to shine ... instead of approving your policies ... they are following an alternate strategy of finding some crappy stuff and making up stuff while they go along ... only to maintain you under the hammer ... only to maintain the continuous demonization of the Trump Administration.

We told you this long time back. Today, you are seeing it in active mode in real life. What to do? In domestic affairs you don’t have a sweeping control, my friend. It is in the “international affairs” where you have a fantastic control where the Establishment cannot stop you in any way. Activate more powerful global international elements in your favor. This is how you challenge and take over Establishment monopoly at the domestic level. We gave you that strategy for a reason. We know these parameters and the only way you can challenge these parameters is via an international cooperation.

Red Alert! Reverse Ideology Experts!
Here is one thing that you need to be careful about. These guy are reverse ideology experts. They do all of the crap and then blame it on the opposition.

  • Communism. We already talked about this. They did all kind of vicious and disastrous things in the Communist rule but demonized Democracy.
  • ISIS. They are doing all crappy stuff in the name of Islam but in reality this group is run by Israel. This is the application of “reverse ideology”.
  • Active Democracy. Similarly, you must be prepared to handle “reverse application” when Active Democracy is concerned. We have derailed Establishment plans for several years now ... under Obama as well as under Trump. We have derailed major wars planned by the Establishment. They are rattled by our work ... they are desperate to stop our work. There is “every chance” ... every chance ... that they will try to pin all of these aggressive moves against the Trump Administration on us. There is a chance that they will come to you and try to pin everything on us. These guys are experts in this game.

This is a red alert and you must be aware of this before it happens. These are the things that they will accomplish via this:

  • Stop exposure. They will stop our work and thus effectively stop the exposure of their malicious policies.
  • Take down Trump. Once we stop then they can easily take down Trump. If we would not have saved Trump since the past few weeks ... Trump would have already been in hot waters and he would be near expulsion by now.
  • Aggression against Russia. We are continuously stopping aggression against Russia. If they stop Active Democracy and take down Trump ... it will only clear their path towards a war with Russia which they dearly want.

Beware of these malicious “reverse ideology and reverse application” techniques. They will mislead you to ruins. Putin must strongly resist if any such moves are being made by misleading the Trump Administration. Because the next steps after that are total disaster. The Establishment is in very desperate times as of now.

Dealing with “Criminal Minds”
Dear Donald ... you are dealing with “criminal minds”. These investigations are nothing for them. These guys specialize in creating wars, friction, tension, conflicts ... and in such scenarios they control decision making in their favor. For normal people like us ... such scenarios are hectic and troublesome ... for them they are preplanned scenarios which they channelize for self-benefit. That’s why I told you ... your best friend is going to be “intelligent action”. Keep your cool ... use intelligence to do what is best for your country and you will come out winning.