09 May 2017
Macron Wins. We got a punching bag in France.
in America

Emmanuelle Macron wins and becomes President in France. Congrats Macron. Seems like we got a punching bag in France. The guy has all of the elements of a typical disastrous Establishment element with direct links to Central Bankers. Welcome to the game Macron.

Tips for Le Pen
Firstly, prepare for a good opposition. Consolidate your party and prepare to tear him apart. He has all of the attributes of the Socialist Party ... he will follow Hollande’s track. He will do nothing that will be good for the people. Secondly, once we move our campaign into Europe ... the guy will be toast ... prepare to be President.

Things that Trump can learn from Macron’s victory
Racism does not help, my friend. Radical Islam is a bogus concept created by the Establishment ... they themselves don’t use it in the campaigns. They know that this concept only exists in the political circle and in the media. There is no such thing in real life of the people ... apart from the few events that they create every now and then. The Establishment itself knows this very well ... they know that this concept has no real direct connection with the daily lives of the people. They know that using this concept will not get votes.

They don’t advise their own puppets to use this concept to pull votes. You can see this in Hillary’s campaign in America and Macron’s campaign in France. Both of them are Establishment puppets. Both of them reached out to the people on the actual thing that the people believed in ... and that is ... equality and respect for all. Radical Islam and Terrorism is used to only channelize funds for war ... the events are used only to terrorize the people and justify the billions that are spent in the war. That is the only active use of Radical Islam. You never use this to get votes ... never.

Did you see the whooping difference in number of votes between Macron and Le Pen? He got a lead by 30%. He got more than half of the votes. That’s how you were going to fail in America, by the way. This is how you would have lost in America ... had it not been the Silent Majority taking care of this issue for you. You would have been in Le Pen’s position today.

And Le Pen cannot rise without dropping this racist policy. Radical Islam is not meant to be used in campaign or policy making or creating new rules. It will only create an outrage from among the people. The people who actually believe that Radical Islam exists are from a “secondary level” that is not directly connected to the Establishment. Patriots like you and Le Pen believe in this concept because this is what they see in the media all the time and they want to protect their countries. This is a secondary section of citizens who don’t know the real truth behind it. You fall for a false idea and you end up hurting your own reputation by thinking that it is true.

Which is why we repeatedly tell you ... take it easy on race based policies ... take it easy on race based policies ... because it’s a trap. It is not as it looks like.

Macron’s Domestic Policy
What these guys do is ... they use the stuff that connects with the people ... because they themselves know what is bogus and what is real ... they fool the people and pull the votes. But once they come to power ... Radical Islam is back in the news. If you see ... Hillary’s campaign was all about equality and respect ... and what is right for the people and bla bla bla ... but she promoted terrorism and war like nobody else. She was the biggest war mongerer of our time and she spent money by the trillions. She spent more money on this than George W Bush. And she was just Secretary of State ... not even President.

Similarly, don’t expect Macron to continue on his agenda of equality and respect. Just like under Hollande, events will continue in France ... and this guy will be the first to jump on the Radical Islam agenda. Because the Establishment needs terrorism to be the theme and keep the people occupied with war and terror. This is their need of the hour. So, don’t expect the debt to be eliminated under Macron or any nice things for the people under Macron ... the guy is a major traitor and an Establishment puppet. Don’t take his leadership in anything. It might be terror events or war or aggression against Russia or anything. The guy is a major puppet and he will lead you to disaster. Do NOT follow him. We are America ... we don’t need to follow an Establishment puppet from France. We have an upper hand here. In fact, we can smack him down.

Macron’s International Policy
He will support everything that benefits the Establishment ... free trade, global trade with China and aggression against Russia. You have to be very careful with this guy when it comes to Russia. He might be the President of France right now but he does not dictate international policies. We have an upper hand in international policies. Aggression or sanctions against Russia cannot be facilitated without our approval. We can subdue and diminish this guy anytime in any international sphere.

The reason we need to keep him under control is because he is an Establishment puppet ... and he can be a tool that could be used to create disasters. Do not follow his policies, do not take his leadership ... because all of it will be flawed.

The French people are already on the streets ... they hate what has been going on since the past few years ... Macron is not going to change anything ... it is only going to get worse ... and he will be toast any time. Le Pen should not give up ... she should prepare to toast him. Just wait till our movement enters Europe ... the people will follow you. But you need to understand that the concept of Radical Islam and extremism is bogus and ridiculous ... and you are hurting yourself by following that bogus idea. If you can fine tune yourself a little bit then you could be a great leader.

Jared Kushner’s Sister in hot waters
See ... we told you ... we write something and then within weeks the Establishment does the opposite only to prove us wrong. Read here ... we already wrote about it: http://active-democracy.com/news/the-lovely-jewish-history/1360-jewh225-creating-events-fake-favorable-realities.html

We wrote about how the Establishment creates fake and favorable realities. We wrote before that ... everyone under Trump’s umbrella is under scrutiny and being demonized by the media ... except for Jared Kushner. “This is the Establishment taking care of their Jewish brother”. And today you see ... Jared Kushner’s sister is under scrutiny. This is how it works.

  • Exposure. Once Active Democracy exposes something ... the Establishment is like ... “ow my God! We got caught. Now, what do we do?”
  • Create Opposing Event. After a while they will create an opposing event ... only to show that ... “nah, Active Democracy is not accurate ... we are scrutinizing Kushners as well”.

It is a cycle ... exposure, change in events ... exposure, change in events ... exposure, change in events. The interesting thing that you should observe is that ... we are a small company but how we rattle the shit out of the Establishment ... how these guys get nervous and how these guys end up crawling to do it differently. Truth is power ... truth is power.

We said ... these guys mainly create events in the UK, France and Germany ... because they are Establishment strongholds ... just to show things different ... they create an event in Sweden. Lol. We exposed Jared Kushner ... and now they are scrutinizing Kushners. Well ... Mr.Jared Kushner ... don’t feel bad ... these guys have decided to blow up Israel via a Nuclear war against Russia ... things are so critical right now that they are ready to toast 6 million Jews in a Nuclear holocaust. So attacking one Jewish family is no big deal for them. For them ... nobody is indispensable right now ... nobody.

They are so freaking scared that they want Trump himself gone. They are actively working on getting rid of the President of the United States and even terminating their own country with 6 million Jews. You are just one tiny dot in the game for them. I don’t think it is going to make you feel any better. But its ... shark eats shark right now ... no time to care for fellow Jews. Times are very critical ... trust no one ... especially your lovely Establishment community. They will not be there for you. If you are planning to support them then think twice.