20 Apr 2017
Trump - Don't remove sanctions on Iran
in America

An important tip for Trump ... do not remove sanctions on Iran. Iran is not on the list of positive Gulf countries. There is a stark difference in the ideology and behaviors of Gulf country Kings and the current rulers of Iran. The Iranian Government is a fascist dictatorship that their own people hate. Will give details soon.

The Nuclear Deal was important only to stop the escalation of wars in the Middle East ... only to stop a war against Russia. This has already been accomplished. There will not be a war against Iran but it is not necessary to remove sanctions either. Don't be in a hurry to remove sanctions from a government whose official policy is "death to America". Why should we do business with a government that says "death to America"? Why should our friends give business to a government who says "death to America and death to Britain"? Why should we buy their oil when their official policy is "death to us"?

Our priority is saving the people ... which is why we supported the Iran Nuclear Deal. It was a requirement to stop the ongoing wars. And the ongoing wars are nothing but plain genocide. Countries are being destroyed and millions of people are being killed non-stop. The genocide of millions of innocent people is something that no God or no religion tolerates. The ongoing wars are a disgrace and they are the lowest levels of humanity since its creation.

The Iranian people were getting sandwiched between two monsters. One monster at home ... that is a fascist dictator government ... and another monster would be non-stop wars and bombings in the name of War on Terror. We have successfully stopped one monster from reaching the Iranian people. Now, we have to take down another monster which has been ruling Iran in a vicious dictatorial style since decades. But this has to be the right type of regime change ... not in this genocidal non-stop war and non-stop air strikes manner. It will be done in the right manner.

We will show you how to topple this fascist Iranian government while protecting the Iranian people ... we will topple them using the support of the Iranian people. The Iranian people are themselves the victims of this fascist self-serving government. It will be done in a clean positive manner with no guns or violence ... if required, only tactical action will be taken. Will give details on this soon.

Tip for Steve Bannon
Are you taking advice from Sebastian Gorka? He is an Establishment mouthpiece ... get rid of him. This is how Establishment mouthpieces work ... they are given a list of points to promote a particular agenda. And these mouthpieces stick to that agenda like a broken record ... repeating it again and again and again. It has no truth or verifiable facts associated with it ... it is mostly mental voodoo. If you follow an Establishment mouthpiece then all of the policies that you will design based upon these inputs will be flawed.

Sebastian Gorka is a typical mouthpiece designed to promote the War on Terror agenda by creating hate against Islam and Muslims. He will go on like a broken record again and again on the list of points given to him. And if you ... by mistake ... take his inputs as the truth ... then everything that you design based upon his inputs will be flawed ... even worse, it could be racist. You will end up creating flawed racist policies.

Get rid of him ... people like him will lead you into a negative direction and their inputs will backfire in all of the works that you do.

If you need real time inputs about Arabs and Muslims then go to Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar or Dubai. Next time you take a holiday or vacation ... spend a few days in these countries. There are American and European communities there ... living there for several decades ... speak to them ... get to know their experience ... speak to locals ... interact with Arab people. You will find nothing but warm hospitality, at most places. That's the real time truth at the ground level. And yeah ... don’t make the mistake of going to Iran ... its not the same ... the people are very lovely and welcoming ... but the government is different ... totally different.