18 Apr 2017
Vote for Le Pen ... she seems good
in America

About the French election, Le Pen seems really good. She has the same issue with Muslims like Donald had ... but that can be fixed ... if she is truly looking for the truth, I hope she is. More importantly, she seems to be focused on her country ... this is an attribute that we really need right now. 

Most of the other politicians are sell-outs ... traitors ... Establishment puppets ... and no good for the people or the country. Just like America, France is severely affected by Establishment policies right now. The income tax is at a whopping 50%, manufacturing is zero, all work is shipped off to China, country is sinking in debt plagued by terrorism and a terrible condition of the people with a high cost of living. All of them are the exact same parameters that exist in America. France is one of the major victim of Jewish Establishment policies in Europe. 

Just like we got Donald in America ... if we get Le Pen in France ... then we just got a savior in France. France hosts the largest Jewish population in Europe ... America hosts the largest Jewish population in the World, apart from Israel. Interestingly, both of these countries are the victims of the same Jewish Criminal Establishment. Voting for Le Pen would bring about a major shift from Establishment malice in Europe. 

I know she might not be fine-tuned ... she might not have all of the policies ... she might not have the media support ... just like Donald, she will also be viciously attacked by the media. But all of that does not matter. All we need is a people based politician in power ... someone who will decide in favor of the people ... someone who will keep “people first” ... “country first”. If they can do this simply thing ... “choose people above the Establishment” ... then we will give them all of the tools, policies and stunning rules to make them shine. We will complement them in the rest. 

Another good thing about Le Pen is that ... she is friendly with Russia. That’s a good thing ... it’s a good indicator ... it shows limited Establishment influence. If any politician or media entity in NATO countries is against Russia ... it is a clear indication of Establishment influence. Because today there is absolutely no reason to be against Russia. Putin and Russia are showing the utmost levels of respect, restrain and international diplomacy in dealing with all NATO countries. They are hurting no one. Demonization of Russia is purely Establishment created to facilitate widespread destruction. And today if you are standing against this “Establishment agenda” of being anti-Russia ... then it’s a good sign. 

Good luck and best wishes to Le Pen. 

Le Pen’s victory will support Donald Trump

Right now, Donald is alone on the international stage fighting against Establishment malice. He is facing immense domestic pressure ... by the politicians as well as the media to change stand against Russia. Donald understands the destruction that will be unleashed if a conflict begins with Russia ... but he is alone on this stand. Le Pen’s victory will give a lot of support to Donald’s stand. It will bring two very influential countries on the same page. Le Pen’s support for good relations with Russia and focusing on their own countries ... will give a good boost to Trump’s policies in America ... of putting “America First”. 

We already have Angela Merkel in Germany ... if we get Le Pen in France ... then she would be a fantastic addition to leaders who will take down the Establishment for good. We strongly support Le Pen’s victory.

Praise for the Syrian Missile Attack ... it was false praise

What President Donald Trump should have understood by now is that ... the shower of fantastic praise for your missile attack in Syria ... it was actually false praise. It was designed to pull you in a trap to strike North Korea next. The moment you did not strike North Korea ... protesters returned to their streets demanding to see your “tax returns”. Within a week Syria was pushed away from the News headlines ... and we were back to “bashing Trump”. 

It was a trap designed to pull you into a Nuclear War with North Korea. And if you would attack North Korea ... the same media would go ballistic against you ... condemning you, ridiculing you and making fun of you for starting a “nuclear war”. The least ... the “least” that would happen with the conflict with North Korea is that ... they would use it for a full-fledged impeachment procedure ... blaming you for the complete destruction of the Korean Peninsula and the deaths of tens of millions of people. And the worst case scenario would be an escalated conflict with Russia by spiraling the conflict in ways that you would never imagine. It’s a terribly rigged system out there ... and “wars” is something that you will not be able to “contain and control” ... when the Establishment’s priorities are either to get you impeached or facilitate total termination. 

Hold the War Horse

It was a wise decision not to strike North Korea. Hold the War Horse ... do not get on it. At least try to complete your first two years without a major war. That itself will be a major accomplishment. We know ... the Arms industries will come to you with lucrative “incentives” ... to start or enhance wars ... but trust me ... it’s a trap. The Arms Industries are a part of the same Criminal Establishment Syndicate. It is just one of their many arms. Do not fall for those “incentives” ... it’s a trap ... that will lead to either impeachment or termination. Will give you details on this aspect later.

Does the Establishment want you to strike North Korea?

Hell yes, they do. They want you to strike North Korea. Look at the shift in headlines news in all major American media outlets. The Syrian chemical attack is pushed under the rugs ... and its all about North Korea now. ISIS is taking a break ... police violence against Blacks is put on hold ... terrorist events are sidelined and “North Korea” is the headlines. This is how “Establishment monopoly” helps them run the country as per their agenda. North Korea is a major trap ... do not fall for it. And don’t worry about the “incentives” from the Arms Industries ... we will show you huge levels of incentives that this Criminal Syndicate can never give you. And you will get those incentives by doing fantastic and fabulous things for the people. Trust me ... you don’t need to start wars, destroy countries and kill millions of people to get rich ... all of these guys are criminals and that’s the best that they can come up with. We will show you fantastic and fabulous things ... and cash will never be a problem for you. 

You will reach stunning levels of greatness ... and trust me ... you don’t need these criminal and disastrous ways. Not only these ways are criminal and disastrous ... but they are designing a major trap for you. They have exhausted all of their demonization and scandalous techniques ... none of them worked out as they wished. So they are designing more complicated traps for you ... beware.