10 Apr 2017
Donald: Military Blunders can be used for Impeachment
in America

There are a few things that President Trump needs to know about “military action”. First and foremost ... you should know that the Jewish Establishment does not want you in office. They don’t want you as President and they are pulling every string possible to pull you down. You have already seen the list of scandals unleashed against you, the demonization campaigns and the lawsuits. Next can be “military blunders”.

I will tell you how it works.

  • Step One is a trap. They will push you to do something that is very easy ... and give you a lot of fame and publicity.
  • Step Two is the blunder. Based upon Step One ... they will design Step Two exactly on the same guidelines ... but it will be a major blunder. They will rattle the shit out of you, once you take Step Two. You will think that ... “hey, I got so much fame and publicity from Step One ... so let’s do Step Two as well” ... but in Step Two, they will rattle the shit out of you.

I will give you an example ... they used the same strategy to trap Putin.

  • Step One – Crimea. Crimea was not “annexed militarily”. They voted to join Russia. Just like any European country can vote to join or leave the EU ... the same way Crimea voted to join Russia. The entire process was done totally peacefully via a referendum. Crimea became a part of Russia. Putin got a lot of fame and publicity for this move.
  • Step Two – Ukraine. Once Crimea became a part of Russia ... Putin was encouraged to go for Ukraine. “Hey, look America is taking over Iraq and Libya ... you also do the same ... expand your territory ... you got Crimea now ... go for Ukraine.” Ukraine was a major blunder. Crimea was Step One that led to Ukraine. Once Putin made his move on Ukraine ... they rattled Russian economy with sanctions, a loss of hundreds of billions per year, fall of the Ruble and world isolation. The whole thing was a trap. The Establishment got Putin and Russia exactly where they wanted ... sanctioned and isolated.

Why I am telling you this is because ... you are sending strike ships towards North Korea. It’s a repetition of the same pattern.

  • Step One – Syria Strike. They designed the Chemical Attack and pushed you to strike Syria without any UN approval, totally on your own. They have given you some fame and recognition in the media that they own for this strike. This is a trap ... it was just Step One of the plan.
  • Step Two – North Korea Strike. Now, if they are encouraging you to strike North Korea then you should know that it will be a major blunder. North Korea is a nuclear power. They will unleash nuclear missiles in the entire area. You will be responsible for the deaths of millions of people. At home, they will hammer you like anything for starting a “nuclear war” with North Korea. It will be a very good pretext for impeachment.

North Korea is a Communist Country
This is what you should know about North Korea. It is a Communist Country. It itself is an intensive Establishment stronghold. All Communist countries are super supportive of the Jewish Establishment. These guys are vicious and they don’t care about anyone else other than themselves. They will sit in one bunker and destroy the entire country around them, if required.

US Military and Pentagon Operations are Rigged
Another thing about US military operations you should know is that ... US Military and Pentagon operations are rigged. Which is why ... you don’t see any result in Iraq or Libya or Syria ... terrorists keep growing. Trillions spent ... 16 years completed ... terrorists still growing. Why? Because your ground level operations are totally rigged by the same Establishment.

With such a flawed and rigged system in your hands ... you cannot afford a nuclear war with a Communist country. You are getting a lot of praise for your strike on Syria. These Muslim countries are very simple with hardly any military force or capability. But these Communist countries are vicious ... they don’t care about their own people, forget about America and Americans. It will be a major major blunder to strike North Korea.

Use of Military Blunders for Impeachment
Just letting you know in advance. Just in case, you strike North Korea ... the destruction that it will create ... they will use that to impeach you. The debates that will begin in the Congress will be like ... “can we keep our country and nuclear missile codes in the hands of a 5 year old who goes around toying with other Nuclear powers? Millions of people have lost their lives. The entire Korean peninsula is destroyed. Donald Trump cannot be our President.” They will use military blunders to impeach you. And if you make these blunders within the first months of your Presidency then by year end you will be gone ... which is exactly what the Establishment wants.

If you want to take down Communism in North Korea then it requires lengthy detailed planning. You need to secure the entire region around North Korea with a highly effective missile defense system ... and then plan out an entire nuclear war against the country. Military option against “nuclear Communist” countries can be very very dangerous and critical. You cannot strike North Korea using just one ship. By the time you send the next ships to respond ... then entire peninsula would already have been destroyed. Its really not a good option.

Your strike in Syria has faded away with minimum backlash from Russia and Syria. So just chill on that. That strike itself was Establishment planned ... don’t fall for the next step. It will be a total disaster. We already told you before ... Establishment priorities have changed. It was Islam under the hammer first. Now it is Trump, Russia and then Islam. Don’t give them a chance to hammer you via “military blunders”. You are in a trap ... beware.