08 Apr 2017
Ivanka Trump's White House Challenge - Manage and Contain Jared Kushner
in America

Okay ... we saved Trump from impeachment ... now it’s time to save Team Trump. In the first couple of months, the Establishment was very aggressively moving forward to impeach Trump. Now ... since they have failed in that ... they are moving towards Team Trump.

What’s great about Team Trump?
Owing to his vast business experience, Trump is great in hiring. I loved the way he hired the right people for the right job. He did very good screening and many of his picks are very good ones. The great thing about being in Team Trump is that ... you don’t need to fear about Establishment pressure ... no one is pressurizing you, no one is controlling you and no one is manipulating you. You are free to come up with the best ideas to make a Great America.

Why is this so? Because Trump himself is a great patriot ... he loves his country and he wants to make a Great America. So, all of his team members are totally free to fight and to do what is best for the country. This has not been the case for several decades in America. For several decades, the Establishment has ruled the White House and controlled all policy making. Trump has the opportunity to change this and make history.

Welcome to the West Wing, Ivanka
My dear golden lady ... hearty welcome to the West Wing. We are glad that you chose to be a part of Team Trump ... because your Dad really needs your help. He is dealing with pretty darn complicated stuff ... and you can help in easing a few things.

Let’s talk about Jared Kushner. I know that Jared is your Prince charming. From his looks ... he is a good choice ... no doubt about that. He must be a great husband and a great dad. Personal life is not the problem. It is the community where the problem lies ... the problem lies in the Establishment. We cannot allow Jared to be a tool of the Establishment within Trump Administration. Because both of them are opposite poles. Your Dad wants to make a Great America and do great things for the American people. But the Establishment wants to do totally the opposite ... they have stagnated the last Presidents and they are working towards America’s destruction. It is a severe conflict of interest.

How to verify if Jared will be a tool used by the Establishment?
See ... you guys are a lovely Christian family. The Jewish Community is quite complicated ... it has too many variants involved and a lot of complications. The Establishment tends to use Jews or Jewish supporters wherever they are for the Establishment’s agenda and benefit. Doesn’t matter who he is ... doesn’t matter in which corner of the world he is ... the Establishment tries to use Jews for their benefit. This is how they operate. Will give details later on that. Here is your checklist to verify if Jared is a “potential Establishment tool”.

  • Has he shown very keen interest in politics recently?
  • Does he want the top most position in the Trump Presidency?
  • Does he want to be informed and included in almost all top clearances and meetings?
  • Does he want to be involved in key decision making?
  • Does he want to be involved in almost all Trump briefings?
  • Does he want to remain out of the spotlight?

I am not trying to put a doubt in Jared being a great husband or father. But we need to separate the personal relationship and Establishment control. If your answer is “yes” to many of the questions that I asked above ... then it is a clear indication of the Establishment “activating one of their elements” close to Trump. We are in very sensitive times ... where the Establishment is very actively working towards America’s destruction. We are in this position only because of massive Establishment influence and control. The more we limit them, the more your Dad gets an opportunity to do great things for the country. If the Establishment is going to be informed of every plan, meeting and move that Trump is going to make ... then it will always keep the Establishment one step ahead. Don’t worry Jared is not the only source from whom they get the info ... the Establishment has several means of tracking info from the White House.

Trump keeps family first
This is an issue that your Dad cannot handle. This is his blind spot. He keeps family first. In hotel business, it is totally fine ... fire whoever you want and give Jared as much authority as you want ... that is not a problem at all. But you are in the White House ... this is not about your hotel business ... this is about the lives of 330 million people. And there a lot of elements with “malicious” interests connected in this arena. When it comes to Jared, your Dad cannot do this on his own ... you have to step forward and help him. Which is why ... it is a great thing that you are in the West Wing ... you can help your Dad save America.

The Jewish Establishment doesn’t consider you as family
One thing that you must have clearly noticed is that ... the Jewish Establishment does not consider you or your Dad as family. This is very clearly evident from:

  • Demonization. The vicious and horrible demonization campaign that the Establishment media runs against you and Trump.
  • Law Suits. They have piled several law suits against your Dad and law suits have also begun against you.
  • Financial Losses. They have openly taken action to bring about financial losses for you and your Dad.
  • Elimination Attempts. They have made severe elimination attempts against your Dad.

The interesting thing to note here is that ... they have carried out all of the above against you and your Dad ... against Ivanka Trump and against Donald Trump ... but they have very clearly left out Jared Kushner. How many financial losses? How many law suits? And where is the demonization campaign against Jared Kushner? He is also among the top Trump Team. Kellyanne is demonized ... Steve Bannon is demonized ... they try to attack Reince Priebus ... they continuously attack you and your Dad. Where are the attacks against Jared Kushner? Yes, my dear lady ... this is how the Jewish Establishment operates.

“Conflict is a tool”
What you should know about these guys is that they use “conflict as a tool” to facilitate decisions in their favor. This is why I tell Trump ... if an attack happens somewhere ... don’t react immediately ... first investigate it fully. The attack on the Russian metro was a deviation ... they deviated Russian intelligence and authorities with that attack ... and then immediately carried out a chemical attack in Syria ... just a couple of days later. They use this strategy at an international level ... and they use it also at an Administrative level.

For example ... Chris Christie is a great guy ... he would have done some wonderful things if he was in Team Trump. He does what he does in New Jersey because he has to take care of the elements that control his seat. But if he was under Trump’s umbrella then he would have done really good things for the country. He would have been a good force. But why was he eliminated from Trump’s team? Because Trump keeps family first. It’s a good thing but when you are dealing with a potential Establishment element then it can be problematic.

Jared had a problem with Chris Christie ... he is gone. Now he has a problem with Steve Bannon ... he has been demoted ... next is Reince Priebus ... next will be Kellyanne and then next ... and then next ... eventually Trump will get rid of all of the good patriotic guys from the Team and he will be surrounded by Establishment junk. We can save Trump from getting impeached. But if he keeps eliminating useful people who are not puppeted by the Establishment ... then he will surround himself with junk ... he will end up making junk decisions ... and his Presidency will stagnate like the Obama Presidency.

“If you cannot get along with Jared then you are fired” ... this cannot be the hiring policy of the Trump Presidency. Because these guys use "conflict as a tool”. Jared will go around creating conflicts with every guy that the “Establishment wants eliminated from the Trump Administration”. And if you go and tell your Dad ... “you know, so and so guy is giving Jared a tough time ... I want you to take care of him”. This would be okay in the hotel business. But if you do this right now ... then you are empowering the Establishment with more authority, monopoly and power. They are already troubling, humiliating and attacking you and your Dad in the most vicious ways. You will be giving them even more power by eliminating crucial patriots who will be very helpful for your Dad.

How to separate the great husband from the Establishment element?
These are the Establishment objectives ... they try accomplish this using the widely spread network across several layers in the society:

  • More Money. Are they trying to channelize more money towards the corporations that they own?
  • More Power. Are they trying to pull their supporters in key decision making positions?
  • More Ownership. The Jewish Establishment already owns most of the largest corporations in America. Are they trying to create more ownership within their supporters?

See ... Jared is family ... if he wants more money then no problem? More power? No problem. More ownership? No problem. If he wants this for himself ... then he is family ... no problem. But if he wants to create any scheme in which this is facilitated for Establishment supporters then that is a problem. I am telling you this in advance ... because if he comes up with innovation schemes ... then guess who gets the ownership?

What to do?

  • Trump hires very well. Don’t allow your Dad to fire people just because of Jared. Because it is not Jared’s problem ... it is an Establishment technique. Do not give Jared any hire or fire authority. Trump is a fantastic patriot and he hires very well. If someone is not doing his job then Trump knows when to fire ... and he does it mercilessly ... you know that. Don’t allow Jared to get involved in this process.
  • Avoid Jared’s conflicts. If there is a genuine reason for a conflict in ideas where Jared can show better results practically then consider those points. Otherwise turn a blind eye to Jared’s conflict issues. It is not a normal conflict ... it is a technique. This should be advised to all of Trump’s top advisers and team members. Tell them to turn a deaf ear if Jared starts having issues with them. Instead of increasing a conflict with Jared, they should approach you or Trump with practical reasons. Jared should allow privacy for such meetings and discussions.
  • Take the spotlight. If Jared wants more power and decision making ... then push him to take the spotlight as well. Tell him to do interviews, campaign, promote and fight for Trump. If he is backing off on this then it is not because he is shy ... it indicates malicious intent. These malicious elements take key decision making positions, keep themselves out of the media spotlight and when something goes wrong or nothing is accomplished then who gets the blame? Donald Trump gets the blame. They create the scenarios that facilitate these decisions from the backend but you get the thrashing on the frontend.
  • Allow him to contribute. Without fighting with other patriotic team members, allow him to contribute his best ideas for the good of the country. If you see that they are good ideas which will result in good work for the common people ... then of course, welcome such contributions.
  • Money, power and ownership. Keep him away from these elements and see that he is not giving this more to the current Establishment elements.
  • Wars. Don’t take his inputs when he wants to increase more wars.
  • Debt. Tell him to work on ways of eliminating the national debt.

For your Team Members

  • They should not be threatened by Jared
  • They should not be fired only because Jared has a problem
  • They should be allowed to speak freely and contribute their best for the good of the country

Do you know what happened with Stalin in the Soviet Union? He had some Jews as his closest advisers ... he was himself sleeping with a Jew. Most of top political positions were held by Jews in the Soviet Union. Stalin led the Communist Rule mercilessly and executed millions of Christians in his early years. But when he grew old and saw that his time was near ... then he realized how monstrous the entire system had become. So he turned the guns against the Jews that advised him to create and run such a system. He executed many of his top advisers. The Soviet Union was helping in the establishment of Communist rule in many other countries. He calls the entire parliament of one of the East European Communist country to have tea with him ... and then he executes all of the top politicians. And that country is like ... “thank you Stalin for saving us from the Communist rule”. Stalin used to say “every Jew is a potential spy”. Why did he say that? Because he lived along with them ... ran a system that they created ... he saw all of their networking and behaviors ... he knew exactly how this Establishment functions.

Trump is only firing people for disagreeing with Jared. Stalin used to execute them. In fact, during Stalin “anti-Semitism was punishable by death”. If you said anything against Jews then you would be executed. They ran this system while staying in the background. If you tell Jews today ... “hey, Communism is a system created and run by Jews” ... then they will say ... no, no, no, it was all Lenin and Stalin ... Jews have nothing to do with that ... saying that Communism was run by Jews is an Anti-Semitic statement. They created a horrible system while staying out of the spotlight.