02 Apr 2017
Obama and his legacy options
in America

Back to Obama dear ... been busy saving Trump. I told you before ... there was an impeachment threat luring around ... I had to take care of it. So, coming back to your legacy options. Well, in the short run ... you don’t have any legacy options available. The only options available for you in the immediate future are “face saving” options.

The Truth about Obama Presidency
See ... the truth about your Presidency is that ... you got elected because of the trash that exists in the Congress. You were lucky to have George Bush as the predecessor and John McCain as the opposing candidate. Both of them were exemplary trash that Washington could ever produce. And in the second term you had Mitt Romney, a major corporate leech.

Being President in America is not a great thing because:

  • Firstly, the Congress is full of trash. Even after 8 years of Obama ... Trump easily killed his Republican opposition. How? Because his entire opposition was trash. If it weren’t for the media leaked scandals against Trump then Trump would have a sweeping victory over Hillary Clinton. Trump benefited from the same fact that you did ... Congress is full of trash.
  • Secondly, people are fed up and they want change. They will vote for anyone who will give them change. That’s why they voted for you and that’s why they voted for Trump.

And the truth about the Obama Presidency is that ... after you got elected ... you didn’t do shit for the people ... except ... except for peacekeeping. You are a good guy with good people oriented morals. You took a war torn country filled with fear, insecurity and hate ... and you transformed it into a peaceful Democratic State again. But there is a timeline for things ... okay fine ... you took 6 months or one year for this ... and then what did you do? You had 8 years in office ... what did you do for the people?

Created jobs? See ... if you maintain peace then job creation automatically takes place. The American entrepreneurs and businessmen are not stupid ... they will grow, they will innovate and they will hire when there is peace in the country. This is something that will automatically happen. What did you do? ObamaCare? Cuba? Trade with China? You were grossly misled by the Establishment. You could not do anything for the people ... and if you did something then it was totally wrong. They either held you off or misled you ... which is why you have “zero legacy” right now.

This is what the Establishment does ... they consume your time with bullshit ... don’t allow you to do anything right ... and if anything is done ... it favors them. Don’t worry ... the Obama Presidency was not incompetent only because of Obama ... it was mainly because of the Establishment misdirection and malice.

People Fed Up with Obama
Since you did not do anything for the people ... your approval ratings tanked and even Black people were fed up of you ... saying you didn’t do anything. You started off with “yes, we can” and the people were screaming “no, he didn’t”. But interestingly ... in the last year, your approval ratings started rising. Why? Because of the vicious image of Donald Trump that the Establishment media was creating. The media was creating fear, suspicion and insecurity against Donald Trump. People were scared of Trump and started to like what they had. The people were finding a comfort zone in your good nature.

But my dear friend Obama ... this phenomena works both ways. Because they were scared of Trump, they were liking you. But the moment Team Trump gets in touch with us ... we will make him shine like a rockstar ... we will give him stunning policies that people will adore and love him. The phenomena that you saw till now ... it will get reversed. People will be like ... “hey, if Trump could do this? Then why didn’t Obama do this? Trump is so freaking awesome ... he is taking so much actions in our favor ... why didn’t Obama do this? Why didn’t Trump run for President before? We should have elected Trump instead of Obama. America wasted 8 years under Obama. Obama was a total total waste of time.” This is line in which the people’s thinking will move into ... and your incompetence will be grossly disliked.

Time to Save Face
You are thinking of a “legacy” ... but in reality ... the first thing that you need to do is prepare to “save face”. The moment ... the very instant you see that the Team Trump has contacted us ... just jump ... simply jump into Team Trump ... support each and every policy ... and rally for these policies. Your version that you will present to the people ... will be the truth. You will tell the people that ... hell yes, we tried ... we tried again and again and again ... but the malicious Establishment held us off. Their widespread influence is unacceptable and not Democratic. You will show the people all of the moves that you took as President to address these issues and you will move on with Trump into the next phase of eliminating Establishment influence in all spheres.

If you remain silent while Trump campaigns and shines ... then people are gonna hammer you ... not only you will lose all credibility but you will be seen as an Establishment supporter. And I know that you are not an Establishment supporter ... but that’s what your silence will indicate. Don’t remain silent ... make sure to speak up.

Using Democrats or Republicans for the Campaign?
You remember we told you that ... we will give the policies to a Democrat ... and then campaign for it ... then bring it to you ... and then take it to Trump in the last phase. We suggested these steps only to create a legacy for you ... so that you have an important role in this massive change ... so that you get a good name and it helps in the creation of a legacy.

But I thought about it ... I don’t think that our work is about glorifying one person ... our work is about the people. And we have to do what is best for the people. So, instead of making it a movement by only the Democrats ... we will reach out to both party members ... Democrat as well as Republican ... after we have enough supporters and media mileage ... we will directly take it to Trump. The thing with Trump is that ... he is a fantastic “media magnet” ... the guy doesn’t make news ... he is news. If we win Trump’s support then we get billions worth publicity at no cost. It will give a huge boost to the project and it will also shorten the time frame for accomplishments. It is in the project’s best interest to keep Trump in the leadership. And Trump needs this project more than anyone else because of the horrible way the Establishment is treating him, his family and his Administration. We have a mutual interest here.

Obama and Africa
See ... America is Trump Zone ... so forget about any legacy options from America. You had an opportunity for 8 long years and you didn’t make most of it. Whatever will be done in America ... the credit will go to Trump Presidency ... either you lead or he leads ... it doesn’t matter ... eventually every policy will be signed by Trump ... and it’s his name that will go in History, not yours. So, if you want to do something historic then Africa is the place not America.

I will give you an example. During the British Rule, India was starving ... there were famines all across the country. 40 Million people died in the Bengal famine alone. Guess who came to India’s rescue? The Ford Foundation ... they came with technology ... they provided Indian farmers with high yielding seeds and modern agricultural techniques ... which resulted in a bumper harvest. From a starving country ... India became a food sufficient country. And how do I know this? This is written in our History books. “Ford Foundation” came to India and brought about the Green Revolution in India. The Ford Foundation created history in India ... without holding any political position.

The same can be done using the Obama Foundation. We look for certain attributes in leaders that we work with ... some of the key attributes are:

  • People Oriented. Are they people oriented? Will they care, support and love people of all race, color and religions? And when we look at you ... we find a fantastic people oriented leader. You are really great in this attribute ... no question about it.
  • Killer Instinct. This attribute is required for America ... not Africa. Because America’s current status is that ... it is being leeched out by wolves. Taking down the wolves is important in America.
  • Fire Within. Do you have a fire within to work on this issues? Will you fight for these issues? Will you take initiatives for these issues? So, Obama ... you need to ask yourself ... do you have a fire within for Africa?

For America ... we already saw ... you know us for more than like 6 -7 years now ... but you have shown “zero” initiative. No emails, no phone calls and no contacts ... despite our repeated requests. Even then we constantly contacted you with key concerns ... especially the ones that involved war. Why? Because even though you showed no initiative ... you at least had the responsibility as the American President to do what is right for your people and country. That is why we continuously got in touch with you. But this does not apply for Africa. You want a legacy in Africa? Then you need to show some initiative ... at least a little bit of fire if not a lot.

All of the works that we will show ... it will bring such enormous changes around the world that you will win a series of Nobel Prizes. Not just one or two ... in several segments of people’s lives ... the Trump Family will win Nobel Prizes, God willing. Many people are thinking that Trump might fail. But we will make him a stunning “World Leader”. Not only he will do great things for America ... but he will do great things for all humanity. Trump and Putin will be the best team that the world has ever seen since the past generations. We can facilitate this for you in Africa ... but if you don’t want it ... then no problem, more for Trump.