31 Mar 2017
Netanyahu just signaled that “the gold has moved, Israel is dispensable”
in America

Well, here is some hot news. Our lovely Prime Minister of Israel, the leader of the Jewish world, has just signaled that ... the gold has moved and Israel is dispensable. Congratulations to 6 Million Jews living in Israel and those thinking of performing Aliya ... your leaders have decided to burn you in a nuclear holocaust. So much for protecting the Jewish community and the security of Israel.

Background info on Israel
Those who think that Israel is created for the Jewish community and it is the promised land for the Jewish people ... all of that is bullshit. You might be a Jew who believes in these words or you might be another person who might hear these words ... you should know that all of that is bullshit. Israel was created by Rothschild, the owners of the Federal Reserve System. It was not created by the Jewish community. The Second World War was created “after” Israel was formed ... the war was designed in a way to populate Israel and send as many Jews as possible from Europe to Israel. There was no persecution of Jews during the First World War and Jews did not migrate during the First World War.

Why did Rothschild need the State of Israel? He needed that to store his reserves. The Federal Reserve prints money for more than 190 countries around the world and they were stealing money by the trillions. They needed a country of their own to store and protect their reserves. This is why Israel maintains the most sophisticated and advanced military in the world. This is why they put Israel’s security as the utmost top priority. Because Israel stores the reserves of the bankers by the trillions.

Netanyahu – This time we will defend ourselves
If you see Jewish history ... Jews have been expelled again and again and again from several countries repeatedly. From Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Russia ... from most top European countries. Why? Because a section of Jews follows a “criminal ideology” and believe that it is their divine right to steal, mislead and kill non-Jews for their benefit. So every time, the crime rose from the Jewish community ... the Kings and Czars of Europe would get fed up of them and kick them out. This is one of the reasons that the Communist Jews hated the Kings and Czars of Europe and actively promoted Communist Revolutions against them. It was a criminal Jewish rivalry.

This is the main reason Netanyahu keeps saying ... “this time we will defend ourselves ... this time we will defend ourselves”. Our politicians don’t even understand what he is saying. What “time” is he talking about? What is he referring to? Our lovely Prime Minister Netanyahu ... is none other than the Front End Marketing Executive of the Jewish Bankers who formed Israel. He is talking on their behalf. He is telling you ... “hell yes, we stole again and we stole by the hundreds of trillions ... from all of you ... and this time ... “this time” ... we will defend ourselves”.

For a thousand years ... after the fall of Kazaria ... these criminals did not have a country of their own. So every time owing to their criminal activity ... they would be expelled from European countries. According to these Kazarian Jews ... they were just practicing their own religion and beliefs which was routine in Kazaria. Since they did not have a King of their own or a country of their own ... they were not able to defend themselves. But now, since they have Israel ... a country with the most advanced military in the world ... Netanyahu had the courage to say ... this time we will defend ourselves. I am sure it was a proud day for a criminal.

The Criminal Bankers have packed up and ran!
But sadly ... the proud days of the criminals have come to an end ... the illusions that they lived in have vanished ... the veils that they live behind have been exposed ... the criminal bankers have packed up and ran!

I will tell you what happened. We wrote the Lovely Jewish History ... giving the complete details of the criminal history of the Jewish Establishment ... its roots, origins, ideology, past and present work. Apart from that we have also connected with the White House as well as the Kremlin to expose their malicious moves. We gave complete details of the war that they were planning between America and Russia. We also gave details on how this war will end and who the victors will be. After the complete termination of America, Europe and Russia ... the preplanned victors were “Israel and China”. These guys were planning to rule the world after the Third World War.

Israel’s Iron Dome Program
The Iron Dome program was designed to protect Israel during this Third World War. Why do you think Israel had a sudden need for an Iron Dome program? What is the Iron Dome program? If missiles are being fired all over your country ... then you activate this program in order to protect your country from all of these missiles coming in from all directions. That is the “Iron Dome”. It is a multi-billion dollar project. Why do you think Israel needs an Iron Dome ... to protect itself from Hezbollah’s rockets? Hezbollah’s rockets are more like fireworks ... they hardly do any damage at all.

The main purpose of the creation of the Iron Dome program was to secure Israel when America, Europe and Russia would begin destroying themselves. To shoot down any stray missiles that would enter Israel’s airspace. And guess who financed this Iron Dome Program? Barack Obama. Lol. They fooled Obama into giving them a multi-billion dollar aid package for the “security of Israel” and to create this very program. They took American money to protect themselves in a scenario that they would create to destroy America. This is the extent to which they have fooled and misled Obama.

It is like ... your friend taking a loan from you to buy a bullet-proof vest and stand next to you wearing that vest while you are shot dead. This is how Israel is America’s friend. Would you be proud to give that loan to your “friend”?

Obama signs Nuclear Deal with Iran
However ... when we exposed this malicious program of widespread destruction ... Obama very tactically moves away from any increased military activity. Instead of taking military action ... something that was being widely promoted ... he forcefully went ahead and signed the Nuclear Deal with Iran, despite massive resistance from Netanyahu. Whether the Nuclear Deal was good or bad ... whether Iran should have nukes or not? That is a different question. What was more important was ... not to initiate a war with Iran. That was the priority. And signing this Nuclear Deal made that clear in black and white.

Active Democratic Systems
Not only the White House is aware of the Jewish Malice ... the Kremlin is also aware of the same ... on top of that we, Active Democracy, are creating fantastic people based systems that will revolutionize America and Europe. Our lovely Bankers know that once our work enters Europe then there is no stopping ... Israel also will be revolutionized ... using massive influence from the changed America and Russia ... Israel will not stand a chance. The Banker influence and control over Israel will be gone.

If the Banker control from Israel is gone ... then we will automatically explore and expose all of their reserves and the hidden biotechnology research labs in Israel. It will automatically happen. The exact same thing happened to Kazaria a thousand years ago. The Christian and Muslim world was fed up of their malice ... and eventually Kazaria was eliminated. They are seeing that History is going to repeat itself. Their malice has reached the peak again. They have been fully exposed ... we know who they are, what they are doing and we know exactly how to eliminate their malice. These guys are scared ... now they have packed up and ran.

Where did they go?
Yes, where did they go? This explains the extensive development work on the Islands in South China Sea. This is why they are feeling threatened if a US ship comes near those Islands. Why China? They don’t stand a chance of keeping their control over Israel. A tiny country ... advanced military but tiny ... a population of just 7 million ... they don’t stand a chance when we put America and Russia on the other side. That too ... we are not promoting war for any country ... it might be Israel or Iran ... we will revolutionize them from within. With American and Russian support and an internal democratic movement in Israel ... the Bankers don’t stand a chance. But China is communist ... total dictatorship ... a massive military ... a population of more than 1 Billion. Hosting your reserves in China provides a security shell that is 100 times stronger.

Look at the spot that they have chosen ... in South China Sea ... very nicely nestled far away from the nuclear war that they want to create in America, Europe and Russia ... far away from the destruction zone under the umbrella of a hardcore Communist country.

Pointer: Track ship, submarine and aircraft movements from Israel towards China or you should have done that since a couple of years.

What does this mean for Jews in Israel?
My dear friends ... Netanyahu is ready to attack a country protected by Russia. It means two things:

  • The gold has moved. The Banker reserves have moved to China. Now, there is no reason to protect Israel any more.
  • They desperately want a war between America and Russia. Their malice has reached the peak in Europe. And they are so desperate for these countries to be destroyed that they are willing to toast Israel in the process.

If Israel attacks Syria ... then Putin will not remain silent ... he will respond. If Russia responds, Netanyahu will beg for America to join and pull Trump into this war. They are directly using Israel as “bait” to initiate this major war. What does this say about Israel protecting the Jewish people? What does this say about Israel being the Promised Land? All of that is bullshit ... the entire agenda all the time was protecting the reserves of the Bankers. Now that the reserves are gone ... they are ready to put 6 Million Jews as bait. They are ready to toast you in a nuclear holocaust.

Tip for Trump: Doesn’t matter what happens ... do not get involved in a war with Israel. Do not support any of their wars. They want to go ahead and bomb Israel? Allow Putin to teach them a lesson ... cooperate with Putin. Do not get involved. Do not get involved. Do not get involved. It is a malicious plan designed for destruction ... your destruction.

They really don’t care about their people. They are going to use their people as bait. They have always done that ... using their people as bait is nothing new for them. That’s why they don’t make peace with Palestine and get 2-3 Jews killed every now and then ... they will show those deaths to get finance and military support from the West. They have always used their people as bait. This whole thing about Israel being the Promised Land is a cover up. These guys are utterly malicious ... do not support their wars.

Now you understand why the Jewish Establishment is so bitter about America having good relations with Russia? Why there are so many Russia based investigations? Because:

  • Firstly, they want a war between you two ... and if you have good relations then it will not be possible.
  • Secondly, if America, Russia and Active Democracy join ... then it is doomsday for the Establishment.
  • Thirdly, they had to pack up and run. This is something that the trillionaires never imagined that they would have to do. Now, they have to sit in South China Sea and watch their country being revolutionized and taken over by their own people.

Obama Dear ... we told you a few years ago that Israel and the Jewish Establishment wants a war between America and Russia ... this is your living proof.

This time we will defend ourselves?
So, my dear lovely Netanyahu ... this time we will defend ourselves? Seems like your boss has packed up and ran ... like they have always done for thousands of years. And he left you there to use Israel as bait and toast 6 Million Jews in the process. Doesn’t seem like a plan to defend anyone but the Bankers, doesn't it?