26 Mar 2017
Clear evidence of “Jewish” Establishment War Games
in America

Well, for the last two months ... the Jewish Establishment was busy trying to hammer President Trump in every possible way to put him on an impeachment track ... and they failed. This was their second major defeat against Donald Trump. First ... Trump won the election and became President ... this was the Establishment’s first major defeat ... against a patriotic candidate that is not an Establishment puppet. Second ... they made a desperate attempt to try to make impeachment moves against Donald Trump and they lost again. Two major defeats already delivered to the Establishment against Donald Trump.

Here is the fantastic part ... once their impeachment moves were exposed ... see how wonderfully they jumped back to their “war game” tactics. You can find direct contacts with the “Jewish” Establishment in all of these moves. You will find that it will be a person directly from Jewish or Israeli origin, corporate entities owned by the same or from countries with malicious Jewish ideology. I will show you how.

Only Jewish Establishment dares to oppose and threaten America

What Donald Trump should know is that ... it is only the Jewish Establishment that will dare to oppose and threaten America. After the fall of the Soviet Union, America has no enemy. Technically, there is no other world power that is against America or that wants to harm America ... except the Jewish Establishment. That too ... do you know why the Soviet Union was against America? Only because of the “Communist ideology” ... and this ideology was designed by none other than Jews. Communism is totally the opposite of Democracy. If you see almost all Communist countries around the world ... in the past as well as the present ... they have horrible treatment of their own people. Because this ideology is a “self-serving” ideology ... that exploits people and leeches out the country’s resources. That is why you will find several Communist countries in horrible shape, utterly poor and disastrous for the people. The only entities that benefit from Communism are their leaders.

This is a system created under a malicious Jewish ideology. It is all about one tiny group of people benefiting at the expense of the masses. In the East it was Communism ... in the West it is the “Jewish Establishment” ... it is the Corporations. This is why you will find leaders of Cuba and Venezuela shouting bullshit against America for no reason at all. What harm is America doing to Cuba or Venezuela or even China ... that their leaders are so aggressive against America? An American ship sails by the South China Sea and the Chinese leaders are like “hey, do you want war?” This aggression against America from Communist countries is “ideology” based. Because we, in America, run a totally different ideology that is people based. And our lovely Jewish Establishment needs these few remaining Communist countries to be against America ... so that just in case America turns against Jews then they have a place to flee to.

Netanyahu already knows this ... he is the frontend executive of Jewish Bankers whose policies are creating a financial collapse in several European countries. That is why Netanyahu is continuously shouting, “come to Israel ... anti-Semitism will rise ... come to Israel ... anti-Semitism will rise”. A huge section of common Jews are innocent ... they have no idea what is going on. They don’t know that the financial structures in several countries are on the verge of collapse ... and upon this collapse the malice of the Jewish Establishment will be fully exposed ... at that moment there will be no way to protect common Jews. That’s why Netanyahu continuously keeps alerting Jews in Europe to flee and come to Israel.

North Korea
Why do you think that North Korea is such a cranky head? What is America doing anything against North Korea? How are we hurting them in any way? But even then its leaders are continuously threatening America. Why? Ideology problem ... it’s a hardcore Communist country. At this moment in time, right now ... these are Jewish Establishment war games. North Korea is continuously doing more and more missile tests in a very aggressive and threatening manner. Why? Establishment war games. They failed in the impeachment efforts ... they have realized that Trump is not movable at a local level ... next thing they have moved onto is ... international war games.

North Korea is an Establishment “intensive” control point. It’s a hardcore Establishment control point ... very aggressive. Don’t fall for the frontend game ... don’t respond militarily ... sanction the shit out of North Korea. The Establishment will not get what they want ... and they will lose control over their own people ... giving a massive blow to their government.

France and Terrorism
Here’s the thing about terrorism and France ... you see that terrorist events are occurring again and again in Europe ... especially France. France hosts the highest number of Jews in all of Europe. The Establishment has massive control in France ... to the extent that they have made France a “Socialist” country. Socialism led to Communism ... it was the first step to Communism. Don’t fall for the terror events that happen in Europe ... especially France.

How our lovely Jewish Establishment manages terrorism is via these control points:

  • Rigged Intelligence. They will actually allow these events to happen whenever there is a requirement. This event is then represented as it is required by the intelligence agencies. Monitoring Muslims and Muslim countries is a waste of time. Because the Establishment has tools to monitor “every government and intelligence officer” ... details later on these tool sets. Using these tool sets ... they can make an event happen anytime and anywhere in America and Europe. Despite all of your security measures, you will not be able to stop them because they have tool sets to track you. That’s how these events are created as and when required.
  • Media and Politicians. Using their monopoly in media and politics, the Establishment is able to then direct the response to these events. What the media says about it ... what the politicians talk about it ... everything is preplanned.

If you note ... all of these terror events happen in countries where the Jewish Establishment controls thee three elements ... Intelligence, Media and Politicians. Which is why it mainly happens in Europe and America. Moscow hosts more than one million Muslims. If Islam or Muslims were bad ... then why don’t any events happen in Moscow? Because the Jewish Establishment has absolutely no control over the Intelligence, Media or Politicians in Russia. These events happen mainly in Jewish Establishment strongholds. These events are not about Muslims ... it is about Establishment strongholds.

Israel and ISIS
ISIS is created, run and managed by Israel. Why do you think that ISIS is again and again attacking Americans and challenging America? It is the same behavior as Communist countries ... but these guys are total butchers. The same way as Communist countries are shouting trash against America ... threatening America and abusing America ... ISIS is doing the exact same thing. Where do you think they got this aggression and courage from? It is an Establishment entity designed to derail America.

Just like North Korea is doing non-stop missile tests ... ISIS is massacring people and keeping America occupied in war. But they are Muslims? No, they are not ... if they are Muslims then why do they need to hide their faces? There a huge section of ISIS leaders who are Establishment elements ... hiding their faces covers their identity. And yes, they force Muslims in their controlled areas to join them or else they get killed. They also run a “false Jihad” agenda ... they are paying good salaries ... the illiterate and unemployed fall for those traps. ISIS is a war game designed by the Establishment. And interestingly, the impeachment efforts failed and ISIS attacks are back in the show.

Israel and Syria
When Obama started funding the rebels ... at that time itself we said ... Israel will bomb Syria in order to escalate the conflict. We mentioned this several years ago. And look what Netanyahu is doing today ... they are continuously bombing Syria. First, Assad said ... why are you bombing our country, pls stop this. Then he warned Israel ... this is our country, you cannot keep bombing us. Then he said ... there will be a response if you keep bombing. After several repeated warnings over several years ... now Syria is taking action to protect its borders from Israeli fighter jets. And how does the Israeli government respond to Syria’s defense? “If you dare to shoot my fighter jets again then I will destroy all of your Air Defenses”. Welcome to Israel.

Just imagine ... what will happen in the next steps ... who protects Syria? Russia. And who protects Israel? America. If this escalation between Syria and Israel increases then which countries get involved in the war? America and Russia. We have been continuously warning you guys that the “Jewish” Establishment wants a war between America and Russia ... and this is your open and clear evidence.

Upon repeated attacks ... Assad asked Putin to talk to Netanyahu ... and what is Netanyahu telling to Putin? “I will attack Syria whenever I want”. President Donald Trump ... just look at what he is doing here. Netanyahu is openly pulling you into a war with Russia.

If Israel’s methods are justified ... should its neighboring countries also behave in the same way? Should they also go and bomb Israel whenever they want? Because they think that there is a threat to their countries coming from Israel? Should every country follow the same policy?

The interesting part is ... look at the timing of these events ... when did they escalate these events? When they knew that the impeachment efforts are going to fail ... they immediately moved on to their next tactics. These are your live connections ... open and clear ... of “Jewish Establishment” attacks on your Presidency. First they didn’t want you as President ... then impeachment efforts ... and now war games.

What to do?
Give the green light to Putin to shoot down that Israeli fighter jet if it enters Syrian airspace again ... do this silently in the backend. And tell Netanyahu ... “we will protect you if someone is coming inside your borders to hurt you ... but if you go inside someone else’s borders and try to bomb their country ... then they have every right to protect themselves”. Coordinate with Putin and push Israel to follow international law and respect human rights. This way ... you stop the escalation between Israel and Syria ... you eliminate the possibility of friction with Russia ... you save innocent lives ... you keep yourself safe ... and you come out as a winner who solved a crisis even before it escalated in full form.