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24 Mar 2017
Establishment Demonization Priorities: Trump, Russia, Islam
in America

The word “impeachment” rattles Trump a little bit. Heh ... lol. Don’t worry, its handled. Who wanted to get you impeached? Well, there is a small group in Democrats ... in Republicans ... a majority in the media, Hollywood and top Corporations. So, in short ... the Establishment wanted to get you impeached. Not Obama ... Obama cannot pull off something like this.

The reason we talk about keeping Obama united with Trump is because Obama is our contact point with the Democrats. We have been in touch with Obama for a long time and Obama is well networked with the Democrats ... and he can forward the message quite effectively. When we launch people based policies ... he will, by default, support you ... and he will network with as many Democrats as possible to support you. The only reason why the Establishment wants to break you apart is because ... when you are separated and against each other ... then you are weaker against the Establishment. When both of you unite then you become a more powerful force against the Establishment. That’s the game plan here. Keep an eye on this aspect and see how they are playing you.

Coming to the main topic ... last two months were wonderfully new to American politics and the Establishment has shown a change in priorities in their demonization targets.

  • President Donald Trump. The first priority is President Trump. The media has been totally vicious and horrible to:
    • Donald Trump
    • His Family Members
    • His Team and Administration
    • And even his supporters. Everything about Donald Trump is being viciously attacked in the Jewish Establishment owned media.
  • Putin and Russia. The second priority is Putin and Russia. The Establishment has been viciously attacking everything about Russia as well.
    • Tarnishing ties with Europe ... putting crippling sanctions on Russia ... adversely effecting its economy.
    • Defaming Putin and Russian athletes
    • Creating several investigations against Russia in America as well as Europe
  • Islam. Well, actually Islam was their punching bag since the past 16 years. But interestingly, Islam has been moved to level 3 on their target list. Why so?

If you observe ... all of the above 3 are anti-Establishment elements that the Jewish Establishment cannot control. Trump is a patriot who is fiercely defending his country ... whose coming to power was simply unexpected by the Establishment. Putin has rooted out all Establishment control points in Russia ... the Establishment has zero influence in Russia. And by the very nature of Islam ... the Jewish Establishment has no influence in any Muslim country.

Which is why ... our lovely Establishment’s strategy is to demonize all 3 at different levels. Trump is demonized as bad among the American people. Putin is demonized as bad in America and Europe. Islam is demonized as bad across NATO. To facilitate this ... they create “events”.

  • Trump is demonized using “leaks”. Leaking personal and private information to the public creating sex scandals. Leaking information about contacts with Russia. The leaks are the “events” designed to demonize Trump.
  • Russia is demonized using aggressive politics for no reason. Aggressive political moves coming from America and Europe are the events designed to demonize and create friction with Russia. Is Putin doing anything against Europe or America? Nope. But all of a sudden NATO has flipped against Russia ... to the extent that even meeting or talking on the phone with Russian Diplomats is being demonized. We are all human beings ... it is natural for human beings to meet and talk. If an American politician met with Russian Diplomats in order to destroy America or leak classified information against the country ... then that is something of concern. But if you just talked with Russians ... that is your freaking right ... nobody can question you on that. But the way the media phrases the words ... it ends up creating a monstrous image of something so simple and natural. “He was talking with the Russians! He met with the Russians!” So what, they are human beings ... and yes, they meet and talk ... what is your problem?
  • Islam is demonized using ISIS and Al Qaeda. We have been seeing this show since the past 16 years. It requires no details. But here is the fantastic part ... if you would have observed since the past 2 months ... while the Establishment was totally busy in impeaching Trump ... creating one allegation after another and opening several investigations ... the events against Islam were totally sidelined. When we exposed that ... “hey, the Establishment is trying to impeach Trump ... this is not just demonization ... this is an impeachment train coming at full speed” ... their malice gets exposed and the train is halted. And our lovely Establishment quickly moves on the next target on the list. An event happens at an Airport in France ... an event happens at the UK parliament ... do you see the systematic focus and efforts of the Establishment?

The guy goes to the airport and screams, “I want to die in the name of Allah”? Okay fine dude ... why did you choose to go to the airport? Wasn’t there a security guard in your street or a police station in your block? Why did you have to go all the way to the “airport” to create a scene? What you should note is that ... this is not normal criminal behavior ... it seems totally idiotic ... but it is actually a “media event”. It was designed to create a show and pull maximum publicity. This is a common theme of major terror events ... all of them are designed to create maximum publicity ... and once the event is created ... the Jewish Establishment owned media goes on a full swing.

Terrorism is a show run by the exact same Establishment that is rattling the Trump Administration and Russia. It has the same characteristics involved. All of the above events targeting each group ... the leaks, aggressive politics and terror events ... all of them are designed by the same Establishment.

What to do? How to handle this?

  • Investigate. If an event happens ... first, take out some time to investigate. Get real evidence. In these Establishment designed events ... most of the time, the culprit is never caught. If he is caught ... he will shout something Islamic and he will be shot dead. Just because a guy shouted “Allahu Akbar” at the crime scene ... it is not necessary that the crime is induced by Islam. It is not necessary that the guy is even a Muslim ... anyone can shout Allahu Akbar. That’s actually a trap designed to mislead you. The normal procedure would be to ... catch the guy, investigate his motives and everyone who is behind that act. Catch him and catch his entire gang. But interestingly, that’s not what our politicians do. As per the Establishment strategy ... they just generalize the event over an entire religion and several countries. Catch the criminal and don’t generalize ... that’s how police and intelligence is supposed to work. Its common sense.
  • Don’t create genocides. ISIS is a creation of Israel. Here is a very important thing that Trump should know ... it’s about God and Kings. You can’t be great when you have the blood of thousands of innocent people on your hands. Be careful in your fights with ISIS. The distribution of ISIS is designed to create genocide in the Muslim world. First it was Iraq ... then Syria ... now ongoing in Yemen. You have to be very intelligent in these fights. If you think that Quran is bad, Islam is bad and Muslims are bad ... then you wouldn’t pay much attention to who you are killing in those countries. But the thing with people is that ... God has created all of us ... God is connected with every single human being ... doesn’t matter who you are or where you are ... God cares about you. Don’t go on a killing spree in these countries ... show compassion for human life. You are new in the game ... don’t get the deaths of millions of people on your hands. You hear Hillary Clinton’s voice? She is the one who created this civil war in Syria. Her voice gives me the creeps ... I can’t even listen to her ... it is as if tens of thousands of innocent souls are trapped in her voice crying in pain ... screaming for help. Heh ... I was actually in a dilemma ... how the hell am I gonna help Hillary if she wins when I can’t even stand her voice? That is why I was reaching out to Bill Clinton and Team Obama in the final days ... so that I don’t have to put up with her voice. You are from a clean family ... don’t tarnish yourself.
  • Eliminate their financial routes. The best way to deal with ISIS is ... work with Russian intelligence and eliminate all of their financial routes and weapon stock piles. This will deliver a quick defeat for ISIS with minimum casualties.
  • Don’t make public statements. I am glad that you did not take to Twitter and talk about these events in a bad way. Don’t make any public statement until and unless you have a full investigation on the table about the event. If you are making public statements on these events then you are falling for the Establishment trap ... and they are just using you to create chaos in the society. Just offer condolences to those affected and say that the investigation is on and those behind this event will face justice. And by the way ... those hundreds of threats against the Jewish communities across the world ... they were being made by a Jew from Israel ... take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npuSF6Tucnw
  • ISIS claiming responsibility of events. Being radicalized online ... being influenced by ISIS ... all of that is bullshit. These ISIS claims are designed only to make America and Europe spend by the billions in these conflicts. Wait for a full investigation before you make any statement.

Turning Trump against Russia and Islam
Understand how turning you against Russia and Islam benefits the Establishment. The priority for these guys is chaos. Russia and Gulf Countries don’t give a rat’s ass about the Jewish Establishment. Instead of being against them ... if you work with them ... then they will provide you with phenomenal support against the Establishment. Russia will provide full-fledged intelligence and security support ... and the Gulf countries will shower finance for a campaign against this Establishment. Both of them will empower you to a fantastic level against the Establishment wolves. You will be phenomenal in getting rid of the wolves from America as well as all European countries. You can be a stunning world leader. Don’t fall for the Establishment games and their mental voodoo. Work with Russia and work with Gulf countries ... both of them will be a blessing for the Trump Presidency and you will be adored in those countries.