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19 Mar 2017
The Impeachment Train has been Derailed
in America

The good news for President Donald Trump is that the impeachment train has been derailed ... for now. You should understand why we write stuff ... we don’t write stuff so that bad things happen to you. We write stuff so that the bad things that are coming towards you are eliminated. It was very important to expose the impeachment train. They were making all the moves that would lead to an impeachment. We had to expose that to secure you from it. Well, I am glad it’s done.

Trump is different
Democrats are sitting there and watching all of the automatic moves that are going against Donald Trump ... by the media, by the Establishment, from EU leaders and what not. Being the opposition party, you are sitting there and enjoying the show. But trust me ... Trump is not the regular Republican Party ... Trump is not the opposition party. He is going to fabulous and by joining him ... you can be fabulous too.

Don’t hope for Trump’s Impeachment
Don’t hope for his impeachment ... for starters, I will do everything possible so that it does not happen. It is just a game of “mental voodoo” being played by the Establishment for their benefit. This is exactly what will happen if Trump gets impeached:

  • Who is Trump? He is a patriot who has the commonsense not to initiate a conflict with Russia. That is one of his key skill sets. Other than that, he has a killer instinct ... a fantastic killer instinct to go after the Establishment. This is the type of the guy that you have in power.
  • Who will replace Trump? If impeached ... who will replace him? Mike Pence? Or another Republican Establishment puppet? Mike Pence already speaks against Russia ... and so do all of the top Republicans. The Establishment plan was to move Trump and put a puppet in his place. You would feel great if Trump got impeached ... but then the next guy would automatically start making moves against Russia and get you in a totally disastrous war. That’s why I said ... “if Trump falls, America falls”.

Trump’s Resistance to the Establishment
Look at the fantastic way that Trump fights back against every scandal. There is a line of scandals that they have run against Trump with maximum publicity in the media channels that they own.

  • Sex Scandals
  • Corporation Hoax Scandals
  • Tax Scandals
  • Russian Scandals

With each of these scandals ... they have given maximum publicity in the media. Trump has fought back in every scandal and he has come roaring back onto the stage. No scandal could move him. You say ... Trump is thin skinned ... if he was thin skinned then he should have been hiding in a closet with so much demonization in the media. But he fought back and he is standing there on the stage with absolute resistance as if nothing ever happened. This is the guy that will take down the Establishment.

Show me any other US politician with such resistance
Show me any other Republican or Democrat politician with such resistance. Trump is a fantastic fighter that fights for him and his country. You put any other guy in his place right now ... that guy will only lead you to disaster. No one can put up with such immense pressure points that the Establishment plays with ... not Mike Pence or Paul Ryan or Hillary or you name it ... none of them have this resistance. Oprah wants to run for President ... do you think she can handle such pressure?

Trump’s Impeachment is a Stagnation Game
The Democrats had 8 years in office ... they were fantastically misled by the Establishment ... and their time was only consumed into stagnation. The Establishment created a stagnation game ... using a pressure point in the Democrats and another pressure point in the Republicans. They create a layer of friction and consume you into stagnation. The possibility of Trump’s impeachment is another stagnation game. In the hope of Trump’s impeachment, you will sit there and do what? Try to pull Trump’s leg? Pulling Trump’s leg ... is the creation of stagnation for another 4 more years (it’s gonna be 8 years by the way).

Trump’s Women and Taxes
How can you support a guy who talks like that about women and does not pay taxes? Well ... when it comes to women ... Obama dear, you had your share of women ... didn’t you? And so did George Bush. Stop being childish and look at stuff that actually impacts the American people. Okay fine, Trump made a few comments on women ... but it does not mean that he treats them in the same manner. There are a lot of women that work for him and now under his Administration also. This is again stupid “mental voodoo” promoted by the Establishment.

When it comes to taxes ... see, everybody has a little bit of baggage here and there. For example, Obama spent $5 Billion to create a website for ObamaCare. If Trump had to pay $50 Million in taxes every year ... then that is 100 years of Trump’s taxes that Obama blew on just one website. If you say Trump was hiding money ... then look at what Obama did. And that too, Obama blew up people’s hard earned tax payer money. Trump paid less in taxes ... but that was his own hard earned money that he spent on tens of thousands of his employees. With the repeal of ObamaCare ... that website is smoke ... which means $5 Billion just went up in smoke. Everybody has a little bit of baggage here and there ... just because Obama talks well ... it does not mean that he does not have baggage.

What’s more important is ... impact on the people. Is Trump hurting people ... is he killing people ... is he making disastrous decisions for America? Evaluate actual ground level effect ... Trump is good for the people.

Trump’s real test lies ahead
Well, this is just the beginning ... Trump is just settling in ... his real test lies ahead when we put people based policies in front of him ... let’s see who he chooses ... the people or the corporations.

North Korea and Iran
The tip for Trump is ... do not get involved in any military conflict ... doesn’t matter which country it is. These military conflicts will spiral in ways that you would have never imagined. It will be beyond your control. You are in a very sensitive situation and military is not the way to go about it.

Use Sanctions as the Tool
The Establishment wants war ... don’t give them war. Instead use very precise tools to put pressure on the main culprits. The main culprits from all of these elements ... ISIS, North Korea and Iran ... is their leadership. And the way to control, limit and terminate their leadership is by eliminating their financial routes. The leadership is the issue ... not the people ... it is not Muslims, it is not North Korean people and it is not the Iranian people. So, you have to devise sanctions that terminate cash flows to the governments of these countries. At the same time, show compassion for their people. Don’t put sanctions that will affect the lives of the people. Make sure that food, medicine and regular daily supplies are not affected. But strike at the government levels.

The situation about North Korea and Iran is that ... the majority of their own people hate their governments. And these guys will remain in power as long as they benefit from that power. The moment you take out the benefits and give them trouble instead, then they themselves will flee power. It is a very diplomatic, precise and effective way of dealing with these governments. Sanction the shit out of them.

The wonderful thing what will happen with this approach is that ... it will create a movement inside these countries against these ruthless governments. It’s a long term approach but it will be very effective. People will start realizing that these sanctions are being put because of their governments ... this will initiate a dialogue among the people for a change. Right now, in these countries ... you try to change government then you will be executed or jailed. Will give details later. For now ... just sanction the government not the people.