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17 Mar 2017
Oprah - Leadership, Sheep and Wolves
in America

Oprah is thinking of running for President. Well, I think someone has been in touch with you. :) It’s a nice thought ... but here’s the situation in America. If you want to lead the country in the right direction ... then this is how it is ... a part of it is like guarding a herd of sheep from the wolves. You are standing there with a gun ... a wolf approaches your sheep ... what do you do?

  • Do you run? Will you simply run because you are scared of the wolf? And will you leave your sheep at the mercy of the wolf?
  • Do you shoot? Will you shoot the wolf?
  • Or do you compromise? Interestingly, this is what most of our politicians are doing ... they compromise with the wolf.

If you want to run for President ... then you need to decide on this. What type of a person are you? This is not about saving yourself ... this is about your herd ... your people. Will you run, shoot or compromise?

The situation in America is so terrible that the people will elect anyone over the current garbage that exists in the Congress. Getting elected is not the challenge. The real Presidential challenge is in “how you deal with the wolf”. That’s what will define you as a leader ... that’s what will design the future of your country. Because right now ... there are wolves everywhere ... major gigantic wolves that will scare the shit out of you. The wolves are terribly well connected ... they are very well informed ... they know everything that you have done in your most intimate moments. They will come to you with that type of information and say ... “we know what you did here at that time ... we know what your wife or husband did ... we know what your daughter did ... would you like the people to know about this ... or will you do as we say?” It turns into a never ending game of hammering you until you buckle.

What do you think is happening to Trump right now? That’s exactly what’s going on. And they will do it in plain sight ... you will not even know what is going on. Eventually, you will just find yourself doing what the wolves want you to do. That’s what happened during the Obama Presidency. It’s not about being liked by the people ... it’s not about being popular. I know you are liked and popular ... but so are the Obamas. They walked into the White House with love and respect ... and they walked out with love and respect. In fact, the Obamas were the most humble and lovely family to have ever lived in the White House.

Obama was a Community Organizer. The problem with Obama was that ... he had too much of love, care and understanding in him. He was a “Community Organizer” ... so he couldn’t sideline anyone. I was like ... “Obama ... that’s a wolf! That’s a wolf!” And he would be like ... “hmmm ... let’s talk it over ... so Mr.Wolf what do you want?” And wolf would say ... “Okay, Mr.President ... I want a hundred billion here and a hundred billion there ... I want you to double the aid to our community ... and I want you to give us your latest jets, weapons and ammunition worth billions for free.” And Obama signed off on all of those deals.

The majority of the Congress does this ... which is why America is in its current state. There are a variety of pressure points that the wolves use to make you do this. Obama was played by the wolf ... but the good thing about Obama is that he understands the wolf. He understands how the wolf operates to some extent.

If you want to run for President ... then be prepared to be attacked from every possible angle ... and then be prepared to do what is worst for your people. Why do you think they are attacking Trump? Because he is doing what is good for the country. If you are standing there protecting your sheep and doing what is best for them ... then do you think that the wolves will be happy? No, because the wolves follow a reverse ideology.

Being great, people oriented, loving and caring is not enough. Obama was all of that ... in fact, he is super people oriented ... Michelle is even more wonderful when it comes to people. But being lovely and caring is not enough. What you need to be a great leader in America right now is being “patriotic will a killer instinct”. You need to be ready to do what is best for your country and you need to be ready to take down the wolf. And Trump has enormous levels of patriotism as well as killer instinct. Trump will not only shoot the wolf ... but he will make minced meat out of the wolf.

The situation of the American people is something like this. A family is surrounded by a dozen wolves. They get scared and they climb up the tree. And the wolves won’t just go away. They are waiting for you to come down so that they can tear you apart for their benefit. You spend the entire day and night in that tree with no change. And then a fine man comes along and sees your situation and says ... “hell no, my people will not be treated like this.” And he shoots the shit out of the wolves and rescues you from that situation. What do you tell that fine man? You tell him thank you. You don’t sit there making fun of his hair.

But you don’t know ... that you are in such a scenario ... because everything is done is plain sight. You live in extremely high cost of living ... everything gets terribly expensive ... right from healthcare, education to every day stuff ... you live a debt laden life ... and you think that this is how life is supposed to be ... that this is how life is. You don’t even know that things can be entirely different. That’s why you sit there making fun of his hair while he is the one who is going to save you.

Elizabeth Warren
Imagine Elizabeth Warren holding a gun and guarding the sheep ... now what will happen to the wolf if it dared to come along this herd of sheep? Lol. She will chase the wolf ... shooting it in the ass ... all the way till the horizon. Ability to fight for your people with a “killer instinct” is what is required. And she has it in her as well.

Active Democracy
How do we handle the wolves? We look beyond the skin. The thing with these wolves is that ... they are not actually wolves ... they are “sheep thinking that they are wolves” ... sheep who are playing wolf. No, it is not like a wolf in sheep’s clothing ... these guys are actually sheep ... but they like to think that they are wolves and the rest of us are sheep. That’s why they come up with such systems and policies that benefit them at the expense of the people.

The problem is not that they are wolves ... the problem is in the ideology. They have a structured ideology that converts normal human beings into wolves. Owing to which they have created several laws and several systems that are only disastrous for the people ... while it benefits them. So the solution here is a change in laws and a change in the system.

  • Eliminate crappy laws and systems. As a first step you get rid of all of these crappy laws and systems.
  • Eliminate Ideology. And then you take measures to address the teaching and propagation of this ideology that is creating wolves.
  • Fantastic People Based Policies. While you work on the above, you also create fantastic and fabulous people based policies.

So, you get rid of the wolf, you eliminate all of their self-serving systems, you do fantastic things for the people and then you also eliminate the root ideology that is creating these wolves. That’s how you solve the entire problem. To do this ... we need patriots with a killer instinct.

Obama and Africa
Oprah ... I know there is a lot of good in you. Join the Obamas in Africa. Change in Africa does not require a killer instinct. Africa is a place that needs a lot of love and care. That’s why I suggested the Obamas for a fantastic legacy in dozens of countries in Africa ... that’s once we are done in America. They will be adored and loved in Africa. If your objective is bringing about “real change” in the lives of hundreds of millions of people ... and your objective is not just being President ... then join the Obamas in Africa. Enormous amount of work needs to be done and there is a huge scope over there.

Don’t Privatize Anything
A tip for Trump ... please don’t privatize anything anymore. The more you privatize, the more you increase Establishment control. If a government entity is not being effective then address that issue and make it effective. Try to “make government effective”. We need to stop handing over our country to the Establishment. Public affairs, services and activities must be under Government control. The more you privatize ... the more the Establishment grows ... and the more the people have to pay for regular services. It’s not good for the people and it’s not good for the country.

Be friends with Angela Merkel
Another tip for Trump would be ... be friends with Angela Merkel. She is a fantastic people based leader that is highly influential in Europe. It’s not about her “influence” but more about her being “people based and awareness of the Jewish Establishment”. She has that know how owing to Germany’s experience. She knows how to make moves against the Establishment. She will be of immense support from Europe. In fact, she has the potential to lead the cleanup operation in Europe against Establishment systems and policies. Right now, Europe is speaking against you. She can change that. She will be of crucial help. She is a fabulous person. Be friends with her.