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12 Mar 2017
Trump - Hold the Fort, Don’t Fire Patriots
in America

This is something that we told you during the campaign itself ... even before you stepped into the White House ... that ... if you can keep the country together, that itself is going to be an accomplishment. And you saw what happened in the early weeks. This is what we can accomplish using this website ... we can help you hold the fort ... but that’s all we can do using just one website. If we have to do more than that ... then we need to move on to the next phase of the work.

To hold the Fort ... you need to see beyond the skin ... we will show you how. These guys play “layered games” ... most of the time they are double layered games ... and sometimes there are also 3 and 4 layer games. Let me just show you some double layer games so that you have a much better command in what you are doing.

Good Action Promoted as Bad – Bad Action Promoted as Good
You see this combination ... if something is good for the people, they will promote it as monstrous for the people. If something is disastrous for the people, they will promote it as great for the people. Let’s go through this double layer technique with some examples.

President Donald Trump
See real time action ... actual stuff that affects the people. What is Trump saying or doing that hurts Americans? He loves his country and he wants to do great stuff for his people. What is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. But what does our Jewish Establishment owned media do? They promote Trump as a monster. “Ow my God, he is a racist who is going to destroy the world. He hates this and he hates that ... and he will hurt this guy and he will hurt that guy.” And all kind of “mental voodoo”. What is all of that? Its mental voodoo. Its playing with your head.

How many people got hurt because of Trump till date? No one. But do you see the “monstrous marketing” against Trump? What is this? This is a double layered technique. They will sit there and work on eliminating something that is not beneficial for the Establishment using this technique. They will sit there and just promote him as a monster. In reality, if you make a real time check of actual effect on the people ... he is good for the people. The Establishment is able to reverse the game ... how? Owing to their widespread monopoly in media, business and politics.

Tip: Yes, I agree that race based actions are not appropriate. But I think Trump is taking necessary measures to make sure that policies are not race or religion based.

We need Patriots ... not Puppets
We are living in times that are very crucial and very very sensitive. We have a massive widespread “criminal” entity that is actively working on facilitating destruction in the Northern Hemisphere. The last thing we need is Establishment puppets making decisions for the people ... because these puppets will destroy your world. We need “patriots” ... not puppets ... we need patriots ... who love your country, who will fight for your country and who will facilitate great things for your people. That’s exactly what we need at key decision making points. Someone who will give the finger to the Establishment and who will decide in favor of the people. This is the need of the time.

That’s the great thing about Donald Trump ... he is a Patriot ... he is not a puppet ... which uniquely qualifies him to do fantastic things ahead ... for his country and the world. I know Trump is not perfect ... but him being there ... at this moment in time ... is simply perfect.

Kellyanne Conway
Coming to Team Trump. I liked the way he hired his team ... most of them are very good ones. What Trump should know is that ... in this time ... you should surround yourself with “loyal patriots”. Don’t fire them just because they got some dust on their clothes. These patriots are like soldiers fighting the battle for you. Just because a soldier got some dust on him or some bruises in the battle ... you don’t dismiss the soldier off his duty. They cleanup ... you heal them if hurt ... and then they fight again the next day. That’s how battles are fought.

When you have tens of thousands of Establishment media agencies hammering your Administration ... then “media itself is a war”. Media war is one component that you need to manage to hold the Fort. You can’t win the media war as long as Establishment monopoly exists ... but you can definitely fight. What our lovely Jewish Establishment media will do is ... they will target patriots and promote them as monsters. They will try to eliminate patriots from your team. They will eliminate patriots and surround you by trash ... and you will end up like Obama. The guy was great ... wanted to do good things ... but he ended up doing nothing. You want to get things done? Then “patriots” is the key.

I am mentioning this under Kellyanne ... because her job is managing the media. It’s a daily battle, it’s a daily fight. The moment you are in Team Trump ... the media will be all claws out. They will try to tear you apart and eliminate you. Look at the stuff that they attack Kellyanne on:

  • The dress that she wore during the inauguration
  • Ow, she sat on the couch!
  • She said ... buy Ivanka’s stuff

Just look at the priorities of our media ... a dress that one woman wore has to be headlines? A woman sat on the couch! That’s headlines now? Its worthy of headline news? Okay fine ... one slight mistake of “buy Ivanka’s stuff” ... but tell me where is the damage for the people here? How many lives were lost? How many people got hurt? How many people went through financial losses because of the above stuff? What is all of that? It is all bullshit “mental voodoo” that has no concern for the people. It’s a two layered strategy ... eliminate the patriot by demonizing him/her. It’s an Establishment game.

Tip for Kellyanne: You are doing a great job. The tip is “less makeup and more message please”. Some women do a lot of makeup in a desperate attempt to look good. My dear lady, you look just fine ... don’t bother about your presentation so much. Go out there and fight for Trump like you always do. You are doing great.

Steve Bannon
This is what Trump needs to understand ... you will have a better command over people and situations when you have a better understanding of the pros and cons of a person or a scenario. Steve Bannon pros are that ... he is a loyal patriot and you need him. Media war is going to be one of the features for the next few years until Establishment monopoly is eliminated. And Steve will give you that support to fight against the media.

But everyone is not perfect. The cons with Steve is that he does not have a better understanding of people and cultures. His views are generalistic ... patriotic but generalistic. With this what happens is that ... you end up creating policies against entire nations, races and religions ... and you end up being a racist at the end of the day. I don’t blame Steve for this ... the current situation is pretty darn complicated ... it’s a screwed up situation and anyone can be prone to error. Its not his fault for trying to save his country and do what is best for his country. But then again, if you have a much clearer understanding of the actual scenario, people and ideology ... then you will be in a much better position to pinpoint the culprit and contain the mischief. Will give you detailed info on this later.

Tip: Try to control creating policies that generalize countries, races and religions ... because the Establishment will feast on that aspect and they will use that to attack your Administration again and again. Their strategy is “demonize the patriot” and by creating race based policies ... you will fall right into their trap. Steve, I know you love your country ... but try to look into this aspect as well. I know you might think that Islam is bad and Muslims are bad ... but see what is going on since a couple of months. Islam and Muslims are out of the news and the only one that is being hammered is the Trump Administration. The demonization of Islam was Establishment created ... just like they have created the demonization of Trump and his Administration. It’s more complicated ... details later.

Reince Priebus
A nice Trump loyal ... the guy is perfect for the job. Good experience ... knows how to handle the press ... has all the right words. He is doing great. Because of his good experience and communication skills ... you can see that the media is not able to hammer him. They are not able to attack Reince as much they are able to attack other Trump Team members.

Ivanka Trump
The most precious of all ... the golden lady of the Trump Presidency. She is treasure ... immense amount of goodness in her ... and that goodness will flow to the people via her work for them. She is poised to be the Princess Diana of America. Ivanka and Barron will be the heart throbs of America. We will facilitate that in the next phase.

The only reason why Ivanka is being treated differently is because ... that is the Establishment strategy. Oppose Trump, oppose Team Trump, demonize and oppose all Trump supporters. To the extent that ... anti-Trump rallies go very smoothly ... but if there is a pro-Trump rally ... they will instantly create an opposing rally at the same place, create conflicts and fights during pro-Trump rallies. Have you noticed that? Look at the Establishment opposition to Trump ... right from directly attacking Trump to his Team Members, Administration, policies ... they are also literally physically attacking Trump supporters. That’s who much they hate Trump being in power. As per them, Trump should have never won ... and this is how they are showing their outrage. Their destructive plans have been thwarted by Trump being in power.

Tip for Ivanka: Just be there for your dad and help him do great stuff.

See ... here’s the thing. We have been in touch with White House for a long time ... owing to which we have supporters from the Democrats and Team Obama. This Team will fully support you when you will create new policies for the people. But it does not mean that you go easy on them when they attack you now. Here’s the pros and cons with Democrats.

Democrat Pros. They are right for the people ... they have a people based ideology ... that’s good. That will help us get votes from them when we create people based policies. That’s point number one. Second point is that ... Team Obama is aware of Establishment malice ... they could give you some advice on Establishment maneuvers. Third ... they may help you stop from creating race based policies. That’s a good thing not bad ... that will actually help your Administration. Three main points ... you need their votes, Establishment maneuvers know how and elimination of racist policies.

Democrat Cons. They get nothing done. They are people based ... yes ... but patriots who will give the finger to the Establishment ... nope ... not that much courage. If they oppose then you slaughter ... until we launch ... if they oppose, you slaughter. Do you understand? This is your Administration, your name, your rule and your legacy. Just because they are going to help you in the future ... don’t take their punches now ... don’t go easy. Eliminate all Democrat control and take over full control of everything. This is not only to eliminate Democrat control ... but it is more importantly to “get things done”. Take full control.

The game that the Establishment is playing using the Democrats is that ... “Hey, look! The guy is a racist! He is a Republican! Oppose and eliminate him!” Some Democrats are playing into the hands of the Establishment. Some of them are rightly trying to stop racist policies ... but then the agenda falls into the Establishment plan at a broader level. So the wiser thing to do is ... go easy on the race based policies for now.

Putin and Russia
You can see the same Establishment double layered strategy with Putin and Russia. Name one thing that Putin or Russia is doing against Americans? Nothing. At real time level, Russia is not hurting American interests in any way. Putin is a patriot and he is doing great stuff for his country. They are demonizing Putin using the same strategy. “Bad action is promoted as good” ... aggression against Russia and a conflict with Russia will be disastrous for America and Europe. But look at our Jewish Establishment media ... they are promoting Russia as the enemy and anything against Russia as a “great thing” ... as if that’s the right thing to do. In reality, it is a disastrous action and they are promoting it as great.

Don’t fall for what they say in the media
Don’t get proactive and fall for the information distributed in the media. Don’t start firing patriots from your team ... don’t worsen relations with realistic positive countries only because the trash that is being said in the media. This is not hotel business. This is politics and media is a part of the game. If someone is in the media spotlight ... it only means that he is someone valuable. There is a reason why that person is being attacked in the media. Explore and look at realistic reasons of actual impact on the people by that person or country. Don’t fall for the media trash talk. The moment you show fluctuations and wavering owing to media pressure ... then that becomes a weakness. They will use media as a tool to dictate you and control you. Do not fluctuate ... stay firm ... hold the Fort.