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10 Mar 2017
Trump, be careful where you put your name on
in America

It’s good that you have decided not to call the new healthcare bill “TrumpCare”. There are a few things that you should know about Paul Ryan.

  • Establishment Puppet. The guy is a 100% Establishment puppet ... he is totally controlled by the Establishment. He is a cheezy frontend marketing executive of the Establishment.
  • Tainted Policies and Bills. Because of the above point, his policies and bills will stink with Establishment benefit. And he will try to sell it as if it is good for the people. That’s what Establishment puppets do in the Congress. They create stuff that benefits the Corporations and sell it as if it is great stuff for the people. This is a unique attribute of Establishment puppets.
  • Better than ObamaCare? Maybe yeah ... a few points here and there can be better than ObamaCare. But the thing with the current Washington is that ... it is not a role model ... it is not something that you look upto ... it is not a standard that you follow ... it is all trash. Comparing RyanCare with ObamaCare is like saying ... hey Obama took a shit in the oval office ... and I just peed in the corner ... this stuff is way better than what Obama did. Most of the stuff that comes from Washington is all bullshit ... and Republicans are stuck in that shithole for a very long, long, long time. And Paul Ryan is a prime Republican who ran as VP for Mitt Romney, one of the biggest leech in the Republican Party.
  • Blatant Lies. The guy will lie to your face. He will take the most monstrous things and promote them as good. That’s how these guys operate.
  • Ambitious. Another thing about Paul Ryan is that ... he is ambitious ... for “your job”, that is. He was expecting the Republican Party to drop you as a candidate and select him for President. That’s why he backstabbed you during the campaign again and again. If things turn against you then he will be among the first to throw you under the bus. Because your elimination improves his chances for the Presidency. If there is any impeachment process ... he will be among the first to hop on that bus.

What to do?

  • Don’t attach your name to something that is not your creation. If you yourself created something right from scratch then you know everything about it ... right from a to z. You know that it is good ... you know that it is right ... you know that it will benefit the people ... you know that it will last for a long time ... then you can think of attaching your name to such a thing. The pointers are:
    • Beneficial for the people in a great way
    • Long lasting
    • Your creation
  • Don’t get trapped like Obama. What happened to Obama was that ... he was misled into copying stuff from RomneyCare ... a healthcare system designed by the biggest corporate leech in politics. And then the biggest mistake that Obama made was that ... he attached his name to it ... he called it “ObamaCare”. Its totally disastrous ... but Obama is instinctively protective about it ... why? Because his name is on it. Its ObamaCare. Had it been the “Democrat People’s HealthCare” ... then Obama wouldn’t give a shit about it.
  • Analyze Everything. Whatever they put on your table ... analyze everything. Doesn't matter whose policy or proposal it is ... analyze it. Make it realistically beneficial for the people. 

Its not that only the Republicans are trash ... there is a lot of trash on the Democrat side also. So the wise thing to do is ... “play intelligently” ... choose wisely ... see how things will enfold for the people in real time ... and then see if you want to attach your name to it or not. It is pretty much the same as the Trump Brand. You wouldn’t give your name to something crappy, would you? In politics, don’t get carried away by the name, fame and media. All of that is bogus ... you are already seeing it ... these elements will turn against you anytime. Be realistic and decide on real factors that affect people.