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05 Mar 2017
Donald Trump, the Common Sense Candidate
in America

You know ... a nice thing about Donald Trump is that ... he has not yet flipped against Russia. Such immense pressure ... investigations from all sides ... NSA Director is fired ... other guys are under investigation ... but still Donald Trump holds on to the ground ... he is not shaken ... he is not moved ... he is still a pro-Russia candidate.

Had it been Hillary Clinton in that place ... ah Jesus, she would have flipped on day one. It wouldn’t take a second for her to flip against Russia. She was already calling the so called Russian interference “an act of war” during the campaign itself. She would have taken a monstrous turn against Russia and destroyed America & Europe in the process. But look at our lovely Donald ... look at his steadfastness ... look at his consistency ... he is the “da man” to lead. He was destined to lead. The world needed him at that spot at this very moment.

And how does Donald do it? Common sense. It is simple common sense that being “anti-Russia” serves no one’s interest. It is simply stupid to be anti-Russia at this moment in time. And look how challenging they have made it in the Congress to follow “common sense”.

The credit for this steadfastness goes not only to Donald Trump but also to his close advisers and supporters ... like Ivanka, Kellyanne, Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus. It’s a nice team ... a group of people who love their country. Especially Ivanka ... her speech was so fantastic that even the Democrats loved her. And you know what they say about people who are loved by their enemies ... that they are very very special. She is a true Trump. Another budding Trump is Barron ... he has his daddy’s looks, style and vision. A lot of potential in both of them ... if they are guided correctly, they will be phenomenal.

Politics, Media and Intelligence are Establishment tools

This is what Trump should know ... “politics, media and intelligence” are Establishment tools. They control members in both parties ... they literally own 90% of the media ... the State Intelligence is rigged and they have several other intelligence tools that are even beyond the State Intelligence. Your FBI and CIA would not even know how the hell they have that information ... the level of technology is totally different.

Let me give you some examples so that you understand. Politics, media and intelligence ... all of these 3 elements are used as per Establishment agenda. Bush’s war on Iraq ... it was an Establishment agenda ... you saw a fantastic coordination of politics, media and intelligence. Bush openly claimed that he had the intelligence of WMD in Iraq. Second example ... the FIFA Scandal ... ask one of your guys to study the recent FIFA Scandal. What happened there? Why was FIFA scandalized? Why were there so many revelations about bribes and God knows what not ... involving top FIFA management? Here’s what happened ... there was an ongoing trend of BDS movement ... of boycotting Israel ... and this movement reached FIFA. The management was like ... hell yes, if this country is bombing and killing innocent Palestinian civilians ... let’s boycott Israel from football. If this boycott took place then it would create international headlines against Israel and give courage to many other boycott moves against Israel.

So, what our lovely Jewish Establishment did was ... let’s scandalize the entire FIFA management. The spy technologies that they have is pretty much beyond State Intelligence. They leaked information about FIFA management’s bribes, match fixing and all types of crap via US intelligence to the media. Instead of the FIFA management taking action against Israel ... they were left rattling for survival and most of them got booted in the end.

Who survived? Israel and the Jewish Establishment survived. The headlines would have been ... Israel boycotted by FIFA ... but instead the headlines were ... FIFA Directors’ scandals and investigations. And ultimately they decided not to boot Israel. You can see the direct connection in this scandal ... a direct working relationship of “intelligence, media and Israel”.

What do you think is happening in America right now? It is the exact same parameters being used by the exact same entity. Why are they scandalizing the Trump Administration so much? Why so many investigations? Why are your guys being booted?

Here is how the Establishment benefits by attacking Trump and Russia

  • Internal Division. It helps them create a division between the Democrats and Republicans. The thing is ... the Jewish Establishment stomped on Obama and Democrats for the past 4 years. Obama has clearly seen how these guys are playing the game. And Obama was pretty much pissed off at Israel and the Establishment for the incompetence that they created under his Administration. This led to the creation of a political group in America against the Establishment. And now ... Trump comes to power ... Trump is a patriot, he loves his country, he will defy the Establishment and do what is best for his people ... the guy is a billionaire ... he will not be sold for peanuts. Now, if the Trump Team works with the Democrats ... it would give a massive blow to the Establishment control over the Congress. This agenda helps in dividing the Democrats and Team Trump ... keeping you divided helps them run their show.
  • Turns Trump against Russia. This agenda is multifaceted ... the same agenda also helps in turning Trump against Russia. If they did not run this agenda then by now ... Trump would have already removed the sanctions on Russia. But since they are hammering Trump again and again with one investigation after another ... Trump has held off on removing the sanctions for now. This agenda helps keep the pressure on Trump.
  • Being Anti-Russia is the new norm. We already told you even before you entered the White House ... being anti-Russia is going to be the new thing. And that’s what they are doing using the media channels that they own.
  • Final Goal is a conflict with Russia. The Establishment has taken a lot of measures to piss off Putin and Russia ... starting from sanctions to demonization of Putin to banning of Russian athletes to blaming Russia for cyber warfare. The Establishment is continuously working on more and more steps of building a conflict with Russia. And hammering the Trump Administration for ties with Russia helps in the agenda. This is an Establishment designed agenda.
  • A Fantastic Deviation. War on Terror was used as a deviation from the failing Western economies. It helped for the past 16 years. This “War on Terror” agenda has been demoted and replaced by the “Anti-Russian” agenda. The new Anti-Russian agenda is providing a fantastic deviation for the American people.
  • Russian cooperation in defeating ISIS. Trump understands that US intelligence and military operations are rigged ... and this led to the rapid and vast expansion of terror groups. On the other hand, Russia has been super effective in eliminating ISIS and terror groups wherever they got involved. Trump will take Russian cooperation and intelligence help in eliminating ISIS. This is another nightmare for the Jewish Establishment because ISIS is the creation of Israel ... and ISIS expands owing to rigged military operations. If Trump joins hands with Putin in eliminating ISIS then ... ISIS will be gone ... a major deviation that they created will be gone and it will strengthen ties between Trump and Putin. Apart from Obama and Trump ... Putin is the third entity that the Establishment cannot control. In fact, the Jewish Establishment is scared of Putin. If Trump, Obama and Putin join hands then they can unleash hell for the Establishment. Instead of allowing this configuration to take place ... what the smart ass Establishment is doing is ... continuously hammering Trump over Russia.

As a first thought ... you might think that the Democrats are doing all of this. But heh ... if these guys were so capable then they would have done wonders under the Obama Administration. They would not sit there crying against the Republican opposition. Yes, some Democrats are involved ... but they are literally being “spoon fed” by the Establishment. The Establishment is collecting all of the sensitive information and presenting to the Democrats on a platter.

Trump might think that ... since I wrote this article ... then the Democrats should use their common sense and stop attacking Trump. It does not work that way. You need to have much much better policies and a much better agenda in order to unify the Democrats against the Establishment and support you. With your current agenda and policies ... it is quite unlikely that the Democrats will support you. Moreover, if you see ... this anti-Trump agenda is run more by the media and intelligence leaks rather than by Democrats. Don’t worry ... we will give you stuff that will unify you ... but till then if the Democrats take a swipe at you ... then hit back. This is normal politics ... no bad feelings ... it’s not about the heart ... it’s just normal politics. That’s how opposing parties function. But while you smash the Democrats ... keep the bigger picture in view and be ready to be friends when it is required.