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03 Mar 2017
Jewish Establishment promoting Anti-Russian Sentiment in the US
in America

What you see on the frontend is a combination of “intelligence, media and the Democrats” who are attacking Trump and Russia. But the truth is that ... it is not about the Democrats teaming up against Trump ... the Establishment controls both parties ... Republican and Democrat. They just use the appropriate guys required for the moves. That’s how these guys dominate.

If you have noted ... during Obama’s tenure ... it was the Republicans who called for shooting down Russian planes in Syria while Obama was protecting the relationship with Russia and he was working with Putin in the Middle East. These anti-Russian moves began from the Republican Party when Obama was in power. And these Republicans who spoke about military action against Russian interests ... like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz ... these guys are still anti-Russian.

We saw these moves against Russia ... they were utterly crazy ... we knew that they would instantly lead to a third World War. We heavily campaigned for a pro-Russian relationship in America ... owing to which we got Donald Trump ... who is pro-Russia. This is good for America. But since Trump won and the Democrats lost ... the Establishment got an excuse to create more anti-Russian sentiment in the US using the Democrats. For the Democrats, being anti-Russia is being anti-Trump.

What you should note here is this ... it is not in America’s interest to be anti-Russia. Russia is not doing anything against America. It is the Jewish Establishment’s interest to pitch NATO against Russia ... to pitch America against Russia. It is their interest to create anti-Russian feelings in America. And they are sitting back and exploiting every possible excuse to keep “anti-Russian propaganda” in the headlines in the West.

Treating Russians as an Enemy
They are literally treating Russians as the enemy. “Who called Russians? Who met with Russians? Who talked to Russians? What did they talk about? How many times did they call? How many times did they meet?”

What the hell is this? Since when is “talking” to Russians against the law? Since when is meeting with Russians against the law? Russia is a Christian country with Christian people. Why are we treating them as two headed aliens with 6 hands who came on Earth to kill human beings?

The Benefits of Jewish Establishment Monopoly
This is one of the benefits of Jewish Establishment monopoly in the West. Using the media and politicians ... they can define what is right and wrong ... they can define who is a friend and who is the enemy ... irrespective of actual facts or truth at the ground level. They did the same thing with Islam since the past 16 years. They created a bunch of criminals called Al Qaeda and ISIS ... and used media and politicians to create hate against Islam, Muslims and the Arab world. Now ... the worst that they could do using ISIS is over ... blowing up buildings, mass massacres, chopping off heads ... all of that is over ... it is not working anymore.

They took one nice religion and created a monstrous image out of it. Now, they have taken one nice Christian country that only wants peace with the West and they are creating a monstrous image out of it. You can see the same criminal pattern here. We told you before ... however good the criminal might be ... he will leave a pattern. You can see the same pattern here.

How about questioning contacts with Israel?
Israel is a monstrous country that is continuously killing its neighbors. How about questioning how many US politicians met with Israeli representatives? How many calls ... how many meetings ... what did they talk about? How about the same level of investigation into Israeli influence in American politics? Whatever Israel may be ... it is a foreign country ... and any foreign country being involved in American politics should be totally unacceptable.

If US politicians who are concerned about “Russia” ... a foreign country getting involved in your political system and elections. If your concern is truly genuine ... how about investigating Israel’s activities in America? How about investigating Israel’s influence in politics and elections? Forget about investigating Israel ... these guys bow to them ... as if they literally worship them. Forget about making phone calls ... Israel has setup a massive lobbying system called AIPAC ... that not only contacts American politicians ... but it also “pays them” to run their policies. If US politicians are truly concerned about a foreign country being involved in their politics ... then tell me ... why is Israel allowed to setup a lobby on American soil and “pay” American politicians to run its agenda?

Do you see the open hypocrisy here?
On one hand, we have Russia ... a beautiful, peaceful, loving Christian country ... that only wants to be friends with the West. And on the other hand ... we have a monstrous country called Israel that will toss you into jail for upto 5 years if you give the Bible to anyone in Israel ... they have banned the promotion of any religion in their country ... a country that hosts 65% of irreligious and Atheist people ... a country with centers of Kabbalah, Satanism and open promotion of LGBT culture ... a country that is monstrous to its neighbors ... we allow this monstrous country to setup a vast lobbying system and control the majority of the American Congress.

A loving peaceful country is being promoted as a monster ... and a monster is being promoted as an ally. Welcome to the influence of the Jewish Establishment Monopoly.

And one more thing
Another reason why the Establishment is promoting “anti-Russian” sentiment in the US because they are utterly scared. The combination that we are working on is “Trump + Obama + Putin” ... this is the T.O.P. team that will take down the Establishment around the world. This will be a nightmare for the criminal Establishment ... once Active Democracy starts working with this team ... then the game is over for the Establishment. Its time out ... game over ... pack up and move ... for the Establishment. And this angle of “who called Russia, who spoke with Russia, how many meetings” ... all of these lines of investigations are designed to stop this cooperation between Trump, Obama and Putin. That’s what they are working on ... they are trying to play smart ass and block the next step. It’s a double win for them ... on one hand they get to stop this team from working with us and on the other hand this conflict with help in the termination of the zone. Its serves both purposes.

They have no freaking idea of the policies that we have up our sleeves. All of these are petty policies that we will shove under the rug in no time. Trust me ... they are scared and they will run. Until we launch our work, please don’t get carried away by their divisive policies. You have to work together. Don’t attack each other so much that you can’t sit in the same room. Understand their games and play wisely.