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26 Feb 2017
Can’t allow Iran to be the next Soviet Union
in America

Actually, we are very close in getting sponsors from Iran. But I need to make something very clear before we move into that direction. I think we will skip sponsorship from the “Iranian Government” or supporters of the Iranian Government. I know ... previously we were reaching out to Iran for support ... but we would like to retract that. Iranian sponsors are welcome ... but don't expect us to support your government.

Good politics but disastrous for the people
One of the reasons why we approached Iran was because ... Iran would be the next victim of American wars and we wanted to save Iran from a disaster. It was in the best interests of Iran. It is an oil rich country. With financial backing from Iran, security from Russia and diplomatic support from USA ... we got an excellent combination where we could easily revolutionize the systems in America. That too, we were focused on eliminating the Jewish Establishment control over American systems. It was in everybody’s interest. It formed a good political team.

We did not need to worry about Obama’s flickering. We saw that Obama was partly controlled by the Establishment ... by seeing his silence over the Libyan Resolution and the support for an armed conflict in Syria. We were a little bit afraid of what would happen if ... Obama flipped owing to pressure. In this scenario, Iran would strongly support the operation ... irrespective of Obama’s stand. Even in this scenario, Iran is a good choice ... because Iran does not care what Obama thinks.

Disastrous for the Iranian People
But here is the problem with taking support from the Iranian government. These guys are themselves monsters. They treat their people monstrously. Yes, we are trying to take down the Jewish Establishment ... which is a monster on its own. Taking help from the Iranian Government would be like ... empowering one monster to take down another monster.

Something like this happened during World War II. We teamed up with the Soviet Union. We won the war ... as a result ... the Soviet Union became the victors and heroes. When in reality, the Communist Soviet Union was a total monstrous entity. Because we teamed up with the Soviet Union, the Russian people went through a monstrous and torturous rule for another 50 years.

Our work establishes fantastic people oriented systems around the world. The elimination of the Jewish Establishment control in the West will be a fabulous achievement and it will be the beginning of fantastic things that will be done in the world. Everyone involved in this will be heroes for generations to come. They will go down in history of several countries for these accomplishments. And the moment we make the Iranian government a part of this movement ... then we raise them to a heroic level ... when in reality they are total monsters. We don’t want to repeat the mistakes of history and we don’t want to make Iran another Soviet Union.

People Centric Systems
We are establishing fantastic and fabulous “people centric systems”. Yes, taking Iran’s support would be politically correct ... but it would be against the very grain of the work. There are about 80 million Iranians who are oppressed and silenced by this government. What am I supposed to tell the Big Guy ... when these 80 million souls will stand in front of me? I walked on their streets ... saw the condition that they live in ... turned a blind eye to them ... and allowed them to live in torture for the next 50 years ... only because their government paid me off? I can’t have that on my record. This is something I cannot accept.

Iran’s role is not unique
Yes, we had crafted out a nice role for Iran to finance the project. But it’s just cash ... it’s not something that no one else cannot do. They are a dozen countries that will gladly pitch in. Yes, Russian security is a unique role ... American worldwide diplomacy is a unique role ... but finance from Iranian Government is not worth putting 80 million Iranians in torture for the next 50 years.

Revolution Parameters ripe in Iran
Another interesting factor is that ... revolution parameters are ripe in Iran. It is very easy to topple the Iranian government. Will give Trump details on Iran very soon. Iran is cornered ... there is huge internal dissatisfaction and hate against the government ... 95% of Iranians don’t support their government ... it is very easy to topple this government. It can be done very peacefully ... without requiring any military action.

Note to Trump: Wait for the info on Iran before you make any move in this direction. You can eliminate this hateful and monstrous government ... and you can do it with love ... the Iranian people will themselves support you against their government. Instead of being disliked by the Iranian people ... you can actually be loved by them for removing this government. Instead of creating hate ... you can create a legacy out of Iran. I will show you how.