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24 Feb 2017
Active Democracy not for sale
in America

Removing Misconceptions

We are a very small company as of now. We are moving into a bigger arena with the launch of Active Democracy. The work requires substantial funds. And by looking at our current size ... the donors begin to get their own ideas ... of how the work should be done, how they will manage and direct the work, how they are more authorized to be involved in the work. Everyone is coming up with their own imaginations.

Obama thought that I would work in his Foundation ... Iran will probably think that I will work from their government offices. No, no, it does not work that way. I think it will be better if I remove a few misconceptions ... so that it avoids misunderstandings.

Red Cross Operations
It is something like Red Cross operations around the world. This organization has its own goals, objectives, methodology, principles, procedures and target audience. Just because you are donating to the Red Cross, it does not mean that you own Red Cross now. Just because you are the President, it does not mean that Red Cross becomes a part of your Foundation. Just because you are an oil rich government, it does not mean that Red Cross will become a branch of your government activities. It does not matter who you are or how much money you can contribute ... Red Cross has its own objectives and goals ... it has its own team with its own principles, procedures and target audience.

If you like what the Red Cross is doing then you donate. If you like their work, their objectives and the results that they can get ... then you can contribute. In the same manner, don’t ever think that Active Democracy is for sale. We don’t care who you are ... or how much you have ... we are not for sale.

Limits the work
One of the reasons why we don’t entertain such options is because of the limitations that it imposes on the work. If we become a part of the Obama Foundation, for example, then Obama’s name gets attached to the work. And then “Obama” becomes a control factor that will limit the work. If we become a part of one government ... then apart from the political pressure, all of our work gets fined tuned as per the political aspirations of that government. We don’t want a bunch of politicians dictating us what we can or cannot do for the people. It also regionalizes the work ... as per the political agenda of the government ... our work will remain limited to a few countries.

All of these are unnecessary limitations imposed by the aspirations and personal goals of the donors. We don’t entertain such configurations.

Active Democracy – The Organization
Active Democracy will rapidly grow into a global organization with its own:

  • Objectives and Goals
  • Principles and Procedures
  • Techniques and Methodology
  • Target Audience is: The Globe

I strongly request any prospective donors to keep aside their personal aspirations and goals.

100% Transparent
Yes, we are transparent in how your funds will be used ... that we will provide ... 100% transparency, as to how and where your funds are used ... and the results obtained from the work done.

From whatever is collected, we charge 10% fees and the remaining 90% is directly spent on the work. If you are donating $100 Million plus, then we will show you even bank transactions apart from our account books ... as to how your donation was spent. We are open to that much level of transparency. You can directly see ... right from the bank transactions ... as to how, where and when the funds were used.

Target - $1 Billion over 5 Years
Our target collection for the project per year is about $200 million per year. The initial phase of the project would last for about 4-5 years. Our total target collection is about $1 Billion for 5 years. That is at a minimum requirement. Presidential candidates spend that much amount within one year. We have to launch a campaign that is much stronger than a Presidential campaign and at a much elongated phase. That too, we don’t have to run the campaign only at a National level ... but we have to run the campaign even at a State and City level to eliminate some non-supporting politicians.

It’s a lengthy battle and requirement of funds is there. But once we hit the pitch ... I don’t think raising funds should be an issue. It is a massive media project. The publicity to the project itself will drive a lot of interested sponsors. It is just the start that is important for now.

Security and Political Reform
Cash is relative ... it won’t be an issue after a while. The more prominent issues in the next phases will be “security and political reform”. The work is about empowering people and this is done via changing the system ... which requires new laws and regulations ... the creation of a new system. Once we get going ... the main focus will be on “political reform”. And to deliver these reforms ... security will be important.