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19 Feb 2017
Turning Trump against Obama
in America

The fish in the illustration has a lot of teeth and so does the Establishment. But don’t be scared. We are not writing articles to scare you. We write stuff only to help you understand the parameters involved. In fact, we have very powerful entities that will support you ... and these entities are much more widespread than the Establishment itself. We will write separate articles to explain how the Establishment and the Intel community works. You will get a better understanding then.

For now ... what you need to understand is that ... these guys are very very divisive. In fact, the more they divide the opposition, the more powerful they get. What the Establishment has been observing is that Obama is guiding you about the malice from the Establishment. And as long as you coordinate with Obama, you will put the Establishment on check. Therefore, dividing you and Obama is one of the requirements for the Establishment.

The same goes with Russia. We already told you about this ... during your campaign itself ... that the Establishment will use every possible technique to turn you against Russia. And look what is going on in the media right now ... continuous demonization of Putin and Russia. They are using several politicians, media and incidents to turn Trump against Russia. Why are they doing this? Because if you remain united then you become a more powerful force against the Establishment. If Trump and Putin remain united then a conflict between USA and Russia becomes impossible. It is an Establishment strategy to turn Trump against Russia. Which is why you find ... every now and then ... out of the blue ... something or the other against Russia.

Thank God that Putin is highly experienced and super Diplomatic ... which is why he is able to understand these ongoing games and keep his cool. We have made a very sincere and desperate request to Putin ... to respond to everything that comes from NATO “Diplomatically”. NATO and Europe is doing everything possible to piss off Russia ... from sanctions to military buildup to restrictions on International games and cooperation. A huge credit goes to Putin’s experience and patience in maintaining the peace in Europe. Otherwise, the fireworks would have already begun.

Group Blaming - Obama, Intelligence and the Media

This is an interesting concept that they are using to turn Trump against Obama. It is “group blaming”. Some Establishment elements are coming to you and saying ... “Ow, ow, these leaks are happening because of Obama’s Intelligence groups leaking info to the Media.” This is what I call utter total bullshit.

Firstly, we mentioned about an “Intel community” ... but this is not the FBI or CIA at all. It is not intelligence community that you know of. It does not work that way. Secondly, take a look at the parameters unleashed against you:

  • Media. Do you think that Obama or any Democrat owns all of these guys? How many newspapers and TV Channels does Obama own? Zero. 90% of US mainstream media is owned by Jewish Groups. All of them fall into 6 major news corporations.
  • Republicans. Does Obama control the Republicans? The Republicans themselves have split up against you. Your own party members are asking for inquiries against you. Do you think Obama controls these guys? All of these guys are Establishment points, my friend.
  • Legalities. Do you think Obama has the power to initiate lawsuits against you and stop your Executive orders?
  • Hollywood Celebrities. Another verifiable “Jewish” controlled group. Do you think that Obama is encouraging them to speak up against you in every award show?
  • Protesters. Do you think Obama is organizing these protest groups? The Democrats are chilling. With no effort at all, they have a massive opposition against you.
  • Corporations. A pile of lawsuits against you already ... and it’s not been even one month. Do you think Obama and the Democrats own all of these Corporations that are suing you? This is another direct verifiable “Jewish” control point.
  • European Union. Do you think Obama and the Democrats control the EU? They could not control their own house ... do you think they control the EU?

This massive aggression against the Trump Presidency is not designed by Obama or the Democrats. If Obama had so much power then he would have been a rock star President. He would have accomplishments like a rock star. This is exactly how the Establishment strategizes ... this is how they plan ... it is all “mental voodoo” ... of dividing you ... isolating you ... and then hammering the shit out of you. Look what happened to Obama ... that’s exactly what they did to Obama ... they pulled off all of his support ... eliminated the Democrat majority in both the Houses and rendered Obama totally helpless. Look what they are doing to Putin ... they have divided Europe against Russia ... isolated Russia and they are hammering Russia from every angle possible. Look what they are doing to you ... you are a Republican President ... they have divided your own Party and turned several elements against you. Welcome to the Jewish Establishment.

Play the normal politics with the Democrats
Don’t become total anti-Obama. Obama is not against you. Don’t think that the Intel Community is weak. If I support the “strong Establishment” then everything is going to be fine. No, no ... it does not work that way. Doesn’t matter what you do or what you give them ... they are planning for destruction ... and they will put you on a path where you will be destroyed. That is their objective.

When it comes to the Democrats ... technically, they are the opposition party ... so play the normal politics with them. They say something against you ... you say something against them ... and keep it at that. Don’t take it to the heart and make it so bad that you can’t turn back. Some opposition is a routine thing ... play the routine. But don’t think that they are plotting against you or colluding with the media. That is total rubbish. If you think like that ... then the Establishment wins. If you keep thinking that all of this media opposition is coming from the Democrats then you will keep hating the Democrats for everything that the media says. And you will isolate yourself in a corner.

Because when we launch a campaign against this Establishment that is rattling your Presidency and putting you on a path of impeachment ... it is these Democrats that will provide a whooping support for moves against the Establishment. Because the Democrats have already suffered heavily owing to Establishment dominance. With the Democrats supporting you ... you will have almost 50% of the House in your favor ... you just need a small part of Republicans to support the moves, which you will easily get. The winning team is Obama + Trump + Putin. The winning team is Democrats + Team Trump + Russia.

Playing Both Sides
These guys are malicious assholes and they play both sides. Just like they are turning you against Obama and the Democrats ... similarly they are rallying Obama and the Democrats against Trump. “Ow Trump, is a racist ... he hates Muslims, Latinos and Blacks ... the guy is creating race based policies ... this does not define America ... we have to take down Trump.” This is the agenda that is promoted within the Democrats. Even then ... there is a tiny number of Democrats that are actually on the frontend opposition against Trump. It is mainly the Establishment owned media, corporations and celebrities that are hammering Trump.

Netanyahu, the malicious criminal
You had a very nice meeting with Netanyahu, right? Let me sum it up in one sentence ... “all talk for you and all benefit for them”. What you are dealing with is a criminal system that works on a self-serving criminal ideology. According to their ideology, you are sheep and they are wolves. The sheep are created for the wolves ... so that the wolves can benefit from the sheep. Thus the sheep should willingly give whatever the wolves want, even if it means their own lives. All of these games are designed based upon this ideology.

  • ISIS is growing like cancer. Netanyahu told you that, right? Lol. You spoke to leaders from all around the world. How many of them spoke about ISIS? Only Netanyahu. Why is ISIS at the top of Netanyahu’s agenda? Is ISIS in Israel? Nope. Is ISIS killing Jews? Nope. Why does Netanyahu keep talking about ISIS and terrorism? Because “ISIS is their creation”. Netanyahu is the frontend pawn for the Bankers that formed Israel. It is a Banker strategy to keep America occupied in terrorism ... to keep the people occupied in terrorism and spend trillions in fighting ISIS. A huge section of that amount goes to Establishment controlled weapons manufacturers in America and Israel. ISIS is designed for the direct benefit of Bankers and Israel. This is why Netanyahu is always talking about ISIS and terrorism ... ISIS and terrorism. Where is the benefit of the American people in this? Zero. American tax payers are leeched out like hell and Netanyahu does not give a damn. We are sheep for them ... they don’t give a damn.
  • Iran is a threat. Another favorite Netanyahu topic ... Iran. America is $20 Trillion in debt ... much of it is because of these wars. Do you think Netanyahu cares? He doesn’t give a damn. Their strategy is to use “mental voodoo” ... design events, groups and illusions for insecurity ... and then make you spend by the trillions. Where is America’s benefit with a worsening relation with Iran? A worsening relation with Iran is only designed to increase the conflict in the Middle East and somehow pull Russia in the war. This has been their game plan since the past decade. And our lovely Prime Minister of Israel will come to you and promote these massive termination plans right on your face. Their entire ideology is about misleading you, exploiting you and even terminating you if required.

You can’t give me one thing that Israel or Netanyahu does that is good for everyday Americans. All of their strategies are “all talk for you and all benefit for them”. “How about raising aid by a few billions? How about a hundred billion more for a weapons program? How about spending trillions in fighting in this country and that country?” The guy has cost American tax payers by more than $6 Trillion in these wars. George Bush was highly scrutinized and humiliated in America for these wars ... Tony Blair was highly scrutinized and humiliated in the UK for these wars. Both of them are the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the most powerful and developed countries in the world. But look at our lovely Netanyahu ... the main malicious miscreant behind all of this malice ... does anyone have the balls to question him? Why is this guy coming to our countries and promoting something that is totally disastrous for us? Why isn’t anyone holding him accountable for the chaos that has already resulted because of his advice and actions? “Remove Saddam to stabilize the Middle East” ... this is what he told in the Congress. Does anyone dare to question him ... hello, excuse me ... Saddam is gone and the Middle East is in chaos ... why the hell did you give us such a stupid advice?

Does anyone question him from the US or UK? No. Why? Because we are sheep. We don’t question the master. If the master wants to take out your wool then it is the master’s right. If the master wants to cut you and enjoy the steak then it is the master’s right. You are sheep and you remain silent ... you get used by the master again and again ... and you follow what Netanyahu and Israel tells you to do. That’s the ideology. The sheep should never question the wolf.

If the media demonizes Trump ... it is Obama’s fault. If Europe is turning against Russia ... then it is NATO’s fault. If there is a war between NATO and Russia ... then it is Putin’s fault. Lol. As per the Establishment ... it is you guys who are going crazy against each other ... it is not the Establishment’s fault. Lol. This is a high end implementation of the same criminal self-serving ideology. In all of these games do you see Israel being affected in any way? Financially or militarily? It might be ISIS or Saddam or Assad or Gaddafi or Iran or Russia or NATO or Trump or Obama or America. Do you see any loss for Israel in these games? Nope. They are sitting there nicely ... designing the chaos ... and chilling.

What to do? Get in touch with us. We will take down these rascals. We will unify Democrats, Republicans, Obama and Trump ... we will unify America, Europe and Russia ... and we will eliminate the Establishment control for good. It will be a different world very soon.