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17 Feb 2017
Donald, Donald ... don’t panic, don’t buckle
in America

Donald ... Donald ... relax ... don’t panic ... don’t buckle. We are not writing articles so that you freak out and change positions. We are showing you the parameters in action ... so that you get a better understanding of the situation ... of who does what.

I know there are a lot of bad things that are going on ... like trying to create a war against Russia ... demonization of Trump ... possible impeachment of Trump. When we predict things ... it is not because we want them to happen ... it only because some malicious guys out there are making moves in that direction. We don’t want a war against Russia ... we don’t want Trump to be continuously demonized ... we don’t want Trump to be impeached. The main reason we tell you of the next possible disastrous things is so that ... you are better equipped to handle those disasters ... so that you can avoid those disasters. That is the main purpose.

We told Obama himself about the aggression against Russia and where it will take. It does not mean that we wanted a war against Russia. We guided Obama how to avoid that possibility. We told you during your campaign itself that “the Establishment will unleash the media against you” ... we warned you about it even before you stepped into the White House. It has not been even one month and see what they are doing. And today we are warning you about “impeachment procedures” ... it does not mean that we want you to be impeached. It is what the Establishment is working on.

Taking sides with the Quick Sand
The last thing that you should do is take sides and buckle. You are probably thinking that ... “Hey, the Establishment is so powerful and so well connected ... let me be friends with the Establishment so that I can get their support. If I give the Establishment what they want ... they may stop their negative activities.” It does not work that way. You don’t play the Big Boys game with the Establishment. Simply because the problem is not with you ... the problem was not with Obama ... the problem is with their own malice ... the Establishment’s own malice is so large scale and massive that it is scaring the shit out of them. Right now, you might be feeling rattled ... you might be feeling disturbed ... but you have nothing to worry about because you did no wrong. In reality, the Establishment is terribly scared which is why they are crying out so loud ... which is why they are so desperately after you.

I already told you this before ... the Establishment program has changed. It has been upgraded from “deviation to termination”. Obama had it easy ... only because the Establishment program was “deviation” under his Administration. You are being given a tough time ... you are being treated 10 times worse than Obama only because the program has been upgraded to “termination”. And you my friend, you love your country, you are a Patriot, you want what is best for America ... which makes you an obstacle. That is the only reason why they are moving so aggressively against you.

Taking their side and hoping support from the Establishment ... in the current scenario ... is like standing in quick sand and hoping that the sand around you will be your friend and it will stop pulling you down. You are afraid ... you are rattled that, why is this sand pulling me down? This sand is so powerful that it can pull me down ... so should I be friends with this sand so that it stops pulling me down? Do you think that this sand will listen to you? This would be your biggest mistake of your life ... if you hope that the quick sand around you will listen to you.

Test it out for yourself
You have direct contacts with the frontend elements of the Jewish Establishment.

  • The Federal Reserve
  • The Media Owners
  • The Corporate Leaders
  • Hollywood Celebrities
  • The Israeli Government

Go ahead and get in touch with them. You had a fantastic meeting with Netanyahu ... the guy is the Prime Minister of the country that is the frontend of the Federal Reserve. Go ahead ... tell them ... to stop this “demonization of Donald Trump in the media”. See if they listen to you ... see if they can make it happen. They can ... but they will not ... because that is not the program ... the program is to take you down. The demonization of Donald Trump in the media is not planned to stop under the Establishment program.

Get in touch with us
What do you do in quick sand? You don’t hold on to the sand and try to get out of it ... what you do is ... hold on to something else other than that sand and then pull yourself out of that sand. You hold on to something that is different from that sand ... you hold on to something that can save you ... you hold on to something that can help you. My dear friend, Donald Trump, you are in very rapid quick sand ... see the massive impact that they have delivered against your Presidency within a matter of weeks. Now, imagine what they will do in a full year’s time.

They will use all of psychological crap in order to stop you from working with us. They will say ... ow, this one brown guy ... how can he help you? We are the greatest country on Earth. We have everything under control and bla bla bla ... it is all psychological deviations. The moment you get in touch with us ... we will change the entire political game in America ... the complete scene will change. All of these parameters against you will vanish. We will fight for you, for America and for a better and beautiful country that America can be. All of this that is going on in America right now ... it is utter total bullshit. We will change the entire game for you.

Do you see anyone else who can deliver this for you? Is there anyone around you who can deliver this for you? You are in quick sand ... I will pull you out of that mess ... not just you ... I will save your entire country. The more you delay, the bigger the mess you will be in ... lower in the sand you will be. It is not going to be as easy as waving a magic wand ... it is going to be a battle in its own. But trust me ... its worth the fight.

The Intel Community
I talked about the Intel Community before ... it is not what you think it is. It is not the CIA or FBI. Trust me, we are not a part of any known intelligence group. Will give you details later on this.